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  1. It was a pleasure working with you all these past 16 minutes.
  2. incredible! great map great midi Here are a few Skill 2 demos and a Skill 1 (idk why it would break in Skill 1 but i can confirm it works) My successful skill 2 didn't finish because I didn't read and I went looking for the other secret at the end! Congrats on this release! Absolutely crazy for a "first" map
  3. DuckReconMajor

    I CANT GIVE YOU ANY THING demos [-complevel 21]

    MAP09 UV-Max in 0:37.71 icgya09-0037.zip Video: https://youtu.be/cFja6CXJF7A
  4. A week or so ago I remembered a co-op map that made me feel as you say in the OP I found it, it's MAP20 of Invasion UAC. Though it's actually meant to be FFVIII salt flats, not winter, I still think it fits. it's a ZDoom wad, it works fine in current GZDoom. One of a small handful of cases where I prefer software lighting (edit: oops I didn't have the latest GZDoom, it looks even better now) Short video to see if it's something you'd want
  5. DuckReconMajor


    pic of cats we had around 2000 current best cat
  6. DuckReconMajor

    NM-Lite Contest: Speed of Doom

    Dead in MAP01 died at 2:18 42/42 kills at time of death (went to 44 after death) nmlite-sod-duckreconmajor.zip Seeing others' comments I had a feeling this would be rough, and it was! As usual I started off panicking and kept it up to the very end. Would have made it to the end of the map but in a stroke of brilliance I forgot to grab the red key lol
  7. the small bedroom in Skulltiverse MAP27 overlooking the void
  8. DuckReconMajor

    NM-Lite Contest: Scythe 2

    Maps completed: 3 Death at: 14:43 MAP04 kills: 25/34 Saw skill 1 and couldn't help myself, pretty much immediately had a go at it Some familiarity with Scythe 2 from playing it a couple times over the years. Panicked on map04 and lost control of the situation lol nmlite-scythe2-duckreconmajor.zip
  9. Sad news. He seemed quite spry in his older years, I know he was mid 70s but this came out of nowhere a bit. I got to see him live a few years ago, I got there a bit late and was at the gate when Changes in Latitude played. idk why I remember that moment specifically so well but overall it was a great show as he was known to put on I borrowed my granddad's copy of Songs You Know by Heart and listened to it a bunch when i first learned to drive A lot of people liked to rag on him, but in my totally objective opinion those folks were pretentious dorks who hate fun. But I have to say I had a good laugh at this nonsense blog post when i came across it years ago. A strange and fanciful hit-piece on Jimmy for the crime of..*checks notes* speaking positively about Barack Obama in 2008. It even includes a pretend story about a fanatical Parrothead who abandons their daughter who's on dialysis to join Jimmy on the road. That arc of My Brother My Brother and Me where Justin became a Jimmy Buffett fan and they ended up befriending the man himself was great.
  10. had to DNF at 1:48 lol. Very enjoyable map though, I'm going to go back and play with saves https://www.mediafire.com/file/op8feufrpm22pgl/DuckRMfdaContest19.zip/file
  11. Just noticed the last line, I am going to try to make it to the contest
  12. DuckReconMajor

    What is your favorite underrated Doom YTer?

    Recently stumbled across TreuloseTomate who posted videos of their Sunlust playthrough that was a fun watch. I found the channel right after MAP28 went up so it was an exciting couple of uploads I guess this thread is proof of non-under-ratedness but another +1 for Vytaan. Very entertaining while also being very good at the game. He played along with decino's Doom Nightmare 100% series and at one was playing maps keyboard only with a busted hand (with mostly default controls!) He just hit the 1k subscriber count, this is a case of "go ahead and sub now because you'll be doing it eventually anyway"
  13. DuckReconMajor

    Why no Doom vanilla green key?

    this thread is making me re-live this nightmare (4:30)
  14. DuckReconMajor

    pult.wad - one short tricky map

    Played through on skill 1 (after getting absolutely melted at the start on UV lol) Very neat little map I enjoyed it quite a bit! If i see the next one go up on the server when you post it i might give the FDA contest a shot
  15. DuckReconMajor

    Lost Civilization 2, The Desolation

    really neat so far. Idk where this horse is from but i can't stop staring at both it and the surrounding room. edit: omg the little hexen pigs running around in the vacation spot ♥