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  1. @SMG_Man Thanks to this, I got it working! Doom's palette might not cooperate with blue, but I'll still happily take it. Thanks so much for your help!
  2. At least I assume it's native to ZDoom ports, because I play Zandronum and it shows up for me, but I haven't noticed it in vanilla or PRBoom-derived source port gameplay. Wherever a BFG ball impacts a wall, it creates this neat sparkly impact sprite which then fades away over several frames. Does anybody know what the name(s) of this sprite is? I want to recolor it to match the new blue BFG projectiles I've added to this wad. Thank you!
  3. Cammy

    sigils lava looks like mud

    You don't fix it, that's just what the lava texture looks like when it's dark.
  4. Hey! It's great to see some renewed sparks of interest for the project - don't worry, I have not forgotten about it. I'm just taking my content pipeline one thing at a time, and I'm working on wrapping up RoC25 and its music right now. I'm aiming to have that one done in June, hence my hope to get back to this project in the same month. Some of those remaining music slots have gotten shifted around since I took the reins of the project; as is my typical style, development since then has been done in private. I haven't been able to edit this thread to reflect that, though, since of course it's Xulgonoth's posts and not mine - when it's done, I'm going to make a new release thread for it. Thanks for showing the interest, @erzboesewicht. I'll definitely be chatting with you in the future, your music is awesome. :)
  5. Quan Chi is nowhere to be found - life is good.
  6. Never knew about this. I actually really like the extra sections, the choir invokes more of a hellish atmosphere and I think the song really benefits from the extra length. I always found the synth brass lead grating, so I'm happy to hear a version of the song which proportionally has less of it.
  7. Cammy

    How do I make music for a Doom wad?

    Welcome to Doom! Assuming the wad you're making is for Doom 2 or Final Doom, you can follow the "lump" column of this page to know what file names your music should have based on the map slot. The required names will be different if you're making a Doom 1 wad. Doom natively plays .MID files (as well as Doom-exclusive .MUS files, which are just MIDIs converted into a format which is smaller but strips out lots of metadata). Advanced source ports like PRBoom and GZDoom can play other kinds of music files though, like .WAV, .OGG, and .MP3, but .MID is easily the most popular, versatile, and space-efficient. There's no need to compose music from the ground up if you don't want to. This page, in addition to laying out the instructions for importing your custom music, also directs to you so many potential sources for .MID music in particular that it's almost overwhelming. Just make sure you identify the song you use and its author; credit is important, of course. Good luck!
  8. You guys ever hear of Yandere Simulator
  9. Does anybody know of a way to contact @TVdinnermasterchef? They haven't been online in a couple months, but I think it'd be a fun weekend project to try and vanilla-fy their map. I played it just now and I could definitely pull it off with a little bit of hackery and some adjustments.
  10. Parroting the above. Esselfortium made MyHouse into the engrossing mire of dreamy dread that it was built to be. She understood the assignment, and could not have executed it more perfectly. MyHouse would still be a one-of-a-kind experience without memory=entryrrrr/////, but with it, it effortlessly pulls its player along, grips the brain, puppeteers the heart. Absolutely miraculous track.
  11. Cammy

    Bad map concepts

    Of the franchise? Sure. But as a pwad, I would play a whole megawad of this. Sounds like a great way to take a break from techbases and green marble.
  12. Cammy

    New MIDI Disk Released! Potassium Powered

    I can't tell you how honored I am, Psych - I don't recall ever having had a work of this caliber dedicated solely to me. I bought the disk for more than its asking price, and then the computer I was storing it on died, so I bought it again for even more. I hope you know that even without potassium to power you, you would still be one of the greatest composers I've had the pleasure to work with, and I hope we've got a lot more collaboration ahead of us. :)
  13. I sure hope so! It's a really difficult balance to strike, and there's not much of a precedent for it in the Doom scene. I think Paul Corfiatis's remasters of his own wads are just about the only comparable projects there, and that was him remastering his own work. I'm a third party viewing these maps through my own lens, so it's a bit harder for me to gauge what the RoC map authors considered crucial parts of their work; a lot of this has been played by ear, but Steve and Rob haven't sat down and told me the maps are too different yet, and that's good enough for me! Just don't expect map04 in particular to be its old self, because its old self kinda sucks. I've grown to really like Jim Bagrow's work, but Sewers needed a lot more than just a nip and tuck... Don't worry, this is still well on its way to being released before RoC2! Lots of maps still need testing and refining in that project, and from people a lot busier than I am. Hell, I even threw a sequel tease into the ENDOOM graphic for this one. It only felt appropriate. :)
  14. Cammy

    DBP58: Immortal Warfare

    I tested out this (semi)-new computer's Dooming capabilities by binging Shatter Realm and Immortal Warfare back to back. I don't know how the hell you guys knock it out of the park every single time - another fun, punchy, aesthetically brilliant wad. In my opinion, Doom is always at its best when it's dedicated as evenly to gameplay as it is to unique and fresh aesthetics, and DBP always delivers. I'm happy to hear you'll be moving to 2-month cycles, because it means more breathing room for you guys to work your magic, and more time for the rest of us to catch up on the incredible backlog of excellent work you've built up over the past couple years. DBP forever!
  15. Ha, it probably was! It was starting to become a real pain in the ass. This new one (newer, anyway) is much fresher and faster. I even got a new mouse while I was at it. I feel like a new man.