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  1. MissMelee

    Lighting bug? "Hall of light" effect

    Thanks, I fiddled around with the vertices for a bit and it went away. It was actually in a different sector than I thought (not the one I was standing in) which made it take longer than it should have.
  2. I'm testing my map and in Chocolate Doom and Crispy Doom (screenshot from Crispy Doom), there's a weird "hall of light" effect where a strange beam of light goes beyond the sector that's supposed to be lit up. In GZDoom (second screenshot), that effect is not there. What's going on here, and how do I fix it? I'm using Doom Builder X with Doom 2 as the game configuration.
  3. MissMelee

    Pulling music from a WAD

    So, I'm making a level and I want a song to replace the MAP01 music, and there's a song in a PWAD that I like (specifically, a song from Perdition's Gate). I open it up in Slade, but none of the music files seem to be in there for some reason. It lists .MUS files, but they have the Final Doom names instead of Doom 2, and the .MUS files are essentially blank as well (see attached picture). I booted up Perdition's Gate just to check and the music is definitely in there, it's just like it's not showing up in Slade. What am I doing wrong to not properly see the music files? And, once I do get the music, how do I pull it over to my own level and ensure it plays properly?
  4. MissMelee

    Form or function - what is your approach?

    Function. I'm not a visual guy at all in the first place and I've always been gameplay oriented and while I appreciate good looking maps, I just don't have the patience or visual creativity to make anything beyond passable.
  5. MissMelee

    Tora Bora - my first map

    That was a great run. You're a waaaaaaaayyyyyy better Doom player than me. One thing I've really enjoyed seeing when watching people play my map is how they play my map differently than I do, both from the blind run perspective (since really, no run I've ever done of this map has been a blind run) and to see how different players handle the same situations differently. In the library room for example, my strategy has been to run straight to the plasma gun room and bottleneck the Revenants there with plasma. Also how you get the most out of the SSG's spread is really inspiring gameplay. I did a lot of learning as I went along making this map throughout the week, and technically this isn't my FIRST first map, last weekend I made a test map that is not ever getting a public release so I could learn how to do basic things in Doom Builder like doors, lifts, stairs, monster closets, monster teleport traps, outdoor areas, etc. But this is the first map I'm releasing to the public. But before last Saturday (but really, last Sunday because I hardly did anything that Saturday) I had never made a map for any game that isn't SimCity 3000 or RCT2 in my life, and it makes me feel really good knowing I didn't totally blow it. You seem to have played a slightly older version than what I currently have in the thread OP as the blue maze room's pinky trap has a third pinky closet now, and the library room's trap is larger in scale now, and there are some cosmetic changes i made like rounding a few corners and such to make the map look a little better. I think at this point I'm gonna upload what I have to /idgames if I can, which is "going gold" as far as I'm concerned. My next map might be smaller in size and enemy count than this, but who knows. I don't have an idea for my next map yet and I'm not gonna force it.
  6. MissMelee

    Tora Bora - my first map

    Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I fixed a lot of the texture issues after posting the initial screenshots. I think I'm going to redo those screenshots to reflect the current state of the WAD. By the way, there is a Super Shotgun you can get before the Spectre room. I hope you're excited for my next map, which is a giant STARTAN2 room with 500 Cyberdemons and a ceiling that isn't tall enough to accommodate them, with the exit switch behind an impassable linedef. (that was a joke) I also did a slight revision of the map with some minor cosmetic improvements and a few traps modified. I think I'm gonna call it on this map, unless there's any really glaring errors that break the game. I am kind of a perfectionist but also I understand the importance of "finished not perfect." https://www.dropbox.com/s/zx1iuhsbxnn5hrx/torabora.wad?dl=0 Now to wait for the inspiration to strike for whatever my next map will be! Thanks again for the feedback, everybody, it's been a big help.
  7. MissMelee

    Tora Bora - my first map

    Thanks for playing! The reason why I talk about rain in the story is the brown sludge in the main area is supposed to be mud. I added that because I needed to make the main area a little more visually interesting (originally it was just flat) and I thought it looked cool so I wrote the story around it. I'm happy to see other players being challenged by this map but it not being insurmountable. I always worry that my preferred difficulty is too easy for most, or too hard. I'm sure a lot of people will think this map is pretty easy but I designed it to be challenging yet beatable for someone with my overall Doom skills. Watching you play it and get about 10 minutes of playtime out of it each playthrough is a real positive reinforcement because my goal making this map was for it to be beatable in 5-10 minutes. My personal UV Max on this map is 5:55.
  8. Can you give my map a try? It's my first public map and I want as many opinions on it as possible so I can make better maps. torabora.rar
  9. MissMelee

