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  1. ellmo

    Doom version 1.1 Disk

    You're looking at a pirated copy, probably zipped or arj-ed to 4 disks. Did I get the question right?
  2. So I'm back to Doom (after what, 4? 5 year hiatus?) and UDTWiD is a thing. Bless you Alfonso, Xaser, Use3d (whom I worked with on the first DTWiD) and big shoutouts to the rest of the team!
  3. ellmo

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    I don't think I would exaggerate by saying we lost one of the community's founding fathers. I didn't know him personally, but I know and am aware of the work he did – as probably everyone does in the community. Condolences to the family and rest in peace, Ty, you will be missed.
  4. ellmo

    Scaled Textures?

    Hey, is it possible for Eternity to scale textures? SLADE has the option to scale textures in the TEXTURE lump. If for example I define a 256x256 and give it a scale of 16x16, SLADE shows it should be displayed as a 128x128 pixel texture, but I wasn't able to produce this effect yet. Is this feature only available in ZDoom?
  5. ellmo

    Archive upload process changes

    D'oh, I knew that! I swear!
  6. ellmo

    Archive upload process changes

    Hmmm. I'm willing. I'll look into it. What the hell is t/nc ?
  7. ellmo

    Chocolate Doom 2.0.0 Released

    Hm, I thought I read somehwere that some of the solutions in EE are based on Chocolate's approach. I must've read that wrong or I just completely pulled that out of the blue. That being said - thanks for the info!
  8. ellmo

    Playing Doom with John Romero

    Why? It was very nice to see Romero play doom after 20 years and still enjoy it like a child, still remember all the secrets and all the facts about the launch day. By all accounts – at least considering Doom - he's exactly like us. He loves picking this game apart, he knows all the trivia by heart, which shows he just cares so fucking much. Also - he's a perfectionist, like many of us - which stops him from making maps, because they wouldn't be perfect enough. Heh, I can relate to that too :) Toutes proportions gardees of course... I'd piss myself like a little girl if I saw him playing something I helped build.
  9. ellmo

    Chocolate Doom 2.0.0 Released

    Very cool, even though chocolate is not my primary source port. Is this getting Eterenity Engine any closer to Heretic/Hexen support?
  10. Me and Kenny don't give two shits about stupid... ass... whaaaales ...we were talking about Wales the country Looks ballbustingly good.
  11. What in the fuck? Downloading. This is for ZDoom I presume?
  12. ellmo

    Nekkropolis: The Final Satanic Rites

    Holy christ, son. These screenshots are like 10MB each. Takes a while to open those.
  13. Oi, can I join for some mapping or is the project not as open as the two ones before? I love E4.
  14. http://d2twid.herokuapp.com/ updated
  15. Is the download link on the first page the most recent with all the bugfixes? I want to put a copy on my server and link it from the project's homepage.