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  1. So... I love me a good themed map set, AND I love the work of art that is "The Planets" by Gustav Holst. Would these pieces work well as the background in a Doom map set? Perhaps we can get a little artistic here and attempt to map the mood, texture, and emotion that each movement in the suite has in the form a map. "The Planets" has been hugely influential on the state of modern movie scores. There is hardly a track in the original Star Wars that doesn't use a motif from one the movements. "Mars the Bringer of War" is easily the most famous piece. The Death Star trench run scene almost copies a bit from "Mars" beat for beat. "Mars" is considered by some metal fans to have "the first heavy metal riff". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wNeLR_X9mM It really rocks. Some movements are slower and quieter, but I still think they could work. Players should probably turn down the sound effects a bit to let the music guide the action ;p. Ancient Aliens really opened my mind to how well Doom adapts to strange (dare I say alien) landscapes and music. Doom is abstract. When one maps Doom levels, they play with the raw forms. They can instil excitement, hope, fear, and wonder with a minuscule fraction of the computer resources that most game engines require to bring similar results. Because Doom is abstract, it can bring forth emotion more abstractly. Make Jupiter proud and sculpt that CLAY! The only other wad I can think of that uses classical/symphonic music is the notorious THE SKY MAYBE... I respect that wad, but my vision for "Doom: The Planets" would intend to bring beauty and a sense of the sublime, not madness. Can I say V A P O U R W A V E AESTHETICS? Let's not overdo it though... pls. I am not the mapper for such a project if this was to become popular. I have only dabbled in map-making. Midi's probably exist for all of these movements. Free mp3's exist of course. A decision would have to be made if this is a Boom-compatible or a full GZDoom project. The intermission screen music could be the audience applauding the musicians, and the conductor (player?). There are seven movements in "The Planets", so seven maps. Earth and Pluto are missing. Still, I like the idea of covering all the planets. Earth ...plus Pluto... that makes 9 maps. Perfect number for a Doom episode. There have been several projects that add Earth and Pluto to the suite, with varying results. We will use the original order of the suite, then Pluto, and then finish with Earth... Below is my recommendations, for inspiration or whatever. I: Mars the Bringer of War A fitting start. Mars certainly has brought a war of sorts. One can't spoil "Mars" on a short, small, easy map. The player is rather unequipped for the amount of monsters, but there is ample opportunities to get some big infighting mosh pits going. Mars? Satan? Or YOU? Who really is "bringing the war?". Big, epic, and rough, map01 will get players interested in the rest of the suite. II: Venus the Bringer of Peace Peace was never an option, but after this map you would be willing to settle for it if the demons would cooperate. Get ready for the burning love of the archvile. Sweet but sickly. III: Mercury the Winged Messanger Short, fast, and flighty. Lots of verticality with an encouragement of movement. War has come to the planets! Peace has failed! Jupiter needs to know the news as fast as possible! IV: Jupiter the Bringer of Jollity Grand, magnanimous... jolly. One can imagine Jupiter's crib to be the same place the Norsemen claimed was the Halls of Valhalla. Come, there is drink (blood), food (power spheres), and merriment (lots and lots of rancorous monsters). This map should make you proud to be a Doomer. V: Saturn the Bringer of Old Age A huge change of pace compared to the previous map. One can sense the age of the Doom community as one plods through. We have come a long way... VI: Uranus the Magician Tricky old bastard! Uranus is so full of traps that it would make doom2 map08 blush. He is fair however, and only terrorizes you for his own amusement. By the end of the map, you will feel all topsy-turvy and sideways... VII: Neptune the Mystic Mysterious. That's all I can say. VIII: Pluto Pluto is not originally in the suite. Here are some potential options. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_v8G0fo4Ws https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7xlK5d7Kig https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73rX1AfaHz0 I prefer "Ode to Death". The fact that it was made by Holst also helps its case. IX: Earth Earth is also not originally in the suite. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbHQ6eWANIo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBJTvYBllVE I prefer the second link. It works well as a mashup send-off for the suite. Alternatively or in addition, a metal version of "Mars" appears! Hell as come to Earth! Or did you bring it with you? Another good send-off. Thanks for reading this. I hope the Doom community continues to make its amazingly creative works. Whenever I get tired of the noise that exists in the rest of the gaming sphere, I retreat to Doom and Dwarf Fortress.
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/vonheer Hey so I'll be streaming ps1 Doom pretty soon with a friend. For those that don't know, ps1 Doom multiplayer uses two discs, two ps1's, and of course two displays to work. It's very cool. My stream should go live sometime in the next hour or so. This is actually my fist post on Doomworld! I got into Doom in high school back around 2011. It's been several years since I've really gotten back into Doom but I'm doing it now! About a third of the content on my twitch channel will be focused on classic Doom. I plan on having a show where I play random wads on the /idgames archives, both good and mostly bad. Of course, I don't plan on spamming these boards whenever I stream, but I think this stream is unique enough to warrant some self-promotion. :) See you there!
  3. VonHeer

