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  1. FLAT20. It's never a good idea to use it, even for bathrooms floors. It just sucks.
  2. Juza

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    Honestly, couldn't agree more with rdwpa and NiH. I personally much prefer linear progression when it comes to Doom If you check the thread where a fella attempts to scientifically determine which original Doom 1 and 2 maps are linear or non-linear, you'll pretty much see that it's almost half/half. Very interesting read, definitely do check it out:
  3. Juza

    Mapping regrets?

    My own first project is a megawad, I hope I don't have any regrets :) It's coming along nicely. For regrets, I wish I had expanded on the toxic caverns theme for MAP13 of Akeldama. The first area where the green/toxic theme is introduced is quite small... and I feel like it was a waste (pun non intended). If I made it nowadays, I'd have made it a lot bigger than it is currently, more overwhelming. I can even imagine it. Well, maybe I can rework that map a bit to add to my own project. For the same project, I don't regret handing MAP20 (old MAP19) to valkiriforce to finish. I made the first half and a basic idea of the outdoors arena, but his latter half is faaar better than anything I could've came up with for that map. He made it better than I could've hoped to make it myself :)
  4. Juza

    Vile Flesh

    Unquestionable classic, and one of my favorites. The only wad I know that implements switch-hunting as the gameplay progression basic without ever making it confusing. Unique for its unorthodox design decisions, its work with the original base textures, and handing a feeling of obvious progression to the player, as the layouts and gameplay get more complex with each map, while still holding episodic themes and its distinctly identifiable design choices throughout the entire trip. Gameplay can be a bit too easy, but it's not unenjoyable; it's certainly grand amounts of fun, for it's impressive how creative and consistent it is. Don't be afraid to try it on UV, the scaling of the wad's overall difficulty is very smooth, and the entire wad has a really good flow overall. Amazingly, makes good use of backtracking: It adds to the certainty of obvious progression. The switch-hunting will never leave you wondering where to go, for it'll be largely obvious where you must head to. That's honestly impressive. Music is entirely original, and boy is it good -- and especially -- memorable. You'll be thinking about some of its tunes for weeks, while reminded of the map they're associated with. Looks are the comfiest there could be. Modestly simple: limited to the base game textures but doing amazing work with them, and a lot of contrast with its use of lighting. 5/5. SOULFUL. The most fun I ever had in cooperative multiplayer, and highly satisfied while in single-player.
  5. Juza

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    Everything expressed here are opinions so don't take everything for granted :) Some people hate inescapable nukage pits, some don't mind them. Some hate build-ups, others find it necessary. For most things expressed in this thread, you have to experience for yourself and see what you prefer -- reasonably, of course -- for so many are not necessarily bad or good.
  6. Juza

    Eternal Doom

    Just awesome. The best 90s Doom wads had to offer, but certainly not for everyone. Gameplay is fun. Very fun and well-thought out. Some maps can be a bit too easy, but mostly, Eternal Doom certainly doesn't lack in challenge. There is no "shooting huge walls until the sun begins to shine", only well-made, dynamic encounters, with well-balanced ammo for your entire arsenal, so you can get to use the right guns for the right guys, when it's time. The action, however, is sometime given a break for the sake of puzzles, and while sometimes -- so few that it's excusable -- they rely more on sight than smarts, they're certainly acquired taste. You have to expect a few certain tricks, and this adds to the megawads' overall timeless uniqueness; it doesn't take more than it gives. The levels look absolutely gorgeous, and this fact is made even more impressive considering this is work made to be in line with the original engine limitations. Some areas can be pure eye-candy, you can tell these maps were given much attention to, in all aspects. Is this really a 90s wad? Featuring one of the best original soundtracks made for a Doom wad. When music is so good and fitting for the setting it's put in, and there's not much more needed to say other than "It's great", or, "Amazing". As I said in the first line of this review, this megawad is certainly not for everyone, and this is fault of its puzzles -- Still, I'd say it's a must-play, for anyone to at least try. Skilled Doom players won't have a problem with most of its puzzles; such tricks are something expected, that such have grown accustomed to, and it's experience acquired from having played hundreds of levels. You have to go in with a certain mindset, more alerted and attentive than usual. I'd say, it's not a bad thing for a video-game to try to get the best of your skills in more than just the combat aspect. 5/5.
  7. Juza

