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  1. VonHeer

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Love me the valve multiplayer games: Team Fortress 2 Left 4 Dead 2 CS:GO (at least until I earned prime. It's no longer fun playing with serious people in casual.) These are severely under-acknowledged: Natural Selection 2 Deep Rock Galactic While I consider myself a fan of 90s FPS games, I actually don't play them nearly as much as I play Doom wads. Highlights are definitely Descent1/2 and System Shock 1. Before I found Doom, my favorite FPS games were the early Medal of Honor games. Namely the original, Underground, Allied Assault, and Frontline. I find that these games have a lot more character, soul, and goofy charm than most AAA releases lately. The Allied Assault multiplayer community is still somewhat alive. There is an excellent freeze tag mod that has more or less become the main game mode that everyone plays. Shout out to the Jessie and Girls sever in Spearhead. Edit: Also if you look up "Allied Assault Reborn" you should find a free and patched way to play MoHAA today...
  2. VonHeer

    What is your honest opinion on the Doom comic?

    It's very fun. I like it, but I don't like how it has cemented the character of Doomguy in many peoples' minds as a loud, dumb, cocky, brute. Now Doomguy is very much a player insert, and I don't want to gatekeep here; but I think of Doomguy as someone who is calm, collected, crafty, and capable of fear. Sure, he can go into fits of rage, as seen in the intro story for Doom 1, but it is always for a righteous or understandable reason. I guess this discussion leads to Brutal Doom, whose Doomguy is very much based of the comic book version. The Doomguy in the comic is fun and doesn't overstay his welcome, but Brutal Doomguy is just so overbaked it really hampers my enjoyment of the mod, among other things...
  3. Fight for the Front and freedom!
  4. The Doom 3 Hell Knights are great. While, they are minimalistic they are still distinctive, imposing, and effective. It makes sense that they more or less reused the design for Doom 2016. I agree the Brusiers are under-acknowledged. I love old-school CRT displays and still use them today; and I think a reinterpretation of the Brusier should make the connection more obvious with an old tan bezel around the CRT screen and the use of the SMPTE color bars. If I where to include them in a sequel to Doom Eternal, I would make them big hulking quadrupeds that attack by bashing their CRT faces into the player. This does good damage and pushes the player a bit, casing confusion. The player can choose to spend a decent amount of ammo killing them by attacking their body, or they can use a minimal amount of ammo by simply destroying the tube display. Upon the destruction of the head the bruiser will hunch over and overcharge the electron guns at the back of the tube with demonic energy, sending out dangerous red, green, and blue (RGB) beams out as a final attempt to injure the player. These beams also damage other monsters. The demon might just cover a 90° angle infront of him with his beams, or he might even slowly track the player in his final moments. In short, this would be a visually interesting enemy that leads to interesting tactical consequences upon killing it the easy way. The CRT display already pays some respect to Doom's 90s origins but I would also like to see Doom 1's evil eye sprite or the eye switch texture as possible things to see on the screen. Oh right, what's my favorite monster? The Cacodemon is almost a mascot of sorts. It has an amazing design that's capable of being very sinister yet very enduring at the same time. Yet my favorite is the Revenant. Nothing comes close to the gameplay possibilities that the revenant affords the level designer, apart from the Archvile.
  5. VonHeer

    Doom Streams

    Playing Ultimate Simpson's Doom with Doom 2. #ASMR #ENDMYSUFFERING https://www.twitch.tv/vonheer
  6. VonHeer


    I heard about that leveo being crash prone. I even said I hope I don't crash it. This was with real hardware. I wonder if emulating it with some options could prevent it.
  7. I just finished a stream with a lovely crash on Suburbs. Apparently the poor ps1 just can't handle a dozen enemies and a BFG blash in that level. As much as a dread losing all of my weapons for when I retry the level, I must say- I love being surprised. Does anyone know any other crash-prone levels throughout the console Doom ports? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/774109730 Sorry it's just a link. I can't get it to embed itself correctly.
  8. VonHeer

    Doom Streams

    Late night Playstation Doom. I'll be going through the Doom 2 levels for the first time. https://www.twitch.tv/vonheer
  9. VonHeer

    Things about Doom you just found out

    @InDOOMnesia Cool. I've actually been playing through PSX Doom. Looking forward to it.
  10. VonHeer

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Spider-masterminds can infight. Never knew that, might have seen it sometime but never had it in memory.
  11. VonHeer

    Textures the Way Id Did?

    This could be an interesting idea. Are people ready to take pics of their hairy arms and bloody scabs?
  12. @Immorpher Ya I soldered the basic rgb mod by myself. The n64 ultra HDMI mod has some advantages (it bypasses the blur filters used by the n64) but it's much more costly and requires someone much more experienced with soldering. I'm all about using CRTs so I use the n64 with both my PVM and my PC crt monitor via an OSSC and a hdmi to vga cable. Considering that the largest roms on the n64 used 64mb cartridges I bet a Doom 64 project could stuff all the new monsters, new sounds, the extra music tracks, and a new megawad's worth of community created levels, no sweat. Doom 64 runs the smoothest of all the n64 fps games but I beat the extra ram could help with things, especially if multiplayer was introduced.
  13. VonHeer

    Doom Streams

    https://www.twitch.tv/vonheer Hey I've been getting into streaming lately and I plan on having a large focus on classic Doom in my channel. I just finished an UV pistol start playthrough of Plutonia and I'll probably be playing some Playstation Doom coop on original hardware soon. Some streams are going to be me forcing myself to play whatever comes up when I select the "random" link on the /idgames archive. I'm one of those freaks that still uses a CRT monitor in 2020. My channel's aesthetic is all about those retro displays. I'll be up for discussing PVMs, RGB, Trinitrons, scanlines, etc with anyone else who is a retrograde like me. While my stream can't convey the brilliant contrast and smooth motion that a CRT affords, you can be rest assured I'm experiencing it in full glory when I stream. ;P Dime, you can probably put me in the list with the tags (pistol starts, console doom, random wads). Thanks and I'll see you all *heer*! Edit: sry can't get rid of the failed embedded link. Didn't want it anyway.
  14. VonHeer

    What kind of maps do you enjoy?

    Short but hard. I love starting very unequipped and having to do a mad dash to grab the firepower I need to come back and finish the job. Feeling like a rat in a maze designed by a madman trying to kill me is great.
  15. E1M5,6,7 are probably the best contenders. I haven't played Sigil though, and I would have to replay his versions of m4 and m9 to decide. I hope Romero is able to learn how to make good Doom2 maps while not compromising his style. Most of his Doom 2 maps neglect the ssg.