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  1. ragnew

    Installing Master Levels on Windows 7

    That'd be awesome Mystery Man! Thanks much!
  2. ragnew

    Installing Master Levels on Windows 7

    Fraggle, as always, tons of help man! I do appreciate it! :-)
  3. So I got the itch to play some Doom again, and have been installing all the games on the system. I've managed to get every other game installed, but Master Levels for Doom II is the only one being a severe pain in the ass. I exit out to the cmd prompt and when I type in "install" while in the Master directory I get an error that tells me the deice file that the disk is using isn't compatible with my PC! I even tried to install it on my old system with XP on it and have had the same issue. Anyone have any ideas as to how I'd go about getting these guys to install! Been ages, I'm so out of the loop! Thanks in advance!
  4. ragnew

    Rest in peace Esa Repo

    Ah man, how very, very tragic - :-( I don't even know what to say. RIP Espi. You fought a long hard battle man, and it's time to take the rest you've earned. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of this great person.
  5. ragnew

    1-18-08 (Project Cloverfield)

    Where did you get that info? Links to it being confirmed? I think there could be a sequel sometime, but I think it's more likely that we'll be getting extra story and such when the film hits DVD. Last I'd heard Goddard and Reeves said there were no plans for a sequel at the moment, but it could easily happen if they decided to do it.
  6. ragnew

    1-18-08 (Project Cloverfield)

    There's TONS of room for a sequel. We missed about 75% of "Clover's" actual rampage. The movie was more focused on reuniting Rob and Beth, while adding the monster and/or parasites as an added obstacle. If there is a sequel, I for one, am hoping that it'll be focusing more on the monster and the damage that it has caused from it's appearance. Kick ass movie in all aspects. Easily one of the best Giant Monster movies.
  7. ragnew

    Community Chest Series Demos [-complevel 9]

    Consider this a going away present :P EDIT : BTW, I tried to improve the time for my last demo, but heh, it just ain't happening. Oh well, it was worth a shot.
  8. ragnew

    Community Chest Series Demos [-complevel 9]

    Thanks man! I'm trying to shave off some time with that last run I did. I've got another demo that was right around 40 minutes, but I had to do some back tracking to kill a loner imp... :( That added about 5 minutes to the demo :\
  9. ragnew

    Community Chest Series Demos [-complevel 9]

    Did a UV maxdemo for Map29 (For We Are Many). The demo was recorded with Zdoom 2.1.7. I don't really Doom anymore, but this level was pretty fun indeed. It can be improved massively. The time sucks pretty bad, but I thought I'd submit it anyways. c329-5121.zip
  10. What's up Huy! Long time no chat man. I agree, the DV II levels that I've played in the past are nothing short of exceptional! In each and every aspect! I think you'd be hard pressed to find a complainer if you released DV II as 4 levels as opposed to the 32 it was meant to be. The amount of work put into those four levels is very, very noticable. I say release it as is, and let the community indulge!
  11. ragnew

    New level for E1M1

    I really like it. I just played through it on UV, and managed to kill everything and still had quite a few bullets left. It'll be nice having something in the secret room though, hehe, maybe a few boxes of rockets? Is the chaingun supposed to be in the newer version? Cause it's not.
  12. ragnew

    Hazard Communication

    Awesome map Karthik! It's great to see these levels being released individually. Man, it'd have been a pity not having them released at all.
  13. ragnew

    Testers come forth

    The version I downloaded has no items, and 10 monsters. No secrets either. Did you upload the wrong version? I think the map looks pretty good, but can't really say how it's going to play at this moment in time.
  14. ragnew

    Outer the Darkness and into the Night

    Sweet myk, I appreciate it much!
  15. ragnew

    Outer the Darkness and into the Night

    What a fuckin' drag. The damn thing still doesn't work when I try to download it. Would it be possible for someone to upload it somewhere?