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  1. As far as classic '90s megawads are concerned, there are a few key monoliths which we still think back on today - Icarus, Requiem, and the Memento Moris chief among them. But dig a little deeper, and you may just discover some hidden gems... On Halloween night of 1996, Realm of Chaos hit the scene, a megawad developed by TMT. And no, that's not a typo - they're The Macintosh Team! A mere seven Mac users, given a mere six months, managed to assemble an entire 32-map megawad. It flew under the radar for most, not being as Triple-A as the above-mentioned megawads and not pulling off many complicated puzzles or mapping magic. But in its place, Realm of Chaos distinguishes itself with a prevailing focus on straight-up combat, often in quick and concentrated levels. There's plenty of creative maps and fun action to be had in this hidden classic, and I think it deserves its time in the limelight. Fortunately, I've been given the privilege to give it that time. With guidance from TMT keystones Robert "DocBob" Berkowitz and @Steve D, Realm of Chaos: 25th Anniversary Edition is here! This revised and recharged version of the classic wad features new graphics and sprites, an included DeHacked patch with original story sequences and automap names, and a major facelift to every single map with permission from the original creators. The fights are badder, the progression is clearer, the lighting is sharper - but the original soul is wholly intact, and it remains 100% vanilla compatible! Perhaps the biggest addition of all, this edition of Realm of Chaos features a full custom soundtrack of 35 never-before-heard MIDIs courtesy of yours truly! Sticking true to the original project's restrictions, the soundtrack and all above changes were made on my MacBook Air right up until it kicked the bucket. = = > DOWNLOAD THE MEGAWAD ON IDGAMES! < = = Here are some screenshots for you: If you've read this far, make sure to check out the development thread for Realm of Chaos 2! @Steve D and I have got a hand in that one, as well, and you're not going to want to miss it.
  2. Heads up for anyone who might be looking to contact me over DW - my family and I are going on a big overseas trip, and I'm not bringing my computer along for it. I won't be able to log into Doomworld until we get back home, which should be on June 6th or 7th. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  3. Thanks so much to everyone here for the congratulations, and for having so much nice to say about the wad! To even be in the discussion of anyone's top 10 megawads - let alone someone who's been at it since 2000 - is an insane accomplishment, and a level of praise that frankly boggles the mind. Thank you so, so much, @Jayextee - I'm very glad you enjoyed the wad. :D And take care of yourself, @Steve D! Very sorry to hear about your foot and leg issues, hopefully they can be fixed or alleviated good and quick. Take as much time as you need to start that playthrough - lord knows you're the very last person who needs to prove loyalty to Realm of Chaos. ;)
  4. Hell yeah! I'm excited to see what people can do with this wad. I admit I'm far from a speedrunner myself, so my sense of difficulty is not well-seasoned at all, but I thought it would be fun to provide a super-challenge for speed junkies. RoC25 has UV-Speed par times defined in the MAPINFO and the text file, which I abused saves in order to get. I have no idea if they're even the slightest bit fair or feasible, and the difficulty is probably super inconsistent, but feel free to give them a try if you like! One thing I'd like to ask - rather than "old version demo thread", could the link be renamed to "original version" or "1996 version" or something like that? The last thing I want to do is give people the impression that RoC25 is meant to be a replacement or objectively-superior version of the original. I love that wad and I hope people check it out, too. :)
  5. At long, long last, Realm of Chaos: 25th Anniversary Edition is available on idgames! Download it here!! Sorry to those of you who've been waiting on this for a while - hope you enjoy the wad. :)
  6. Cammy

    The Ultimate Long List of Keen Hunts

    Cool to see RoC25 being shouted out a couple times here! Even if I would personally label that as more of a Keen racing track than a Keen hunt. For more proper submissions, Hell to Pay map32 makes you find and destroy 16 fuses (which replace Keens and I believe are exclusive to this map) to cut power to a self-destructing facility you're trapped in. Cool map.