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    Honestly @Ribbiks, you seem to forget that it's all harmless opinions about video-game aspects which we are free to express. No one's trying to infect anyone. To be ourselves and enjoy our time with others do we only talk about joyful, positive things, or can we some times talk about things we dislike and give insight on why, without actually trying to bring anyone down? One's opinions are worth just as much as the other's, so we can try to listen and express our opinions, either they be about things we like or things we dislike.
  8. Did a FDA attempt. Had to stop at E1M8 because of an inescapable pit that didn't kill me :/ Played on Crispy Doom with -longtics. Ultra-Violence. 0-philnemba-00000.zip Overall, the maps are quite comfy looking, as expected from vanilla, and have a nice flow for the earlier levels. The gameplay itself: ranged from good to dull. From the first map there are pinkies in large open rooms, which basically renders them harmless, and walking meat walls. This goes on for the rest of the maps. It's not annoying until E1M5 and onwards, where there are pinkies everywhere you go. There was no incentive to kill the Barons and Cacos. You mostly gave me ammo for the Shotgun, and shotgunning bullet sponges is only time consuming. I just ran past them most of the times I could. There is definitely an abundance of Barons here, and a lack of actual challenge. I played these maps continuously for the demo, but if I pistol started, I doubt there'd be enough ammo to kill all of them, honestly; especially for E1M5 and E1M6. The most fun was when I was gunning down low-tiers placed sparsely from each other, and that made the high quantity of Barons feel out of place. Why were they there? They aren't obstacles, I'll just run past them and hope to find more imps to shoot at. None of the maps are difficult either, even E1M8: There is perhaps way too much health. You should've used medkits more often in the map, and not only Soulsphere + Mega Armor combos as the only way to recover. Although there's a large quantity of Cybers in that map, if you know how press A or D to dodge straight-line projectiles while holding M1, you're never going to get hit :/ In general, I think a way to improve the gameplay would be to increase the Zombieman/Shottie/Imp count, have more ambushes, use Pinkies only in combination with more threatening monsters, and if you want to keep the Barons, most certainly give a player a non-secret RL somewhere in E1M2. The music choice was very good :) And you get bonus points for the Undertale midi in E1M6. Edit: I'll have to disagree with @Cacodemon187. There's no such thing as under-detailed, because there's no pure form when it comes to how maps should look. Regardless of how "detailed" they are, they either look good or bad. Some can look better than others, but that doesn't make others ugly. This mapset for example looks good the way it is, and that's great if it's the vision @Philnemba is going for. I won't deny there is room for more detailing / "improvement", but either this "improvement" we're speaking of is what Phil is looking for or not, is up to him, and so far the maps look good, so it's perfectly fine if he doesn't want to 'detail' them more. Because after all, there's people that enjoy or prefer this classic style way more than hyper-detailed maps.
  9. Juza

    The DWIronman League dies to: Scythe

    Haha, damn. I replayed Scythe not more than a month ago. Don't think there'll be many cat 1s, and honestly I got quite a few megawads on my backlog, so not motivated to doing another run. Sure would be a joy to experience Scythe for the first time again. It honestly surprised me there's even if just a few people in this thread that haven't played Scythe yet.
  10. Juza

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    Can definitely relate to most of those @Bauul ! Especially the latter one. Was wondering if anyone else was annoyed at having too much ammo laying around while not being able to pick it up, or if it was just me, because I'm so impatient. Such tease.
  11. Juza

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    Forced arena fights, where you have to wait a timer so you can leave the room. If a player wants to get out of an arena, it's probably because it's not fun. Being able to leave or enter a room should always be an option, and those who cheese: it's their choice, not bad design; as long as the designer not forcing them to cheese by granting no other advantageous options for the player. There are players who will wholeheartedly stay in a dangerous room and attempt to complete it without running away, as long as it's fun. Difficulty build-up. Most megawads do it, and I find it highly unnecessary to hold yourself back on providing a fun, challenging fight, just because it's an early map slot. Feels like a waste of a design for me: to dump only zombiemen and a few imps, and granting the player only the pistol to finish them off, when you could be dodging Revenant missiles and Mancubi fireballs already... It's understandable for original games, but for mapsets, I find it unnecessary. Most people playing the megawad have already played a thousand different mapsets before, or at least Doom 1 and 2. It's not like it's their first introduction to Doom. But I guess I'm just weird.
  12. Juza

    Do you do any drugs?

    I guess you could say I'm addicted to Coca-Cola, but rarely is there anyone that doesn't drink it, at least in a regular basis, around my region. I try to drink it as little as I can, but so far have been unsuccessful in stopping. But being that it's so common, that's not very interesting. At least it's not alcohol -- I'm not legally allowed to buy those drinks yet, but that doesn't mean I can't acquire them. Any newsstand nearby would probably sell them to anyone without asking for ID. The only time I drank any was to impress my ex-girlfriend. Apart from that, I smoked a max of 5 cigarettes when I was 14, and turned down on them because I wasn't feeling any effect at all; I was still stressed as all hell.
  13. Absolutely. An unfitting midi WILL highly decrease the quality of a map and enjoyment for the player, for any level. When people don't put new music in their maps, it's often an easy pass for me. I see it as basically saying you don't care enough about your own level to give it much needed life.
  14. You should check out the unused voicelines for Doomguy in Quake 3 Revolution. He's clearly schizophrenic, as he mentions there are voices in his head, seemingly tormenting him over the death of his peers. Killing demons (and fragging noobs) seems to be what keeps him going. Notable lines: I honestly find this a really interesting take on giving Doomguy. Clearly an attempt at building a deeper character for him, he even uses some quotes from the Doom comic! Really too bad that the voicelines didn't get used in-game.
  15. Juza

    What would you replace the Pistol with?

    Lol, so they weren't aware of quick-tapping. Edit: Wait, if they weren't aware you could be always 100% accurate with the Chaingun while quick-tapping the fire button, why was it implied that the Pistol was more accurate than the Chaingun when just holding the fire button, which at least in practice doesn't seem true, unless you're quick-tapping it too? Just seems like flawed design to me.