    Where would you sleep in Doom?

    The "cave" in Karma Sutra's level 30.
  4. VonHeer

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    Love these videos. I find he is like a video companion to the One Man Doom blog. https://onemandoom.blogspot.com/ Sadly One Man Doom has been cancelled for the time being. MtPain27 is gonna fill the void.
  5. VonHeer

    How much of a DOOM purist are you?

    @Vic Vos @Scorpinax I can't really imagine playing retro games on anything other than a CRT. I got most of my PVMs while working at a university surplus store. I also got lucky getting other monitors for cheap or for free. The most I've spent ($150) is on my main PC monitor- a Viewsonic P225f. It does 2048x1536@75hrz. Really amazing how well it holds up to (and in some ways over performs) today's displays. Check out r/crtgaming for more freaks like me. :) Yep, it's a world map from Dwarf Fortress that I use for my background. My main games that I intend to play on my streaming channel *cough* plug *cough* is Doom and Dwarf Fortress. Maybe Super Smash Bros Melee. I have a pretty mean Luigi. My stream embraces the CRT AESTHETIC pretty well. To stay on topic. Doom is great on a CRT. I guess that gives me some purity points. Although the first time I played Doom was on a shitty early 2000s Toshiba Satellite laptop with a terrible LCD that displayed Doom in the wrong aspect ratio. Doom 95. Windows XP. Keyboard only. Kinda nostalgic for me but I wouldn't be able to stand that today. Below is another view of my setup. I am in the slow process of "completing" my setup. All of my consoles will be able to be put on any display in RGB quality, using Extron matrix switchers. I will be able to put my computer's output on any display too. I'll be making a block diagram soon to keep track of the setup, cus it's gonna get very very complicated. What fun. Also is a picture of my CRTs in storage. Most of these I want to sell. Edit: I guess it's very decadent that I use four PVMs just to raise two of my PC monitors. But it works.
  6. VonHeer

    How much of a DOOM purist are you?

    I'm probably a 7. My favorite source port is (gl)prboom+ although I do sometimes use crispy doom for vanilla stuff. Mouse aiming is a no go for classic-style wads. I do bind left-alt to mouse look if I want to look at something more intently, but it's not gameplay related. I do like the option that gives knights green blood, cacos blue, and lost souls no blood. Usually with Doom 2 compatibility, unless it's a newer project that uses lots of Boom stuff. I usually play at 70fps on a CRT monitor. Multiples of 35fps make the most sense because Doom's tick rate is 35. My setup has three 20" 4:3 monitors in a row. Even if I used a 16:9 monitor, I would still use 4:3. Maybe if I played some heavily modified Zdoom mods I would consider 16:9. 4:3 just looks right. My most common resolution is 1600x1200. The highest I can go up to is 2048x1536. [Plug] I do stream, so having multiple monitors is nice. [Plug] I have two versions of gzdoom. One has very classic settings: no mouse aiming, no jumping, no crouching, no particles, no dynamic lights, strafing and turning bound for sr-50, no decals, and strict compatibility setting. DEFINITELY no texture filtering in any port. The other has pretty typical GZDoom settings. While I mostly play classic-style level sets, I do love the very creative ZDoom-style projects and play them sometimes. "Purity" is not an issue once you dive into that realm. It's all about what the devs intended. I don't like Brutal Doom... Or really any gameplay mod. I respect them- they have a lot of fine work put into them, but it's hard for me to willingly ruin a map author's design by playing with such mods. Also, Brutal Doom just feels sadistic. I'm all for a blood mod that turns the visceral up to 11, and Brutal Doom delivers that; but do the imps really have to scream? Brutal Doomguy's personality is just really off-putting, not fun. I do plan on playing Roguelike Arsenal with a full Oblige megawad. It makes sense. I wouldn't want to ruin a good megawad and the roguelike nature fits well with AI generated maps. If I die. Game-over. Permadeath.
  7. VonHeer

