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  1. The Lone Wolf

    [Summer 2021] Community Mapping Project

    your prefference.
  2. The Lone Wolf

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    You look like the one of those judges from Judge Dredd universe because of your helmet.
  3. The Lone Wolf

    Minor Doomworld suggestions (splitting up "Wads & Mods")

    Yes that is true. Many people post their wads in under one section and it makes a little bit chaos. It should be considered because we get nearly tens maybe even hundreds of new wads from people and it is not easy to look each one of them for users.
  4. The Lone Wolf

    Thoughts on DOOM's protagonist

    DoomGuy who tries to survive through horrors filled corridors of UAC facilities with hell force. DoomSlayer just a demigod who can single handedly kill demons. -I love my doomguy as a crazy ordinary man who lost his mind after what he witnessed in UAC Phobos accident. I don't mind new DoomGuy honestly but not my type of man.
  5. The Lone Wolf

    why would someone defend a CEO?

    If he said that to kind of people who are lazy as hell. Yes, that statement would be true but many poor people are poor because there are many factors changes life quality of people. For example me and my family had some financal issues 2 years ago. We really afraid we would be selling our home to pay the dept we had. So I started to work in a restaurant for a year to save my dad from giving me allowence. Year later my father loaned credit from bank for a fair interest and paid the dept. Yes we do have a credit to pay for bank but at least it is lesser than what we had years ago.
  6. The Lone Wolf

    why would someone defend a CEO?

    As proverb said "Rich people's wealth tires poor's chin."
  7. The Lone Wolf

    What was the most scariest BOSS you have ever encountered ?

    @Aaron Blain this (Body Weapon)man in every girl's dream.
  8. The Lone Wolf

    Unreal Vs Quake Vs Turok

    People who loves Turok generally into map design and theme. Jungle, Story, fast phase gameplay (similar to DooM) People who loves Quake id fans and also really love Lovecraftian theme. Twisted, horrific, mysterious, abstrack. People who loves Unreal are mostly into multiplayer part of it, instead of singleplayer. It's because whenever people start to talk about it, they state at multiplayer.
  9. The Lone Wolf

    What was the most scariest BOSS you have ever encountered ?

    @Omniarch Asian people really have a different taste on horror and thriller. They especially good at body horror stuff so much. You know Attack on Titans, Resident Evil, some sci fi 90s animes which I can not remember the name of them all, those alien things for example. I am not into anime but whenever I watch a good one it always contains body horror, however.
  10. The Lone Wolf

    What was the most scariest BOSS you have ever encountered ?

    @[McD]James yes, she is definitaly scary. I tried to play that game back in the days but I couldn't get into it even how people complimented this game. Game mechanics were so lame and boring to me. I played Deus Ex 2000 and people knows how complicated to control scheme of it but IDK.
  11. The Lone Wolf

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Chainsaw got into Ogre's ass.
  12. Mine was the Dragon from Quake 1 Mission Pack 2. Just listen to those sound effect and tell me those weren't horrifying.
  13. The Lone Wolf

    How old is ''doomworld'' ?

    Yes he is 23 years old and now studying at a college and trying to find a suitable job for this summer to save some money to pay student taxes. Damn some old fellas say when he was at age 15. He was into satanism or someshit just before dope-fish became a phenomenon again. He also had his own pocket hell dimension to put naughty friends for a while.
  14. All I want to know is CO-OP avaliabe ? If it is, would it be like "S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call Of Chernobyl" (faction-free and all maps packed into one game.). It's because this game really needs a CO-OP gamemode at all cost. If not I want to gather my squad instead of having "friends" by random events happening in zone.
  15. The Lone Wolf

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    If you didn't say it was an animated texture people would think you made a sphere dummy sector.