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  1. croc_rock

    The Varginha Incident Remake?

    i realized right after I posted that I didn't think of gzdoom lol
  2. croc_rock

    The Varginha Incident Remake?

    (insert dumb comment)
  3. croc_rock

    What does GZ in GZDoom mean?

    Geriatric Zombies
  4. He could just remake the video with this new info, but I guess he doesn't want to work together with the community to resooooolve this problem in a way that benefits them both
  5. croc_rock

    Other Doom forums?

    No others. There can only be one.
  6. croc_rock

    What game should be FPSed?

  7. croc_rock

    How do DOOM 2 deaths work?

    I guess they expected people to use the rl for cacodemons which explains the giant hole
  8. croc_rock

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Rumor has it that Doom was originally planned to be an educational children's game designed to teach them about counting, spelling and back-end web development. When asked about this, Romero said "Yeah, we were gonna make it a bit more family friendly, but last minute we decided to tweak it a bit to suit a more mature audience."
  9. croc_rock


    born too late to see man walk on the moon, born just in time to see DOOMSLAYER93 get Doom Eternal
  10. croc_rock


    it's never gonna happen is it that's it. i'm tearing down my DOOMSLAYER93 posters.
  11. croc_rock


    If DOOMSLAYER93 doesn't get his grubby little mitts embraced by the warmth of a copy of Doom Eternal sometime in the next 6 days I'm gonna burn my house down
  12. croc_rock

    Post your Desktop Background

    It's the cover for Murder of the Universe by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  13. croc_rock

    Do you use your imagination?

  14. croc_rock

    Favorite Doom Weapon?

    I kinda like the chaingun, it's good for stunlocking those pesky lost souls.
  15. croc_rock


    a rushed game purchase is forever bad, but a delayed game purchase is eventually good