    Tora Bora - my first map

    Updated version with texture alignment fixes, DOORTRAK lowers properly unpegged, and a few other cosmetic improvements. I also added a player 2 start for co-op just for fun. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l0i95lv3r6bvll4/torabora.wad?dl=0
  10. MissMelee

    Tora Bora - my first map

    Thanks for playing it! I feel kind of silly missing some of this texture issues, like in the library-style room how the bookshelf texture starts repeating before the ceiling cuts it off. I care more about how a map plays than how it looks which is why I missed some things like that. I never noticed those DOORTRAK unpegged lowers so I'll definitely fix those, and try to find and fix all the texture alignment issues I can (there is one misaligned texture that I did on purpose to indicate a secret and I don't want to change that). In the room with the blue key, there's a misaligned texture where I have a secret door that you open from the other side and I left that misaligned deliberately but now that you mentioned the misaligned textures I realize that since you can't open it from the side where it appears misaligned, it serves no purpose other than to confuse or distract the player. I'm definitely going to go back later today after work and fix as many issues as I can find (there's also one room I think I can improve from a gameplay perspective, but I'm not making any promises there). Thank you again!
  11. On /idgames HERE UPDATED VERSION FOR DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zx1iuhsbxnn5hrx/torabora.wad?dl=0 Texture alignment fixes, minor cosmetic improvements, player 2 start added, an imp that I placed inside a wall by accident that nobody noticed has been removed. Hey guys, this is my first map for public consumption. I write comics, and my stance in those is if not enough people are making what I want to see, then I'll make it myself, and I'm applying that philosophy to Doom maps. I like small, short, tight maps that you can beat in 5-10 minutes, like Scythe, Plutonia, and a lot of maps in Czechbox, and I've just not found enough of those to slake my thirst so I decided to make one. I'm a function over form guy so I care more about how the map plays than how it looks but I hope this map doesn't look too awful. DESCRIPTION: This map is a single-level PWAD for Doom II. It replaces MAP01. It has full difficulty level support, although I'm not sure how good that really is. I don't know if I made easy too easy or medium too difficult, so any feedback on that would be very appreciated. I play the map on hard and I don't think it's super hard although there are a few spicy moments, and learning where the secrets are will help you quite a bit. I have tested this map in GZDoom 4.2.4, and PrBoom+/GLBoom+ I think it's vanilla-compatible, but I haven't tested it as such. It's all stock Doom II assets and there's no Boom features or anything like that. If you find any graphical or gameplay bugs, please point them out. I've playtested this a lot and had a friend test it for me too and I think I worked out all the kinks but I'm definitely not experienced enough to say that for sure. I did not design the map with jump/crouch/mouselook in mind and have not tested it with those features enabled. I would recommend playing this map without jumping and crouching, but at the same time I'm not sure you're going to be able to sequence break with them. If you can prove me wrong, please do so. I started making this map on Sunday, 04/12, but it was a completely different idea and I didn't get far, and on 04/13 I deleted everything and started anew with the idea of a base tucked away in a mountain, like the caves at Tora Bora (although unlike IRL, this Tora Bora actually has facilities inside). The first public build of the map was published in the morning on 04/17 and I put the finishing touches on it later that evening after some feedback from this thread. So total I would say 5 days of working on average 1-3 hours per day to make this map. STORY: You are Doom Dude, Doomguy's lesser-known second cousin who gets mistaken a lot for him in airports, much to your chagrin. You have learned of a small base hidden in a mountain valley that was infested by demons from heck. Heavy rains prevented you infiltrating the base before the heck demons took it over. Now that the rains have subsided, you are dropped into a small valley, the base on all sides. You have two objectives: 1. close the heck portal, and 2. activate the base's self-destruct switch to collapse the mountain on top of the heck portal, sealing it for good. But beware: the demons of heck are everywhere. SCREENSHOTS (taken in GZDoom with no monsters): Let me know what you guys think!
  12. MissMelee

    Wall textures visible through floor

    The middle textures weren't double-sided, but I changed the brightness of the sectors and that fixed it! Thanks!
  13. I'm working on my first map and this is an issue that I just can't figure out. They're only visible through the floor on this side of the door. You can also see the door tracks through the floor when the door is open. I've tried really hard to figure this out by myself, because I'm sure it's really obvious and I'll look like an idiot for not figuring it out, but I'm stumped. How do I make this go away? Edit: I tested this in GLBoom+ and PrBoom+ and the issue does not appear there. It only appears in GZDoom for me. The map was made in Doom Builder 2.
  14. I'm playing through the vanilla-compatible one and mostly it's pretty fun, it's a lot of compact, fast maps and that's the type of map I like, but man, MAP15 is not very good. Getting out of the first room is extremely unintuitive and the rest of the level is mostly a slog.