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  1. Juza

    Worst Maps in Your Favourite Megawads?

    MAP17 of Alien Vendetta. Such a slog. Clearly the one most inspired by Hell Revealed.
  2. Simple palette mods regarding the red flash that happens when you get hurt, the berserk tint and the yellow flash for when you pick up an item. Playtested with Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom, prboom+ and, WOOF, Doom Retro; don't seem to work with GZDoom nor LZDoom, not sure why. PAL.wad: Removes only the damage flash PAL2.wad: Removes both the damage and pick-up flashes PAL3.wad: Removes only the pick-up flash PAL4.wad: Lessens the red in the damage flash, 1st variation (4/8 states) PAL5.wad: Lessens the red in the damage flash, 2nd variation (3/8 states) PAL6.wad: Lessens the red in the damage flash, 3rd variation (2/8 states) PAL7.wad: Lessens the yellow in the pick-up flash, 1st variation (2/4 states) PAL8.wad: Lessens the yellow in the pick-up flash, 2nd variation (1/4 states) PAL9.wad: The lessened red from PAL6 and the lessened yellow from PAL8 Warning: Also affects the red tint from when you pick up a Berserk pack. Download: yourPAL.zip
  3. Juza

    Spec Ops The Line Was Never Good

    Bad comparison. Visual novels are supposed to be more interactive books or movies than games. Story can't save a bad game.
  4. Juza

    Half-Life 1 Or 2?

    Just as you said, the levels are designed too poorly for the AI to actually function as they're supposed to, basically throwing all those "advancements" in the trash. In Half-Life 1, the AI goes hand to hand with the level design, as it should. None of those flanking and squad tactics shown in the video happen during the course of normal gameplay.
  5. Juza

    Half-Life 1 Or 2?

    Same here... took me months to finish HL2, it's just such a drag. People like to say the game has no cutscenes and how that's a plus, but it practically does, with all those sections where you're just walking around, listening to the dialogue and waiting for NPCs to be done with whatever they're doing, and thing is, you can't even skip it, so it's worse than an actual cutscene. Half-Life 1 on the other hand, other than the beginning, the ending (if you can consider those cutscenes in the same vein of HL2's as mentioned above), and that one part where you're dragged unconscious by the HECU, has pretty much none. It's an immersive experience, beginning to end. Whilst it is still a very flawed game, it is much more unique and colorful in style than HL2's realistic one. The weapons sound pure 80s, the gunplay is overall better, and the HECU have personality and are way smarter than the Combine. Only thing HL2 has over HL1 is story, which I don't care for. The expansions for HL1 break the balls of HL2's episodes, putting you in the shoes of both the bad guys and black mesa guards, which is something you rarely experience in games. I do dislike the heavy scripting and strictly linear progression, though.
  6. Juza

    Favorite Pickup Sounds in Video Games?

    That's GilvaSunner, previously known as SilvaGunner, before he had his channel taken down and then the name stolen by someone else, and used for the purpose of poor quality rips.
  7. Juza

    Neptune, My First Major WAD!

    Not usually into ZDoom wads but I'll give this a try. Starting with the positives (which I never have much to say about anything): the new pickup sounds are very satisfying to hear, and the black gloves look really cool. The levels, although basic in design, are most importantly fun to play. It is overall very good for a beginner wad. There's something about this wad that I really like, and it's probably got to do with how it reminds me of myself when I was starting out with Doom editing. I think you have the potential to make great maps in the nearby future. Now with the negatives (which I always have more to talk about): I dislike is how sudden the exists are, there should be some sort of telegraphing for them. That happens in every map. I also noticed there are several misspellings and inconsistencies in the text screens. The texts that appear during the levels use too deep of a blue, making it hard to read them, and they only stay on the screen for what feels like 2 or 3 seconds, which is not enough time to read them, so I have to pull up the console to do so. I'm not sure if this is only on my end, but in the first room of MAP04 the sky has a HOM in it, but only around the starting room area. Especially on top of this high wall, it's very easy to see the sky ceiling lowered, uncannily covering whatever's behind them. This is also visible from the area where they stand, but in this spot, it's possible to see pretty much most areas of the map with this same effect. Since this is an UDMF wad, you could've just used 3D floors to avoid this. I was pretty disappointed to see not much purple or blue in the levels themselves, but just the usual Doom palette, in a wad called Neptune. Overall very enjoyable for a short wad, and I'm up for seeing what your future projects will be.
  8. Juza

    Doom 64 - I Don't Get It

    Not sure how common that knowledge would be for players who had never picked up or heard much from the game before, especially in the 90s. And who ever highlighted the "puzzles" (if you can call them that) in the original Doom? And necessary keys shouldn't be 'secret'.
  9. Juza

    Doom 64 - I Don't Get It

    What about that yellow key platform with a puzzle serving as red herring, and the real switch to lower it is a random wall texture in the previous room? It took me an hour or so of searching until I got fed-up and looked for a walkthrough.
  10. Juza

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Quake's the GOAT.
  11. Juza

    Doom 64 - I Don't Get It

    In my opinion, it's awfully overrated. The good visuals cannot save the slow gameplay, non-sensical puzzles and switch-hunting.
  12. Get him to play great old classics. Install NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, PSX, Sega Gegenis emulators and the such. Stuff like Legend of Zelda and Chrono Trigger teach better values than any games nowadays could.
  13. Gotta agree with boris. Seen too many of these to count. Just seems like another lazy piece going along the wave of 2010s boomer shooters, nothing noteworthy. No different from the countless Doom clones that were quickly forgotten in the 90s.
  14. Juza

    What are the worst lyrics you have ever heard?

    Worst song recorded by The Smiths... one of the few that weren't written by Morrissey. It's the definition of annoying, if it was a musical composition.
  15. Juza

    What is most annoying doom mappers do?

    The og Mock.wad served that purpose. Its sequel was more about jokes, though. Would be neat to see more maps built with bad level design in mind.