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  1. That looks awesome dude. I wish I still had my original poster to frame. Good idea by getting the poster copied, folds aren't fun.
  2. You can totally tell this movie has a tight budget. Nothing against AVGN, I liked some of his reviews, but that trailer was a bit painful to watch.
  3. I can't say for the speed of the missiles, but I asked Mark on FB if there was a way for them to home in on enemies efficiently. He stated that there are some limitations at the moment with the engine, but that it's possible for the missiles to lock on when you fire at the exact moment you fire them. Unfortunately, I tried several times, with and without crosshairs, without success. Hopefully, this can be addressed at a future date, because they would make excellent weapons for attacking cacodemons, and even zombies if the dodge mechanic is implemented.
  4. Mr. Chris, where did you hear that V18 might be the final version? Also what a shame how this thread turned out to be.
  5. Could be better imo.
  6. A fun thing I used to do was to try and get a bunch of revenant missles to track me, and then run behind a monster (like a manc) somewhere on the map and watch the missles barrage the living crap out if it. So satisfying.
  7. Man... I haven't been here in forever, but its good to see MmM still being a boss with his figure making skills.
  8. Same here. BroodLords? No thanks. All you need to do is once you get a good D up, start making banshees. Once the worms pop up, kill em and run. Easy.
  9. I'm probably going to see this with my brother, and even though I'm kinda dissapointed that people are saying the movie is very "ehh", I'm glad to hear that the guy portraying Freddy is good.
  10. I'm very iffy about purchasing shrimp now, even if I shouldn't be.
  11. This is awesome. These guys were not easy to kill, at least the black ones weren't. Your rendition of the hell hound is amazing. The pose with the appendage coming out from the bottom is stunning, as if the creature is putting a lot of emphasis on attacking. It differs from the game sprite in a few ways (which I'm sure your aware of). 1-No slime drippings from mouth, bottom, etc. 2- Veins are absent. 3-Gloss of the skin can be seen on the game sprite (this gives the skin a more organic look I suppose you could say) BUT... I didn't list these to say that your sculpture should have them. Your peice is awesome. I for one like the difference. Don't know really how to describe it, but just gives that touch of MmM that makes it badass.
  12. Absolutly true with RE4, no one said it was racist when killing the ganados, all of which were one ethnicity. Whats funny is that in RE5, it seems that practically HALF of the manjini are other ethnicities. Ive seen whites, spanish, hell even asians! It's pretty culturally diverse if you ask me.
  13. Wow. Forehead flat or not, you really cleaned up the original head nicely. Lots of kudos here.
  14. Oh man I hated these things. If I wanted to be a stickler I would say that the face doesen't match to that from the actual game, but quite frankly it looks great. Also, good choice by not making it's body too defined. The wings are spectacular.
  15. I thought the azrael was some sort of FF monster. Your sculpture compares excellent to the sprite. I prefer this one over the other two.