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  1. I actually came searching in this forum to see if anyone as excited about a Doom trailer with a Refused song as I was. And holy shit. Stay Doomworld, Doomworld. yes
  2. Oh wow. I've lost track of wrack since it was in early access. This Kickstarter video is impressive! I'll be sure to throw a couple bucks your way.
  3. very ian curtis
  4. The only manly way to drink (skip to 1:20). hey now, speak for yourself and the 99% of other people that somehow don't like what I consider to be a delicious beer. Currently housing 2 40s of 211 in the fridge. Yea-ehhhhh-ehhhhhh!!! Yeah, also none of the people I drink with drink "fruity" drinks, so they resort to joking on the guys who drink Mich Ultra This is why I end up only drinking "manly" drinks/black coffee, not because of any connotation, just because after quitting soda 4 years ago i hate the taste of anything more than a little bit sweet. Then of course I don't want to sound like Dr Fit-shame but this still frustrates the hell out of me. If I made myself like sweet drinks again and switched to those I'd gain back the 40 pounds i lost when i quit soda.
  5. Oh crap, that's Jimmy? I saw that pic and did not recognize it and did not look twice at the poster name. Nice look man.
  6. Guinness and the Doors are great. f u guys I don't like Guinness because it's so "dark" and I think the obsessive culture around it is as annoying as the next guy. But Guinness from the tap is just damn good to me. If they got it to stay that way in the bottle i would keep several packs in the fridge. Maybe the Doors weren't so revolutionary, but they made some damn good music. dam this song good Overrated: IPAs. I hate saying this. I'm not the biggest IPA fan, but I respect the genuine affection many people here and elsewhere have for them. However, it really is getting to the "my beer palate is refined because yum IPA!" reputation. Doom 2. Hey kids, do you prefer the first Doom? Then you're stupid and nostalgic, and can't appreciate qualities like use of vertical space in a game where you can't look up and down! Underrated: Steel Reserve. Why do 19/20 people get the same damn look on their face when I tell them I like this stuff? It doesn't taste cheap or crappy or nasty to me. Just different. And a different that I think makes it delicious. Currently enjoying a 40 ounce portion of this fine beverage. The Adicts, The Casualties, Against Me!, My Chemical Romance, etc. There are a lot of bands that "try too hard" to fit a certain image, and it distracts from the fact that they actually make great music, and it's a shame.
  7. Is that a mask you can buy anywhere? I had only seen it in this video before
  8. I think that most of such fears are unwarranted and that you shouldn't be afraid to post your face. I just got a haircut
  9. I'd go with the guy with the smile that says "I'm gonna make you invincible!"
  10. The question has become: "How long before I see someone I know in an invictius picture?"
  11. I would use a piece of paper to keep track of all my passwords until I started using LastPass It generates a unique random password for each site and stores it for you. Some might say it's just as bad trusting a 3rd party with my passwords, but I haven't had any issues. That I know of at least.
  12. As do I which is why i wish spotify would get with the program
  14. I care, I loved that texture tutorial he did and am upset that I can no longer get to it. Also I still tell people to google "keyboard goop" now and again.
  15. because it's probably a bug or bird or something