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Everything posted by phoo

  1. I'll need to make time to play this!
  2. Looking great! I love the contrast between the infernal structures and the cold natural environment.
  3. phoo

    Do Not Enter

    Do you have some screenshots to share?
  4. phoo

    cr2.wad [6 boom maps]

    Had a blast playing this; made my afternoon! Levels are gorgeous as well!
  5. Been following this for some time. Looks fantastic so far!
  6. phoo

    Massive Doom Project

    What Sneezy said ^ If you don't have much experience with modding or making levels, it might be a good idea to scale down and start off small (mess around and get used to the tools, experiment, and maybe try putting together a level or two). This helps to combat burnout and makes your work more manageable. What you've outlined here is a tremendous amount of work (to the point of absurdity); a single 32 level megawad is itself a massive project. Having said that, I wish you the best on your doom modding endeavors!
  7. Very interesting looking screenshots, I'll check this one out :) Also Happy Birthday Meowgi :)
  8. I look forward to seeing how this turns out! :)
  9. I try to go for most of the kills and I try to nab at least a few secrets. I don't really care about getting 100% items; I play pistol starts, so this along with secrets is not super important to me. On side note: well-hidden secrets that are fun to find is something I still really appreciate.
  10. me too lol, I mean I haven't posted in this thread for a bit so
  11. phoo


    I'll need to check this out!
  12. On vacation - If you happen to need something, I'll be back in a week. :)

  13. Hi, just figured put this here: Making my first deathmatch level was so much fun that I went ahead and starting working on another these last few days just for the heck of it (more reasonable scale/shaping up to probably have better gameplay than my submission). Not sure what I'll do with it, but if my submission turns out to not be up to standards, I was thinking this could be a reasonable substitute. Not sure if that's something that's allowed; but I just figured I'd put that out there. :)
  14. Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qi-KYzRGGDxDXyzZ2dsO2OsCcLjTFo8k/view?usp=sharing Name: Charnel House Author: phoo Music: Shhh, the Shadows Are Near by Decino Spawns: 9 Preferred Skybox: the nighttime starry one with the mountains, please Description/Info: First deathmatch level I've made, I really don't know much about deathmatch mapping, but I gave it a try. :) That said, I imagine this will certainly need balancing/item placement changes and I look forward to feedback! I also got a bit carried away with the size; I hope that's alright lol. I also tried a particular approach to spawning; hopefully it works out well. This has certainly been an interesting project to contribute to, thanks for hosting it! Screenshots:
  15. Just starting to put the finishing touches on along with some minor adjustments here and there.
  16. Looks cool! I'm also a big fan of metal frames/beams with shadows beneath; the midtexture you used with it in the second screenshot is nice detail as well.
  17. The library section of the keep is coming along, I do really wish I had more free time this month lol. I've got to really try to grind out as much of this map as I can this Friday :)
  18. Started a new job recently so that's been keeping me a bit more busy; that said, still working on my map. Here's a random WIP screenshot:
  19. I really like the geometry you've added since you last posted screenshots, I'm really interested to see the final version.
  20. The hall is starting to come together. Still a heavy working in progess, ignore the startan1 lol. The carpet is going in next :)
  21. I was busy with some other things till today, I've just gotten started and am building the different set pieces to put in place. Every demonic keep needs a throne. Here's a screenshot: (I'll probably put a BFG or plasma on it)