  7. This has already been around for a while, but I'm not sure how many people on the forum know about it, so I'm posting it here - I have a YouTube channel where I upload high-quality recordings of custom soundtracks made by the Doom community. There aren't a lot of dedicated channels for wad soundtrack uploads, and even less that upload the music in separate videos so you can listen to one song at a time - and most of those channels use weird soundfonts quite unlike what the original composers would have intended. I wanted to fix that. The selection I have right now doesn't cover everything the Doom community has ever written, of course, but I'm hoping to keep updating the collection whenever I can, and eventually make the channel into a one-stop shop for all your wad music needs. Check it out! I've got uploads of the following soundtracks available to listen: TNT: Evilution MIDI Pack (lower quality, will be re-uploaded in the future) Alien Vendetta MIDI Pack & Black Label (ditto) Plutonia MIDI Pack Plutonia 2 Revolution! Gothic Deathmatch Memento Mori Jaded .MID the Way id Did Ultimate MIDI Pack 1000 Lines 3 Tetanus Speed of Doom Mutiny Realm of Chaos: 25th Anniversary Edition (new!) ...And there's plenty more on the way!
  8. I'll add it in if it doesn't manage to find a new home in RoC2. :)
  9. This time the newest upload is of my own work - it's the soundtrack to Realm of Chaos: 25th Anniversary Edition! For those not in the know, this is a spiffed-up version of a 1996 megawad called Realm of Chaos, which you may not have heard of. With the permission of its original dev team, I made extensive edits to all 32 maps to tighten up their gameplay and visuals, and I scored the entire megawad on my own (the original version has no midi replacements), which was a mammoth quantity of work. The project is finally almost behind me, and the music has reached its final state, so I can happily release it into the wild now. On to the next one! Give the soundtrack a listen here - if you've enjoyed my prior work, I hope you end up liking this one too!
  10. Awesome, thank you so much for verifying!
  11. Cammy

    Cadman is back in the house!

    Welcome back, Cadman! I may not have been inducted to the Doomsphere yet when you were last around, but it's always great to see people make a triumphant return. Very happy to hear that your health has improved, please take care of yourself. You're coming home to a thriving scene - Doom has exploded in the past couple years! There's even a spiritual successor to the Community Chest series being worked on right now. If you ask me, it's earned the moniker of Community Chest 5, which as far as I gather was only withheld from it because nobody wanted to make an official new entry without your involvement. Want to fix that? :)
  12. Yo! Just reaffirming that I still intend to submit RoC25 to idgames on the 19th, so if anyone playing it experiences any issues, please let me know. Thank you! @taufan99 Have you gotten the chance to try out the April 3rd hotfix yet? Hopefully the sky issue has been fixed.
  13. Ahh, this is another stray line that's told to activate a door where no door actually exists. That "invisible wall" was actually the above ceiling having descended like a closing door. Another good catch, thank you! It doesn't surprise me that two of these slipped through the cracks, with how much restructuring some of these maps went through. This will be fixed for idgames. Not much I can do about the Freedoom sprite issues, though - of course, this wad wasn't made with Freedoom in mind. :)
  14. It's finally here! Click here to download the TNT MIDI Pack from the idgames archive! Alternatively, here is a direct download! Included in the download are: TNTmidi.wad, a full custom soundtrack for TNT TNTmidi-np.wad, a bonus wad for ZDoom-based ports that displays the name of each track and its author on map start A file folder containing every raw midi file, for free reuse in your own projects We put our very best work into this project and we're excited to finally call it complete. Thank you all, and enjoy! TRACK LIST: Title: The Mothership’s Wake - @northivanastan (based on TNT's title theme by Tom Mustaine) Intermission: TeNeT - @Cammy (based on "Legion of the Lost" by Leo Sieben) Text: Technoparchment - @Varis Alpha (based on TNT's text theme by Josh Martel) MAP01: Detonation - @Dragonfly (based on "Sadistic" by Leo Sieben) MAP02: Don’t Stop Bleedin’ - @Lippeth (based on "Smells Like Burning Corpse" by Leo Sieben) MAP03: Triangular Currents - @pcorf MAP04: Broken Mirror - @Eris (based on "Death's Bells" by Leo Sieben) MAP05: The St. Louis Slammer - @Cammy (based on "More" by Tom Mustaine) MAP06: Wretched Harangue - @Dragonfly and @Lippeth (based on "Agony Rhapsody" by Leo Sieben) MAP07: