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  1. I'm excited to play the completed wad when all the maps have been submitted!
  2. Same here! I wish I had a little more free time. I have 2 main areas left and then I'm done. I expect the map to take around 15 mins of playtime to complete.
  3. Oh, is this something that needs to be fixed inside of the resource pack itself? I found some steps using step textures in my map and some of them looked strange in Chocolate Doom, but normal in the editor and in prboom+ Seems to only happen with step textures that have a vertical offset, at least in my case
  4. I'm thinking of using something like this as a story for my map: "Jamal kills demons. Here's a bunch of demons; Jamal will be busy."
  5. Ah, thank you for the clarification! That's a good question, I'm not sure either.
  6. Seeing the red areas in the editor indicates visplane overflows. I believe in vanilla doom, being in those areas of the map will crash the game. When there are more than 128 unique floor and ceiling surfaces (visplanes) in view, the game will crash. I believe this is because vanilla doom uses static arrays to store this data. As for the visual errors you're seeing, that appears to be a result of a drawseg overflows. If there are more than 256 segs or (linedefs, single-sided count as 1 seg and double-sided count as 2, ... i think) in view, any more segs with be rendered as HOM, usually the furthers ones from the player. I believe this is largely for the same reason; static arrays are used to store that data. I've ran into both of these limitations when working on my map. Unfortunately, I've had to cut down on detail or otherwise obfuscate some of the visplanes or segs from certain viewing perspectives that a players may have when running around the map. There are other vanilla limitations to consider like the maximum number of segs a map can have which is 32768. This limit is much harder to hit however and usually isn't an issue. But of the higher limits, this is usually the first to be exceeded.
  7. The screenshots look fantastic! Really nailed the the run-down decaying tech base aesthetic.
  8. Got it, I managed to eliminate the big smears of HOMs in the distance that I was seeing from certain perspectives. Mostly just removed a few details here and there and removed a few curves, etc. Not really sure how much free resources I have now or how close I am to the limit, but I'll see about adding some more back later... Sometimes I forget how much segs are used. The 2 little decorative roadblocks alone took 48 of the segs
  9. I've been mostly testing using prboom+ UM as I build the map. I sorted out the visplane issue and that's within the limit now. I'm now seeing some HOM near the edges and from areas where I can see a lot of detail. I'm thinking I'm going over a segs limit, so I'll need to clean up the hub area further lol :)
  10. Will be making the rest in doors and will probably have the player pass through here a few times, I learnt my lesson, had to remove some other details. Definitely can't make too much open stuff lol
  11. Continuing my battle against visplane overflows :) Edit: also just started battling drawseg overflows :) had to cut down on some of the details here and there...
  12. phoo

    Buried Castle (Vanilla)

    ^ This
  13. phoo

    How much of your day goes to Doom?

    on and off, sometimes a lot, sometimes very little, mostly editor stuff; I've elevated procrastination to an art form.
  14. phoo

    Doom 2: The Way We Remember It (Release v8)

    Played it just before, Map02 is cursed
  15. phoo

    BlueAge - A brand new megawad

    Looks really interesting! I'll check it out when I get a chance
  16. phoo

    Doom 2: The Way We Remember It (Release v8)

    Ah, my favorite map from TNT! Looking forward to a faithful recreation! :)
  17. Really fun wad, short and sweet maps! The gibbing sound replacement is extremely satisfying.
  18. phoo

    Cydonia [/idgames]

    Played 5 maps so far. This is a treat, really fun!
  19. phoo

    16 Rotations

    Well, maybe someone out there made some, but I haven't seen any. I mean, it's not like 16 rotations are necessary or anything (although it would be cool), the monsters look fine as they are with 8 rotations. That's probably why most folks don't have too much interest in making all 16 rotations, not to mention that it would be long and tedious to do. Best of luck if you decide to draw them yourself!
  20. phoo

    Mayan Temple

    Neat classic map, nice custom textures. A little too many lost souls.
  21. phoo

    The Villa of Pain

    A short and sweet classic level. Some interesting architecture in some areas. The warehouse type area with the boxes and wooden structures is my favorite fight in the level; feels great to run around blasting everything in there with rockets and plasma. I guess my only point of critique would be that the area is inexplicably bright despite having no visible sources of light, using a couple flat textures with some lights and a couple of torches would be a nice improvement. Overall, a fun classic map.