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  1. Yebudoom

    Quake Oatmeal (single map)

    Played it with Final Doomer (class: Doomguy), so my weapon slots were untouched by your changes. The map is great, no complaints there. But since you had decided to include custom monsters, you should have gone nuts with it and include some more. There are cool Quake monsters sprites in the community, it would be nice to see them here. Two new monster types in a Quake themed map is a little... underwhelming. My playthrough: Make another!
  2. Yebudoom

    Putrefier v2

    Fuck yeah! Can't wait. The first iteration of Putrefier has been on my map backlog for a long time, now all I have to do is wait for the "true" version. Have a great time perfecting it, sir.
  3. Yebudoom

    Waru's Tiny Maps VOL.1

    Here's my modded playthrough with Faspons and VDP Monster Randomizer. These are really cool and the gradual progress in your mapping skills can clearly be seen. The last two maps were the best, with map 03 being my personal favourite. Looking forward to another pack like this one!
  4. Yebudoom


    This is fucking amazing. Until now, my go-to D2016 mod has been D4T Crucible, but this may give it a run for its money. Thank you for all the hard work and further pushing the boundaries of the Doom modding possibilities. I'd suggest to also make a thread on the ZDoom forums, they need to see this.
  5. Yebudoom

    WAD project - Condemned To Eternity

    I'd like to wait for the full set this time :) Gonna make a small series when they're done.
  6. Yebudoom

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    Yeah, the first thing I did after reading about this possible release was making sure I got the latest version of Retribution. It's my favourite of the D64 recreations. Thank you, Nevander! Hopefully you can still work on this.
  7. Thank you, kind sir! Compliments to the cook!
  8. Yebudoom

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    Holy shit, guys. https://gamerant.com/doom-64-port-rating-ps4-pc/ If it happens, I wonder if mods/ports like Retribution or EX would get a C&D?
  9. Yebudoom

    WAD project - Condemned To Eternity

    Thank you for watching! I could record in English, but I created the channel specifically to promote old Doom and Quake mapping/modding in the Polish part of YT, they're gravely underrepresented. Glad you're perfecting the maps, I'll probably take a look at the updated first two again when you finish. So you say it's best to wait with map 03 and 04? All right :) What you see in the video is a combination of mods: Enhanced Vanilla Project (the visuals, the weapons, the look of the monsters) https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=58191 Champions (random monsters on the map become colour-coded mini-bosses with special abilities) https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=60456 LegenDoom Lite (random monsters become additionally buffed when their health is dropped to a certain level) https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=51035 I'm gonna ditch these last two for now probably, as they tend to make harder maps even harder ;) Though they're great fun too. Yes, I mentioned those linedefs. But that was the only visual glitch I've seen there. Keep going, cheers :)
  10. I came, I saw, I came again. Those screenshots are fucking majestic. My wurst is all dipped in cream now :< Please tell me these are not all slaughtermaps, my digestive system could go on strike if so.
  11. Yebudoom

    WAD project - Condemned To Eternity

    Thank you for considering some of my suggestions. I'm a little behind with your maps, still haven't played the third one and you already have a fourth! :) I gotta catch up. I think you should link to all your previous maps in this thread, too. Just for the sake of completion. I decided to talk about your second map also here, not in the previous threads, since this one is now "one thread to rule them all". So Damnation is a great map, considerably harder than the first. I managed to find all the secrets on my own, which means they were not super-hard (thank you for that, I'm terrible with finding secrets). I again tried some mods and yet again with some not all the monsters spawned as intended (so I stick to EVP, which spawns them all with no problems). The ambience, lighting and atmosphere are just great, I can't praise those elements enough. Great job! The ambushes were quite effective, cost me my life a few times ;) The only thing I didn't like were the tombstone switches doing nothing (well, most of them). I as the player prefer my switches to grant me some progress, not to deceive me :) Here's my modded playthrough (with Polish commentary): Playthroughs of the newer ones are coming :)
  12. Yebudoom

    Get Out Of The Dark

    Great! That's what I've been hoping to hear :)
  13. Yebudoom

    My second attempt at map making.

    Ok, so this is getting a bit untidy. You now have two threads to update with the same new maps, and none of them is named after your mappack. Maybe rename one of them "Condemned to Eternity" and focus on that one. Also, every time you release a new map, you don't link to that single map, but to the updated mappack, containing all the previous ones. My suggestion: until all the maps are ready, just upload them separately, not as a pack. Btw, are they meant as pistol starts or continous play? The files are quite large. Is it because of the music tracks? What format are they? That said, I'm glad you already got a third map. They're great so far (went through the second map yesterday, gonna check the third soon) and I await the rest.
  14. Yebudoom

    My very first WAD

    Ok, here's my initial playthrough of your first map (with Polish commentary): Played with Zagemod, and about 20 monsters didn't spawn at all for me. Then I tried it with Enhanced Vanilla Project and the missing monsters spawned. I haven't tried it with no mods. Seems I named the video uncorrectly, because "Condemned to Eternity" will be the name of your mappack, not this single map. Sorry about that. I'm looking forward to playing your second map, but I see you created another thread for it, so I'll post there. One suggestion, though: don't give threads names like "My very first WAD" or "My second attempt at map making". That's not informative at all and there are already dozens of threads named like that. Give the map's/wad's actual name as the topic.
  15. Yebudoom

    Get Out Of The Dark

    I'll just paste my post from ZDoom forums: Here's my video playthrough of v1.3.6 (with Polish commentary):