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  1. SirRobin

    Roguelike Doom

    Not knowing what roquelike game means is a shame indeed... After all (imho) all time best two games (sharing the 1st place) are DooM and NetHack (propably most known roquelike around). This is interesting - I'm still running a linux nethack server, so I'm ********ly interested of this :)
  2. SirRobin

    The Birds and the Wads

    Trust me, I'm working on this - links section will certainly be re-written soon :) Also an interesting thing I'm doing with php and browser recognization is making it give a bit differently formatted pages for lynx users (lynx does not support tables) as I'm quite fond of best-viewed-with-any-browser ideology and test my pages with mozilla, opera, links, lynx and dillo...
  3. SirRobin

    In-Span, More Like In-Gone!

    I like ftp, but bittorrent would have benefits. I would think that of all p2p systems the bittorrent would be the right one for wad sharing.
  4. SirRobin

    In-Span, More Like In-Gone!

    I fixed my sites html files with on simple linux command on console :) This requires perl: perl -i -pne 's#3darchives.in-span.net/pub/idgames/#ftp.sunet.se/pub/pc/games/idgames/#g' *.html
  5. SirRobin

    In-Span, More Like In-Gone!

    Nice example of what you could do: [robin@salamanteri robin]$ echo "wget ftp://ftp.sunet.se/pub/pc/games/idgames/$1" > doomget [robin@salamanteri save]$ chmod +x doomget [robin@salamanteri save]$ ./doomget levels/doom2/a-c/blahblah.zip And replace the mirror address with your favorite :) Of course you can do just the same with windows in a DOS .BAT-file if you install wget for windows...
  6. SirRobin

    The Robin Returns

    Yeah, I've been running a little late, haven't I ;) Oh well, I have a stable life with unstable wife and stable internet connection now, so should have no problems.
  7. SirRobin

    Sir Robin Lives

    RedHat 7.1... Yes, it's old and I'm planning on updating (and changing to Fedora or Gentoo) when I get some money to buy a new HD.
  8. SirRobin

    Sir Robin Lives

    Yes, I've been fiddling with Yadex (as I'm a linux user nowdays - personally I would prefer DETH, but there is no *nix port of it) and most certainly there will be levels out from me :)
  9. SirRobin

    A Cacodemon is a real thing?

    Let alone nazis...
  10. SirRobin

    Sir Robin Lives

    Heh, nice to see positive feedback on my return :) I knew most of you thought that I had given up on the site (or even died perhaps... you know I'll never stop DooMing ;) ).
  11. SirRobin

    new stuff

  12. SirRobin

    Whats your favourite doom weapon?

    Well, it all depends a LOT on the enviroment you are fighting in and on the enemy that your trying to slice&dice... But I would say that shotgun, super shotgun and rocket launcher are propably my top 3 weapons :) Shotgun has a really nice feeling to it...
  13. SirRobin

    time to show i can do

    Looks ok to me :)
  14. SirRobin

    Ancient WADs

    The place to look at would be: ftp://3darchives.in-span.net/pub/idgames/ Also my site has some level reviews: http://doomcastle.cjb.net/