    what is the best way to control doom

    Dance pad and NES zapper
  8. VonHeer

    Doom Streams

    Ancient Aliens pistol starts! https://www.twitch.tv/vonheer
  9. @smeghammer You're right! Especially if the map is designed as one big arena, having sectors raise/lower, enemies teleport, are even things like the skybox changing in response to the musical shifts could be great. Probably best used with Mars and Jupiter.
  10. VonHeer

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    THE PILLAR SUPPLY ROOM! Heer's a clip from a test run of WANDOM WAD WUMBLE!- a show were I play random wads from the /idgames archive. Many surprises await... to not be welcome. {START SHILL} Follow for more Doom and other stuff {END SHILL} https://www.twitch.tv/vonheer
  11. I've only played the first three episodes, no pwads yet. Overall, I would agree that Heretic doesn't live up to Doom(2) in terms of its mechanics/gameplay "toolbox". The enemies don't force the player's hand in ways like Doom's does. Even Doom 1's roster had hitscanners that helped give the action some punch, especially in ep1. Still, I couldn't help but love Heretic. I love short maps. Heretic has short maps. I love maps that force you to duck around for half the map until you find the firepower to turn the tables. Heretic does this very well. The sparse ammo and better fist/chainsaw replacements along with the inventory items help make pistol-starting Heretic maps require some strategy. Very rewarding. The lack of hitscanners actually helps this. If there is a hitscanner you are pretty much forced to kill it for fear of taking damage. If it's a projectile enemy, you can always dodge.
  12. VonHeer

    Cursed Doom Images

    Found a room full of pillars in a 1995 wad... absolute madness...
  13. VonHeer

    Always run?

    Hi. First time trying the Eternity Engine, mostly to use the splitscreen in the splitscreen branch. How do I enable always run? I don't see the option for it anywhere.
  14. VonHeer

    Is your computer better at wad making than humans?

    Oh sorry I have another topic. What is the community's opinion on using Oblige maps as a base? I've dabbled a bit with mapping and while I'm somewhat proud what of what I can do, I find I stumble from writer's block at the beginning of the map. I think I might generate a small Oblige map, just to get "ink on the canvas", and go from there. I would guess that half of the vector points/linedefs would be changed and the texturing would be very different by the time I'm done. The small map would just give me some ideas as to the basic structure, perhaps it would roughly become the "main hub" if the level was structured like that. I of course would state that an Oblige map was used as a "base" in the txt file and perhaps give a link to the original or include it in the download for comparison. What's the verdict? Utterly shameless or somewhat reasonable?
  15. VonHeer

    Is your computer better at wad making than humans?

    I'm not a fan of using "gameplay" mods (like Brutal Doom) extensively on megawads because it ruins the intended gameplay. It would be like dumping a scoop of ice cream on a gourmet meal; both are delicious unto themselves but they aren't meant for each other. However, I am interested in using such mods with Oblige megawads. Oblige is very impressive, but it really doesn't pack any punch compared to good human-made wads. It's junk food while gameplay mods are sweets. They sort of go well together. I plan on playing Oblige megawads with the Doom Roguelike Arsenal mod. I'll probably stream it too (shameless self promotion). I would probably set the level size on the smaller size and try to beat the full megawad without dying. Does anyone have any tips for the best settings for Roguelike Arsenal in Oblige? I'll have to tinker with it to make it ideal.
  16. VonHeer

    Splitscreen branch (3.42.03a(h2))

    Just stumbled upon this. Is it possible to make the splitscreen vertical instead of horizontal? Thanks for this project. :)
  17. VonHeer

