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  1. Cammy

    About the people who aren't here anymore

    Not that it's even been that long, but I still wonder where @STILES went. :( Super nice guy, working on MIDTWID with him I think we built a really nice sense of camaraderie while we both figured out how midi tools work. I recall him posting in that project's thread about having injured his back during his work at some point - I worry something more serious may have ended up happening later down the line. But I worry a lot of things, to be frank. As far as people I've never actually met are concerned, @JDoyle and I have had no small amount of chats about Charles Li, musical maestro behind the midis of Icarus's MAP09, MAP20, and possibly the intermission screen. Dude gave us a taste of some pretty awesome work, very unique among Doom music past and present, and then he left without a trace. I'd love to be able to talk to him at some point. I remain similarly baffled by Jason Fowler, a level designer who contributed two maps to Realm of Chaos back in '96, one of which is probably the most sophisticated and overall best-designed in the wad (MAP12: Home Sweet Home). From what @Steve D has told me, Jason was a professional level designer who at the time of RoC's development was working on a Mac OS FPS called Avara. And yet, despite having at least one definite employer and project to his name which I should theoretically be able to use to help trace where he went, he is the only person from RoC's original 7-man team who has eluded me. That's awfully backwards, isn't it? Hope he's doing alright.
  2. Apologies for the necropost - just wanted to say that I've uploaded some recordings of the Plutonia MIDI Pack to my YouTube channel for easy listening! Normally I wouldn't be inclined to say so on the original thread itself, but I think my two reasons for doing so should suffice to permit it: To my knowledge, this is the only recording of the pack on YouTube which doesn't use any weird soundfonts/mixing and breaks each track into discrete videos with fadeouts, so if you want to link, download, or cue up single tracks the way they were originally written, this is the way to do it. It really bothered me that MAP13's MIDI had gone untitled for so long, so with the help of @Mr. Freeze and @Jimmy, we got that track a name, and we got that name officialized. Consider this the announcement - it's called "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier"! Hope you guys enjoy! Any reason to re-listen to PlutMIDI is a good reason. :)
  3. Oh wow, great discoveries in this thread! Really lays bare how much Doom 1 I play (read: almost none) that it escaped me to even consider its content... If there's a megawad older than NJDoom then I certainly haven't heard of it! Yeah, Memento Mori has a few recycled maps, but I hesitate to call that an infraction of the "look at this compilation of other stuff" clause since all the mappers involved at least were (presumably) contacted and told that their work was going to be used for MM, and surely some MM-specific repurposing and touch-ups were done as a result. Not that such a "clause" exists in anything other than my own personal definition of the term, though. Just goes to show how open and nuanced the topic really is.
  4. Apologies if this is a topic that's been discussed before; I searched for it and could only find threads where people post about the first megawads they played or created themselves. So, establishing that, for the purposes of this discussion, "megawad" means a full and continuous 32-map campaign - what was the first, as far as pwads are concerned? Just something I've been wondering for the past few weeks. As best as I can tell, the answer would be Cleimos 2, which got its full release in November of 1995. Rand and Steven mention in their text file that Cleimos 2 is the first "full replacement" they're aware of, and that they only managed to claim that title because TNT: Evilution, which was completed that October, was delayed until Final Doom's release due to its acquisition by id Software. Personally I find it hard to count Cleimos 2, though, because what is effectively its campaign ends in MAP26 and the final four maps are just deathmatch levels. Those are still maps, of course, but the fact they're explicitly not part of the wad's core progression and gameplay style makes it almost feel like cheating, in my eyes, to call it the first 32-map megawad (not to imply that it was called that out of malice, of course). I'm more inclined to label Memento Mori as the first 32-map megawad, assuming Doomwiki's claim that it came out in December of 1995 is correct. I couldn't find a precise release date in any of mm_allup.zip's text files (although one of them funnily says the wad came out in February of '95, guess they forgot to update the year with the month for the idgames release). That would essentially mean TNT was the first finished megawad, Cleimos 2 was the first published megawad with 32 maps in it, and Memento Mori was the first published megawad with a 32-map continuous campaign... Messy. Not counting any "hey I downloaded a bunch of other people's random maps and compiled them into my own epic megawad" wads that no doubt got spread around, have we discovered anything that predates November '95?
  5. Cammy

    Have you actually played Valley Of Echoes?

    First of all, thank you for the shoutout, @StarSpun5000! Rest assured it is well within my power to commit some truly heinous crimes against music. You should have heard some of the garbage I was uploading to Newgrounds when I was 12... I shudder to think of it. Despite knowing from the start of the AV pack's production that I wanted to compose a track for Valley of Echoes so as to leave no stone unturned, I'll admit it: I've never played it. I watched tatsurd-cacocaco's run a couple times to familiarize myself with its gameplay and aesthetics, and I seem to recall running around with idclip and iddqd, but I've never sat down and actually played the map. To be honest it's actually almost rare that I play all the way through the maps I score these days. I think I might have OD'd on the practice early on in my Doom-composing career, in which I would exhaustively play and notate maps before, during, and after the musical process, often watching playthroughs both casual and speed-focused and seeing if everything felt like it was lining up... There are few faster ways to suck the fun out of composing than to trick yourself into thinking any of that is necessary. A casual romp through the level - and preferably a quick chat with the mapper - will suffice to get you on the right track 99 times out of 100. At least, it does for me. In VoE's case, that translates to me still not having gotten around to playing it. But hopefully some day!
  6. Cammy

