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  1. croc_rock

    Get It Off Your Chest

    i wrote this post a long time ago and its cringe
  2. croc_rock

    What is your favorite monster & gun?

    gun: shotgun. something about it makes it kinda satisfying to use demon: i guess cacodemon. they're the best design i can think of and they're not bad in gameplay
  3. croc_rock

    Which sourceport do you use the most and why?

    prboom+ because I think it's a good balance between vanilla and modern sourceports
  4. croc_rock

    Boaty McBoatwad - /idgames

    dont think im gonna be able to submit anything. i had a layout i liked but i think it's too short and i'd have to seriously add on to it with only 8 days left, plus i'd be experimenting with a bunch of new things i've never worked with before, so i'm guessing the map would be too low quality to share. sorry
  5. croc_rock

    Boaty McBoatwad - /idgames

    I'm an idiot lol, I have a tv that I can use. I've used it before! How did I forget!!!
  6. croc_rock

    Boaty McBoatwad - /idgames

    Update: the screen on my laptop just broke and not only was that the only computer that had the wad file I was working on, it was my only computer period, meaning I have to cancel. I might try to make something but if I do it will be way past the deadline, probably next year. It was gonna have such a cool layout!!! You were gonna see the boat from a pier and then you were gonna teleport into it and fight an arch-vile and stuff... :(
  7. whatever that shay + carl song was. speechless i think? god it sucked. it's like the la croix of music: any hint of melody you hear (past the obnoxious vocals) is long gone and has only left a faint vague hint of a musical idea.
  8. croc_rock

    YouTube just went down.

    Susan tripped over a power cord
  9. croc_rock

    Potato PC Games Recommendations?

    Left 4 Dead 1/2 might work
  10. croc_rock

    Boaty McBoatwad - /idgames

    Sounds fun, I'll try to submit something Edit: Oh sorry we're doing boat puns...I'll sea what I can do aboat submitting a map.
  11. croc_rock

    What are the worst lyrics you have ever heard?

    Paralyzer by finger eleven (yes the toilet quagmire song). I like the instrumental and I think the chorus is catchy but "This club will hopefully, be closed in three weeks, that would be cool with me" makes me want to turn it off I used to play Roblox and there were tools in some games that let you play songs/audio that other people can hear. The amount of times this song was spammed would drive any man to the brink of insanity
  12. croc_rock

    help i turned doom into colors

    I wonder what it would look like vice versa, Heretic with Doom's pallette?
  13. croc_rock

    What are the worst lyrics you have ever heard?

    Vegemite by King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard I love, I love my Vegemite It’s strong as hell and black as night I keep my love all screwed up tight And spread it thick whenever I like, I like Endors Toi by Tame Impala Soothing repeat I look down at my feet It's a hypnotist's arm And it works like a charm
  14. croc_rock

    The Top 25 Sector Ships of All Time

    Thought the title meant relationships, as in 2 Doom sectors in love with each other. Thoroughly disappointed.
  15. croc_rock

    So where does your username come from?

    I like the band King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard and they have a crocodile as their "mascot"