Escaping the Doomed Fortress - @TheUltimateDoomer666 (based on "Soldier of Chaos" by Jonathan El-Bizri) MAP08: Growling Belly - @JD Herrera (based on "Into the Beast's Belly" by Leo Sieben) MAP09: Revenant Capoeira - @Gustavo6046 and @northivanastan MAP10: Oakset - @Cammy (based on "Infinite" by Tom Mustaine) MAP11: Source of Stress - @Doomkid and @Jimmy (based on "Let's Kill at Will" by Jonathan El-Bizri) MAP12: Inside the Devil’s Lungs - @JD Herrera MAP13: Hey There, Moonbeam - @Lippeth and @Cammy MAP14: Introducing Mrs. Tier F - @Peter (based on "Cold Subtleness" by Jonathan El-Bizri) MAP15: A Foggy Night - @stewboy MAP16: Wrought in Blood - @Varis Alpha (based on "Blood Jungle" by Jonathan El-Bizri) MAP17: Not Wearing Plaid - @leejacksonaudio MAP18: Milling Around - @leejacksonaudio MAP19: Minds Like Magnets - @Deadwing MAP20: The Doom World is Flat - decino (based on "Horizon" by Tom Mustaine) MAP21: Drywall - @Gustavo6046 and decino MAP22: Sewer of Confusion (No More Plats Mix) - @DCG Retrowave and @Cammy (based on "AimShootKill" by Tom Mustaine) MAP23: Return of the Troubles - @JDoyle MAP24: Terror Firma - @Lippeth MAP25: Stomping Grounds - @leejacksonaudio MAP26: Impending End - @The Green Herring MAP27: Knights of Zettazepto - @Cammy MAP28: Abyssal Mystery - @pcorf MAP29: The Knives That Carved the Megalith - @Cammy MAP30: Savior of Humanity - @northivanastan and @Cammy MAP31: Soulsweeper - @TrialD and @Cammy (based on "Legion of the Lost" by Leo Sieben) MAP32: Into a Sandy City - @Peter (based on "Into Sandy's City" by Bobby Prince) ================= ~Original OP below~ ================= The unforgettable Final Doom came at us in two parts. The Plutonia Experiment and TNT: Evilution remain the lone community-created Doom campaigns that made the mythical journey from PWAD to IWAD - and to date, they stand as two of the most influential, popular, widely-played, and widely-remembered wads ever to release. Unlike the id boys’ seminal Doom releases, TNT and Plutonia mostly reused music we were already familiar with. Plutonia in particular had no music but retreads - and that’s why, in 2013, the community came together to give it the musical treatment it always deserved. Thus we were granted the legendary Plutonia MIDI Pack, a treasure trove of high-quality music crafted by the community’s finest. It’s enhanced and recharged uncounted Plutonia playthroughs since, and has served as a valuable resource of music for the community’s consideration. It was an unequivocal success - and yet, in all the time since then, Plutonia’s older sister has not been fortunate enough to receive the same treatment. I’m here to announce that that’s changing. I’ve spent the past couple months darting around the community in secret, recruiting as many composers as I could, from as many different eras of our community as I could. The team I’m working with to provide TNT: Evilution with a full, high quality musical score is lined top to bottom with household names both old and new, and they could not be more qualified for the work at hand. Let’s answer the one question on everyone’s mind - what about the pre-existing TNT music? It’s all returning! Every classic TNT tune will be reprised in reimagined and extended form to bring the whole soundtrack up to modern quality without sacrificing the established favorites. They each appear in the map that originally debuted them - a Sadistic remix in MAP01, a Death’s Bells remix in MAP04, and so on. The maps which did not debut a new TNT track will be given all-new midis for this project. And, as is to be expected of MIDI packs, all tracks will be vanilla-compatible and free to reuse for your own wads! Note that, unlike most other MIDI pack threads, this is not an open project and we are not accepting submissions - I have already sought out other composers to collaborate with, and everything is attended to. I understand this may disappoint some of you, but rest assured I have taken every possible measure to ensure the soundtrack you’ll get out of this project will be of top-of-the-line quality. You are in for a real treat. So, who exactly am I working with here? Well, I’d like to invite my co-contributors to post in the thread below, sharing the maps you can expect to hear them composing for! As I said, we’ve got an all-star roster on our hands, with more than just a few community staples lending their musical chops to this project. I could not be more grateful to have their help and guidance. I am contributing four solo tracks to this project, myself - you’ll hear my takes on Tom Mustaine’s More and Infinite in MAP05 and MAP10 respectively, as well as original tunes for MAP27 and MAP29! The TNT: Evilution MIDI Pack will be released on June 17th, 2021 - the day Final Doom turns 25 years old!
