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  1. So apparently there's some sort of 'infinite loop' error that causes this map to crash when you try to run a server with it. Is there a fixed version of this .wad? Does anybody know what the problem is? Thanks.
  2. Mivalekan

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    No WAD has ever made me more afraid of switches :[
  3. Mivalekan

    Doomworld Metal Thread (surely Doomers enjoy metal)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IU-RaDtztWc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zJpPAhGheA
  4. Mivalekan

    Blood Mod - Download v1.0 - no gibs

    Call me sadistic, but I find that gore, when it's done right, makes shooting demons more satisifying. Makes it seem like my shots are really doing something. ;]
  5. Mivalekan

    Scary wads that aren't ghoul forest

    ghoul's woods
  6. Mivalekan

    Hell Commander - Doom based RTS (new video!)

    imp rush kekekekekekeke ^______^
  7. Mivalekan

    Converting palettes

    I'm looking to use some realm667 beastiary monsters and items/weapons in a heretic project I'm working on, but I need to convert their palettes from Doom to Heretic. Where can I find tutorials on how to do this and what programs do I need? Specifically, how is this done with SLumpED
  8. Mivalekan

    Detached-sector monster teleport ambushes

    Someone showed me how to do it. The trick is to join the monster sector with a sector in the room. :]
  9. Mivalekan

    Detached-sector monster teleport ambushes

    Thanks, that will be handy for me later. The issue is that I've started this map in just "Heretic" in doombuilder. I was originally designing this for the Heretic Community Chest, but at this point it's far too large and detailed to be appropriate, and it won't be done in time for its deadline. I've tried converting it to Heretic in Hexen format, but GZDoom/Skulltag crash any time I try to run the map.
  10. How do you create monster teleport ambushes where the monsters sit in detached sectors? I've looked through various tutorials and looked at maps like Deus Vult map03, but I can't figure out how to create these kinds of ambushes. The main issue isn't in making teleporters and the traps themselves; the actual question is how to get the monsters to activate.
  11. Mivalekan

    Shadows Den [Complete]

    Enjoyable. Short but not very difficult. My only real beef was the choice in music. ;\
  12. Mivalekan

    Stronghold - Is it finished?! (p3 bottom)

    I'm sad for not being able to play this :'(
  13. Mivalekan

    Stronghold - Is it finished?! (p3 bottom)

    so... none of the links work
  14. How do I get this to work? All I get for every level is a small room called "NO MAP" with all of the weapons (the graphics of which don't even show up in my HUD). Episode 2 gives me a level but none of the weapon graphics work, and I shoot little smiley faces.