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  1. Blip

    The 10x10 Project -cl9 [/idgames]

    Just finished this mapset. One of the best ones I've played this year so far. I really like the platforming sections in this set, they are short and pretty nice to have between rooms/fights. As scotty has already said, this map oozes old school sunder, it's noticeable on the design of some encounters and obviously in the stock texture usage. It's amazing what you've been able to do with such limitations and the combat is as good (and well balanced) as the visuals. This is strong cacoaward material and I can't wait to hear about your next project.
  2. Pretty cool map inspired by nochance and the like. I usually don't like map with hotstarts but it was pretty manageable to get to your weapons and armor so I didn't have any issues there. Overall pretty challenging map, can't wait to see your next project!
  3. Pretty nice map. I tested it on woof and found some HOM in the final room: I also noticed some weird behavior while triggering the final fight. I assume it has to do with a voodoo doll taking damage to trigger the fight, but it causes the player to be in a ghost like state when they drop to 0 hp. I also played the original map from refracted realities just to compare and I'm pretty surprised how well it was ported, though I think the vanilla version has a lot of inescapable pits where instant teleporters used to be, and it has a lot less secrets even though I feel a couple of pickups in this version could be considered secrets (like the plasma gun on the bridge where you have to drop down). The music also was way more atmospheric in the rr version, while the one in this one is pretty short and it gets repetitive after a while. Apart from that, I had no serious technical issues playing the map and it was pretty fun to play, seriously impressive port! Very cool map
  4. Blip


    Just finished this wad. It was very fun and extremely pretty! Difficulty wise it seems to be pretty well balanced in uv. It isn't a really hard map, but it's balanced by the fact that it doesn't shower you with ammo and health so you can't just run and gun everything. The most difficult moment by far was at the end, but it wasn't exactly difficult, but rather being in a really awkward space to deal with the opposition. Nevertheless, it was really enjoyable and I can't wait to see more maps from you :)
  5. These maps have been amazing and really fun, I can't wait to see the rest of the maps!
  6. Dark Tartarus - Map01 - UV-Max in 7:11 tat01m711.zip Video:
  7. Well I recorded my 2nd playthrough and it did get a lot more fun in this one because of foreknowledge of traps, though I missed two secrets because I forgot to check your dev commentary video, but after the recording I reloaded the save and was able to find the remaining secrets, so they seem to be working fine on dsda doom. Regarding the update, it's much better, I really liked the improvements on the archvile fight, it gave me some trouble but that was because I was trying to see if I could rush through it, but I gave up and just instagibbed the enemies as soon as they appeared and pretty much worked except when the archvile decided to go -fast monsters on me. The rest of visual clarity stuff is really welcomed, and I think the map is in a really good spot. I'm really looking forward for the rest of this megawad! Playthrough:
  8. I'm sorry, that was a poor choice of words from my part. I don't think the map is too hard per se, but what I meant to say is that the traps are extremely frustrating for a blind run, an considering many don't play beyond that blind run, it could be considered really difficult by many. I'm almost certain most if not all fights and or rooms have at least an archvile or an enemy appearing right infront of you with no warning at all. As I said before, the big fights are very easy, but the gotcha moments are going to frustrate the hell out of some players because blindly they are much harder than the rest of the map. I am aware that the pinky fight is harder than some of the following ones because you get back to it much faster, but right now it feels as if it is the hardest fight in the map. I'll try playing the updated version and give feedback if I happen to find any bugs.
  9. I couldn't finish the whole map because the switch hunt and secrets got to a point where they were reaching eternal doom levels of confusing. (Edit: could finish it 100% kills, I went into more details in the spoiler section) First of all, readability is pretty bad. Maybe I'm dumb, but half of the signs barely make sense of what they are trying to explain. The archvile fight that you have to shoot the buttons was pretty confusing because I didn't know that there was a switch that when pressed would lower tiny windows with buttons, and there also isn't a timer for how much time before the archviles spawn. The stairs that lead up to the red skull key feel pretty hidden because the textures blend in together. I think thing like these need better highlighting and improvements on readability. Second of all, never use the term microslaughter when describing a 20+ minute map, at that point it is a slaughtermap even if you aren't constantly fighting enemies or has calm sections. At best use "hard map with some slaughter". Speaking of hard map, I don't know the overall difficulty of this megawad, but this map is way too hard for a map15, at least for a blind run, and mostly because of the traps. Half the map is made of close quarters traps that are extremely deadly, and mostly because the enemies spawn right in your face. Maybe it's fine while doing a uvmax but it is extremely frustrating when playing blindly and for the average player, and I'm thinking that you were aware of it because I noticed that you don't even lock the player in some of them. Also, I don't quite understand how this map "doesn't have the tedium of a slaughter map" when in uv most traps involve multiple archviles (and/or chaingunners in some cases) teleporting in front of you. I think there's a problem when the traps kill you more than the big fights. The two fights that gave me the most trouble were the first one and the switch fight (though that was mostly because I didn't get the gimmick). The thing I really liked about this map is the scripting in here, I still can't believe that this is an mbf map. The slaughterfights, though on the easier side, were fun nonetheless. I'm sorry if my criticisms were too harsh or ranty, I do think there's a pretty good map here, but it needs some polish, especially in the readability department.
  10. Really cool 2nd map, I enjoyed it's open ended nature and the encounters. I still couldn't find one of the secrets but they were pretty well hidden overall, though not cryptic. As Scotty said it's pretty chill and it has a nice space station atmosphere. Really looking forward to your next projects!
  11. This mapset is pretty solid. The maps were very fun. though I did have some issues: My favorite maps were map05 and map10, they were really fun slaughterfests, though I enjoyed playing through all of them. I really liked the design of rooms and the usage of texture and the color palette. All around a pretty good mapset!
  12. What a beautiful level, it kind of reminded me of antares levels with those visuals. The fights were amazing, I love the usage of traps (though I was kind of expecting them after playing the moon series). The secrets are also really well hidden, I only managed to find one on my own (and by accident :P). I almost did it single segment but died right at the exit :(. I can't wait for the full set to release!
  13. Blip