    TNT 2: Devilution (Second beta released)

    In my opinion, one of the best things about TNT: Evilution was the lack of clear adherence to any particular overarching design tenets. Like, in the first ten maps alone, can it really be said that Human BBQ, Power Control, Wormhole, Prison, and Stronghold have pretty much anything in common with each other - in gameplay or in aesthetic - aside from a general tech vibe and some shared custom textures? Most people who like TNT are probably drawn to different aspects of it because of its sheer variety, so in my opinion, it is most in the spirit of a TNT followup project to embrace that variety and team spirit. I think TNT:R did a great job of that overall, having a nice blend of distinct mapping and musical styles with a greater level of polish than the original. Can't wait to finally be free enough to sit down and play TNT:D so I can see how it carries on that legacy!
  7. Cammy

    Community Trunk, a cp in the style of CC1 and CC2

    Hey guys, hope you're all good - sorry to say I'm going to have to relinquish my claim of the MAP21 slot, just got too much going on right now to comfortably make it. Still planning on finishing up a text screen MIDI for this when I can, though! Good luck, everybody!
  8. Cammy

    DOOM stuff modelled in Cinema 4D

    Absolutely love the look of the weapons you modeled. The perfect blend of recognizable designs with additional bells and whistles to add some of your own flavor, and the mid-poly aesthetic is a godlike fit for Doom and gives me all sorts of nostalgia for games of the early 2000s. I hope you plan on giving us a weapon sprite replacement wad at some point so I can inject your take on the SSG directly into my veins. Good luck with the demons and other living creatures - regardless of medium, they're always way harder to handle. So many more moving parts to worry about. Keep going!
  9. Congrats on beating Fire and Ice! Again, can't stress enough that that is a serious accomplishment. I wouldn't dare keep you from Ancient Aliens any longer (get ready for a damn good time), but as for further down the line, here are some WAD recommendations not on that list. Defaulting to my favorite megawad: Struggle - Antaresian Legacy. If you end up enjoying Valiant, Struggle should be right up your alley. Both wads feature extensive edits to the core gameplay of Doom, but Struggle takes it even further. It's huge, fast, aggressive, beautiful, and so, so much fun. I'd recommend playing Valiant first though, because Valiant is both easier and closer to vanilla, so it makes for a good taste-test. Don't get it confused though, Valiant is an absolutely incredible megawad in its own right - by no means is it 'Struggle but less'. It's an essential Doom experience. Probably the most famous megawad not on the list is Eviternity, which I'm sure you've at least heard about. If you want to marvel at sights and sounds the likes of which you've never seen in Doom before, blasting through one of the smoothest and fairest difficulty curves ever to the tune of a borderline-peerless soundtrack, Eviternity is for you. It's around the same difficulty as Valiant and Ancient Aliens, and it's a goddamn blast. I hope you enjoy Alien Vendetta when you come around to it, as well! That's another one of my favorites (hence the existence of a certain music pack for it, wink wink), full of very impressive and fun maps, but I'm of the opinion it's considered harder than it really is. Parts of it are pretty intense, but most of its challenge comes from overcoming long and strict maps. If you're careful about ammo and playing with saves, then only a couple AV maps should really give you trouble.
  10. Damn, this is a great year for megawads! Excited to give this one a whirl. Depending on how my schedule goes, I might be able to throw some midis at you guys in a couple months.
  11. Thanks for sharing all your experiences with us, Jokin - this is a pretty awesome thread in both paper and practice! Congratulations on beating Plutonia. It's not an easy wad to take down your first time, but I've always been of the opinion that once you beat Plutonia you've built a solid enough baseline of skill to be able to play and enjoy just about any popular mapset that isn't super-slaughtery. The Doom world is your oyster now! That said, I'm pretty surprised Scythe is next up on the difficulty progression. If you handled Plutonia then you're going to smack the first 20 maps of Scythe around with little to no issue, but do not let that fool you into thinking the ending will be the same. Most of Scythe's last ten maps are absolutely vicious, and MAP30 in particular is on a level far beyond anything you're likely to have played by this point (assuming this thread documents all, and not just most, of your Doom-playing). Even for the pros, it is tough. Consider yourself warned. That said, Ancient Aliens and Valiant are on the horizon, so if you can push through, you'll be diving headlong into two of the greatest megawads ever made. Stick with it!
  12. Cammy

    detailed vanilla wads

    AUGER;ZENITH is pretty wild.
  13. Congrats on the release, VF! Gonna have to give this one a play for sure, screenshots look great.
  14. Cammy

    [April Fools]TNT: THREEVILUTION [32 Map Megawad]

    God dammit, why do I have to be the fourth person to reply to this legendary thread? This sucks. I'm not honored at all. Mom, please come pick me up.
  15. Thanks so much! The screenshot you're describing is MAP19: Port Fury. The architecture and geometry is almost identical between the original and the remaster, but the color coordination and lighting are significantly reworked, leading to those deep dark blues you're describing. Glad you enjoy it, hopefully the full wad lives up to your expectations! As far as a sneak peek is concerned, I have been entertaining the idea of releasing a demo version containing the first five maps, just to whet people's appetites and show off what to expect from the remaster. I could potentially get that arranged within a day or two if people would like to see it!