  15. @Insaneprophet Good catches yet again! I'll get these issues fixed right up. Might do some retexturing in the map17 cave since everything being the same texture makes it kind of hard to ensure everything is aligned properly, when taking into account the platforms on differing height levels. I'm not sure if I'll hotfix RC2 again unless something really big pops up, but these changes will make it to idgames, that's for sure. Thank you so much! I'm also working on uploading this wad's music to my YouTube channel. I had to make a couple further edits to some of the tracks, but what you hear on YouTube will be the ultra-super-really-for-real final versions of the tracks - and again, it will be these versions that make it to idgames.
  16. @plums No worries, thanks for checking in! You'll be happy to know that the issues in map15 and map20 have already been fixed in RC2, and I've even added in a colormap lump that gives you blue-and-silver vision with the invuln. I admit I don't know a damn thing about how colormaps work under the hood, I just went with what felt like it would work, and it does, but you or anyone else is totally free to tinker with it and make it look a little better if you'd like. And thank you for the vertically-tiling skies! I'll happily implement them. :) And sorry about the flagrant annihilation of the sprite limit in so many of these maps - I didn't really grasp what a serious issue it was, going into a lot of these reworks. Even so, RC2 features some adjustments that help lighten the load for particularly bad areas, and you can bet I'll be much more careful of it in future vanilla maps (and oh, I do plan to make quite a number of future vanilla maps). Thanks for playing, glad you liked it either way! I've updated the download links with a few miniscule map and midi changes you shouldn't even notice, but more importantly with plums' vertically tiling skies and the necessary adjustments to UMAP and MAP info lumps. Hopefully this fixes the skies for all ports! Edit: Forgot to mention this new version also fixes the accidental door that @Insaneprophet found in map07. Good catch!
  17. @Devalaous I see! Thank you for clarifying. I'll make the necessary fixes - concerning Eternity's preference, could it just be because the MAPINFO lump is below the UMAPINFO lump in Slade? I know that if you have duplicate patch names for something like a texture or midi then Doom only considers whichever the last patch in the order with that name is, so is it possible that Eternity is only checking for the last UMAPINFO or MAPINFO patch in the order regardless of what type it is? Or could there be something wrong with the UMAPINFO patch that prevents it from being read by Eternity?
  18. Thank you! That is incredibly high praise and I'm honored you're enjoying the wad and its music this much. :D Good luck with the rest of it! @taufan99 One last question, sorry for the repeat pings - does this sky issue happen only on map01, or are other levels affected?
  19. Ah damn, so sorry to hear about your injuries, @Devalaous. Hopefully your recovery is as quick and painless as it can be, both for Doom and non-Doom reasons - arms are good for a hell of a lot more than playing video games. I admire your diligence even in spite of that. Take care of yourself! This is really strange because earlier versions of the wad had an EMAPINFO lump for Eternity players that I ended up removing in this version. Seems more likely to me that an issue like this would have arisen because of an issue in an existing EMAPINFO lump than because of the lack of one. I wonder, are you playing with some sort of setting or save game carried over from previous versions of the wad?
  20. At long last, Release Candidate 2 is here!! (link updated april 3rd) Download it, play it, and let me know if you encounter any issues. If nothing gets found, I'll submit it to idgames on April 19th. A changelog is included in the download, or you can read it here if you'd like: Sorry to keep you all waiting - I hope you enjoy this new and hopefully final version! @Devalaous I'm very happy that you enjoyed the original wad so much - it's seriously underrated, and it does my heart good to hear you liked the music too! I must have done a good job with that part at least. :)
