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  1. Yes: To be honest though, you're wasting your time asking this question on a place like DW
  2. What were you doing playing a title rated M for Mature then?
  3. Composed by our very own esselfortium:
  4. We can't fault you, it doesn't use 3D
  5. "Homepage" links in some user profiles lead to the wrong location, example:
  6. There are at least two open-source implementations of GGPO-style rollback netplay available: ShobuNetwork (C++) and RetroArch's stock netplay implementation (C) Jittering caused by packet loss can be at least slightly compensated for by including several frames of the player's input history in each packet sent by that player, but I'm not sure how well GGPO's approach would scale beyond two players in a match of Doom for at least two reasons: - Rollback is supported in GGPO by taking snapshots of every recent past frame potentially up to a few seconds back which can pile up, though to be fair "RAM is cheap" applies here and I imagine those could be stored far more space-efficiently with a source port than anything a typical emulator could pull off, no longer having to snapshot the entire state of emulated RAM (GGPO already had to use some trickery to drop certain information from state snapshots in order to make 3rd Strike decently playable and sometimes it suffers for it--ever get the Venetian blinds effect during a match in 3S?) - In a situation with more than two players, a misprediction for only one player would (as far as I understand) demand that every player rolls back to the first mispredicted frame of that player's input history, and this would be exacerbated by mouse/analog input being more susceptible to tiny prediction errors than D-pad/buttons--they're all the same to GGPO and all demand a rollback if they're even slightly mispredicted (I know vanilla Doom's turning precision in netplay packets is limited but for sourceports that increase this precision or add freelook this could be a greater issue)
  7. You're in luck then, it released on Jan 26 and they have a 3-part "Making Of" video series on there as well
  8. GIMP + Paint.NET + ImageMagick since if you're working on a game I guarantee you will eventually need to perform batch operations across several images at once
  9. Its idea of "noir" is a bit different from Max Payne's (probably better described as "gumshoe") but with the music it certainly achieves a decent degree of atmosphere even with the pixel graphics
  10. GGPO is a modern miracle, and these two games are the reason why
  11. If you need some sort of weird complicated audio setup involving routing sound channels then bring Virtual Audio Cable into the mix
  12. I'd imagine when you're a mortician not a lot of the people you meet day-to-day will bug you about playing it on the job