    Doom Streams

    Wandom Wad Wumble: Random Wads from the /idgames archive! https://www.twitch.tv/vonheer See you heer!
  18. VonHeer

    Doom 64 most advanced vanilla doom

    I like this idea. I think some of you think it would be competing with "real" Doom. Whatever, I love a lot of the engine enhancements in Doom 64.
  19. VonHeer

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Love me the valve multiplayer games: Team Fortress 2 Left 4 Dead 2 CS:GO (at least until I earned prime. It's no longer fun playing with serious people in casual.) These are severely under-acknowledged: Natural Selection 2 Deep Rock Galactic While I consider myself a fan of 90s FPS games, I actually don't play them nearly as much as I play Doom wads. Highlights are definitely Descent1/2 and System Shock 1. Before I found Doom, my favorite FPS games were the early Medal of Honor games. Namely the original, Underground, Allied Assault, and Frontline. I find that these games have a lot more character, soul, and goofy charm than most AAA releases lately. The Allied Assault multiplayer community is still somewhat alive. There is an excellent freeze tag mod that has more or less become the main game mode that everyone plays. Shout out to the Jessie and Girls sever in Spearhead. Edit: Also if you look up "Allied Assault Reborn" you should find a free and patched way to play MoHAA today...
  20. VonHeer

    What is your honest opinion on the Doom comic?

    It's very fun. I like it, but I don't like how it has cemented the character of Doomguy in many peoples' minds as a loud, dumb, cocky, brute. Now Doomguy is very much a player insert, and I don't want to gatekeep here; but I think of Doomguy as someone who is calm, collected, crafty, and capable of fear. Sure, he can go into fits of rage, as seen in the intro story for Doom 1, but it is always for a righteous or understandable reason. I guess this discussion leads to Brutal Doom, whose Doomguy is very much based of the comic book version. The Doomguy in the comic is fun and doesn't overstay his welcome, but Brutal Doomguy is just so overbaked it really hampers my enjoyment of the mod, among other things...
  21. VonHeer

    Did you have a favorite monster ( all Doom games )

    The Doom 3 Hell Knights are great. While, they are minimalistic they are still distinctive, imposing, and effective. It makes sense that they more or less reused the design for Doom 2016. I agree the Brusiers are under-acknowledged. I love old-school CRT displays and still use them today; and I think a reinterpretation of the Brusier should make the connection more obvious with an old tan bezel around the CRT screen and the use of the SMPTE color bars. If I where to include them in a sequel to Doom Eternal, I would make them big hulking quadrupeds that attack by bashing their CRT faces into the player. This does good damage and pushes the player a bit, casing confusion. The player can choose to spend a decent amount of ammo killing them by attacking their body, or they can use a minimal amount of ammo by simply destroying the tube display. Upon the destruction of the head the bruiser will hunch over and overcharge the electron guns at the back of the tube with demonic energy, sending out dangerous red, green, and blue (RGB) beams out as a final attempt to injure the player. These beams also damage other monsters. The demon might just cover a 90° angle infront of him with his beams, or he might even slowly track the player in his final moments. In short, this would be a visually interesting enemy that leads to interesting tactical consequences upon killing it the easy way. The CRT display already pays some respect to Doom's 90s origins but I would also like to see Doom 1's evil eye sprite or the eye switch texture as possible things to see on the screen. Oh right, what's my favorite monster? The Cacodemon is almost a mascot of sorts. It has an amazing design that's capable of being very sinister yet very enduring at the same time. Yet my favorite is the Revenant. Nothing comes close to the gameplay possibilities that the revenant affords the level designer, apart from the Archvile.
  22. I just finished a stream with a lovely crash on Suburbs. Apparently the poor ps1 just can't handle a dozen enemies and a BFG blash in that level. As much as a dread losing all of my weapons for when I retry the level, I must say- I love being surprised. Does anyone know any other crash-prone levels throughout the console Doom ports? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/774109730 Sorry it's just a link. I can't get it to embed itself correctly.
  23. VonHeer

    Doom Streams

    Playing Ultimate Simpson's Doom with Doom 2. #ASMR #ENDMYSUFFERING https://www.twitch.tv/vonheer