  21. It lives! JAMAL JONES is an action-packin', body-stackin', demon-smackin' pack of three 22-map megawads, developed by a grand roster of Doom-loving contestants in honor of the 20 years we've spent with our resident deathmatch aficionado, blue sky lover, community project factory, and Zappa disciple, @Doomkid! After the contest wrapped up and everyone went home, the megawads spent a long while languishing in a semi-finished state. Some people wondered if Jamal would ever see an updated, closer-to-final release - if he would ever take that crucial next step on the path to the idgames promised land. But that was then. And this is now! With express permission from the 'Kid, I've teamed up with a fellow JJ trilogy alum - the testing powerhouse and mapping up-and-comer @Mark Bloom - to clean these megawads up and get them released for real! After just a couple short and wild months, the first episode of the trilogy is just about complete. Mark and I have gathered up all the bug reports we could find, and we went through the episode three whole times with a fine-toothed comb, catching and curing any snags we found along the way. We would have liked to have the whole trilogy ready to post all at once, but it's Christmas, and you guys deserve a gift for your patience. So for now, enjoy Episode 1: In Judgment of Evil, with a mile-long list of adjustments and fixes that make the wad 100% vanilla compatible or your money back! DOWNLOAD PRE-FINAL RELEASE 1 of EPISODE 1: IN JUDGMENT OF EVIL Featuring the following maps: e1m1 - To The Site - by @Rykz e1m2 - Running Down - by @Vladguy e1m3 - Dark Secrets - by @Earnesttrout e1m4 - Initialisation - by @Astronomical e1m5 - Shopping Spree - by @Majipantsu e1m6 - Pollution Plant - by @Glikkzy e1m7 - Packin' Heat - by @evil_scientist e1m8 - Wheel of Misfortune - by @Origamyde e1m9 - Smells Like Cordite - by @Sneezy McGlassFace e1m10 - Base of Consequences - by @Doomkid e1m11 - The Escapist - by @valkiriforce e1m12 - Toxic Factory - by @big smoke e1m13 - Damned Dam - by @Jacek Nowak (jacnowak) e1m14 - Derelict Row - by @Origamyde e1m15 - Sinister Sludge - by @Weird Sandwich e1m16 - Corporate Secret - by @Sectorslayer e1m17 - Sewage City - by @Blue Phoenix e1m18 - Vile Streets - @Anonymous Space Marine e1m19 - Inner City Evil - @Peccatum Mihzamiz e1m20 - Warhevil - @Michael Jensen e1m31 - Forlorn Fantasy - @Goat-Avenger e1m32 - UAC Muffin Research Kitchen - @Big Ol Billy As for episodes 2 and 3, don't fret - they're well on their way! They have already undergone one thorough pass of testing each, and episode 2 is over 75% of the way through its second pass. When they're done, this thread will be updated with downloads for them! If you encounter any issues while playing this wad, please post about them in the thread so we can get them fixed up. In the meantime, Merry Christmas and happy hunting! "It's about damn time!"
  22. I just uploaded the soundtrack of Mutiny! Download this underappreciated 16-map wad here and give it a whirl if you like grimy, futuristic cities. Lots of big names attached to it, lots of fun maps, and LOTS of custom textures! The music doesn't drop the ball, either. For the most part, it's scored by deep cuts from Jimmy's 30-in-30 series, none of which I've heard before or since - the commitment to bringing in unsung gems is deeply appreciable, and Jimmy's exceptional talents combined with the high speed of each track's production makes them fat-free, focused, and full of personality. Other slots are filled out by singles from other talented songsmiths, including Velvetic, Varis Alpha, Jason Dagenet, and Jazz Mickle. Listen to this one if you want something fresh! Three of the wad's tracks were listed as untitled on Doomworld, which I needed to fix. I contacted Jason Dagenet and Velvetic for the names of their tracks, and Doomkid revealed to me that there had been a crediting error - although map09's music track has been listed as an original composition by Doomkid, it's actually a midi conversion of this song from Comix Zone for the Genesis, which Doomkid and his friend AwesomePanda sequenced before Mutiny was ever thought of. Since it's a straight port of a non-community song and wasn't made for the wad itself, I decided not to upload it. Sorry, Doomkid! Give the soundtrack a listen here!
  23. I just uploaded the soundtrack of one of the all-time greats - Speed of Doom! This spectacular work showed us what now-legendary mappers Joshy and Darkwave are capable of, and on the music side of things, it was perhaps the second big step in the door for dynamic duo Jimmy and Stuart Rynn after Plutonia 2 put them on the map. Even with how far all of these folks have come since SoD's release, their early work here defiantly stands tall against the test of time - thrilling, immutable, and packed with style. Hell, it barely even needs introduction. If you've hung around Doom for a few months then you've probably heard some of this stuff before, but it hadn't all been uploaded in one place yet - some of its songs hadn't even been uploaded at all, that I could find! Let's fix that. :) Give it a listen here!
  24. Work is carrying on! Just have a lot on my plate that needs clearing out, as well as a malignant case of "get tired of the project at the finish line and compulsively start something new" syndrome. It's a vicious cycle. Next time I post in this thread, it'll have RC2 in it, and if nothing gets found in RC2, it'll go to idgames within a couple weeks. Sorry for the slow reply, these messages both got lost in my notifications somehow. There are!
  25. Cammy

    Interesting stories from DoomWorld?

    To actually answer the question - surely you know about the legendary "you humor me greatly with your arrogance and contempt" speech?