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  1. L0l1nd3r

    Abandon - RC2 is here!

    Can't wait to path my way through more of these maps for some slick TAS runs. Anyway, enjoy a preview of my madness. Monsters are only in the way of my "pathing."
  2. Sunder - Map 14 (Hive Mother) Demo: su14x755.zip YouTube: https://youtu.be/i2ci0plexo8
  3. L0l1nd3r

    Profane Promiseland RC1 Release.

    Cool. I don't want to commit to a bonkers tas run until the final version.
  4. L0l1nd3r

    Profane Promiseland RC1 Release.

    I'm curious as to when the final version will be released.
  5. L0l1nd3r

    Profane Promiseland RC1 Release.

    Welp. Time to see if I can TAS may way through this in less than 2 hours like I did Okuplok. There goes at least 60 hours of my life...
  6. L0l1nd3r

    dsda-doom v0.25.6 [2023-01-15]

    VR-3EKKR is in GZdoom format. So, sadly no super TAS demos. :(
  7. L0l1nd3r

    REKKR - V1.16

    I opened vrekkr in UDB, and it appears to be in GZDoom format. So sadly no super TAS demos of vrekkr.
  8. Sunder Map 13: Obsidian Nightmare Demo: su13x1125.zip YouTube: https://youtu.be/tZX7xNsnWsk
  9. Sunder Map 12: The Zealous Machine Demo: su12x1539.zip YouTube: https://youtu.be/gEmuPQXjv0U
  10. L0l1nd3r

    DBP51: Deadly Ritual

  11. L0l1nd3r

    DBP51: Deadly Ritual

    I've been enjoying this mapset so far. However I'm noticing some slime trails: Saw this thin line in Map 01: And this large line in map 05: I hope it's not too late to rebuild nodes without breaking any built-in demos.
  12. Sunder Map 11: The Furnace Demo: su11x2409.zip YouTube: https://youtu.be/kbi3JfPjzJU
  13. Project Brutality uses hitboxes to determine damage. Cacodemons are 100% head hitbox so they take double damage. Afrits have a chance to replace cacodemons and they always survive due to having more hp and a normal hitbox. Also the viles have a chance to be replaced by a slightly bigger vile (the hellion) and they can't move from the starting area due to having a slightly larger radius. Basically they need a little bit of wiggle room.
  14. A small request: Remove the W1 Crusher for the Cacodemons in maps 5 and 12. They tend to die a gruesome death under certain gameplay mods.
  15. Love it. I've been throwing it into Project Brutality. The detector triggers easily break which is why I didn't do Map05. I espically love Map06 with storming, then taking the fort, only to be stormed by an army of angry imps.