    Angel's Asylum - 1024^2 micro slaughter

    Just played it. It was fun, I liked the design of the arena, the usage of textures and the music (though I'm a sucker for the touhou 8 ost so I'm extremely biased), though I would have liked the cacodemons to enter the area instead of being stuck in the void, it made the encounter a little awkward. Looking forward for more maps in this style!
  14. I think the 2nd secret is still broken, but I'm not quite sure. I tried recording a uvmax but I can't seem to trigger it no matter what. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? apgee01m732.zip
  15. Pretty awesome map, the traps and fights are pretty mean on a blind run and the secrets are well hidden, I like it. The hell knight fight could have a couple more cacos to create pressure but it isn't a big deal honestly, it's just fine as is. Can't wait to see more maps from you, this is very good, especially for a 1st map. Here's my uv max demo and recording of this map: prplrain01m420.zip ps: The 4:20 time was non intentional btw, but lets just say it was :)
  16. Damn, this map is pretty good. I loved the texture usage in this, and while the fights are on the easier side of things, those archviles are pretty nasty for sure (one moment in particular specially made me panic laugh). I liked the music, it goes really well with the map and it gives it a pretty comfy feel. Really awesome map, can't wait to see more from you!
  17. I think map24 is broken in the PUSS pk3 and the gimmick isn't working at all, making the map totally unplayable, though it would've been nice for the mapmaker to put a sign somewhere in the map that explaining the gimmick instead of making me look at the forums to know how the map is supposed to be played. I played the map in the standalone wad submitted by the author just to be sure and it all seemed to be working fine in there. I played it using gzdoom 4.7.0 with default compatibility settings.
  18. I just finished playing the mapset UV saveless pistol starting each map and damn these maps were amazing. As others have said they were on the easier side most of the time but there's nothing wrong with that. I enjoyed every map, especially the ones after map06, I thought they were bangers. The only nitpicks I have is that in some maps there seems to be a bit too much ammo (especially shell boxes) and health (map06 and map09 especially have a lot of megaspheres in the bfg arenas) and that the last fight in map09 is way too safe unless you press all switches in uvmax fashion. If you reduce the amount of health and ammo I think the maps will be a lot more challenging, though if you leave them be I don't think it is that big of an issue, they were really fun anyway :) Amazing mapset, can't wait to see more from you! Edit: I just noticed you updated the maps, so maybe some of my nitpicks are not valid anymore. I'll probably replay them with the new changes sometime in the near future once I finish recording PUSS X.
  19. Map07: Map08 (Bring some popcorn to watch this movie, it's a big boy and extremely hard): Map09: Map10: Map11:
  20. Blip

    What are some of the largest WADs by individual map size?

    Here are some big maps, though they may be unplayable with gameplay mods like brutal doom or project brutality because they tank the framerate really hard or some fights become extremely unbalanced: Holy Hell Holy Hell Revealed* Okuplok* Cosmegenesis * (Good luck even running map01 on gzdoom) Deus Vult 1 Entropy* Breathless Remastered* Slaughterfest 2012 map29 Sunder map07 onwards (though from map15 onwards it might become unplayable, map15 already struggles on my beefy machine using prboom) Combat shock 2 map04 onwards
  21. Ok as promised here are some my playthroughs of the maps. I'll be uploading them in groups of 5. NOTE: map 2 and 3 were using the wrong tree texture, the weird Christmas trees are not there in the latest version. Map02: Map03: Map04: Map05: Map06:
  22. Blip

    Verdant Hollow - a single map wad

    Pretty cool map, especially for being your first one! I like the music (though it doesn't loop properly) and the atmosphere, it also looks pretty good considering you are using mostly (if not all) vanilla textures. I would say it is on the easier side difficulty wise, but a couple of traps caught me off guard. I couldn't find the secret with the cyber, but I did manage to find the others, they were well hidden but not obscure. The only complaint I have with this map is that as others in the thread have already said, the last arena feels really weird, as if a big slaughter fight was going to take place but you decided not to do it at the last second. Overall, I really had a blast and I can't wait to see more stuff from you, you really have a lot of potential!