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  1. DuckReconMajor

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    I always saw Halo getting more love from classic fps fans than Call of Duty. I never understood it. In Call of Duty you didn't move like a fucking tank. I eventually came around on Halo somewhat but I'll always prefer Call of Duty and consider it the one more in line with old-school FPS gameplay
  2. DuckReconMajor

    User Ghastly has passed away

    Incredibly sorry to hear that. I vaguely remember crossing paths with Ghastly on here back in the short time he was active. And having some part in a work like Luantic is a high honor indeed. I agree with your sentiment Dynamo and I appreciate highlighting the work he'd done to help honor him. Looking through his profile I came across this thread, I wonder how that event went. If it were a different time and I'd seen the thread i'd maybe have tried to make it there.
  3. DuckReconMajor

    How do you launch your favorite source port?

    shift right-click into the source port folder (usually a dsda-doom release these days) in Windows Explorer and click "open powershell window here" then start typing or press up to do command line commands
  4. Humanity has no excuses now. Anything is possible.
  5. DuckReconMajor

    SSG Addicts Anonymous.

    I dream of a future where a single minute of Doom 2 footage exists without boom-clip-clop-clack
  6. DuckReconMajor

    Story behind your nickname?

    same here! This was on the newly released Xbox360 so 05-06. Back then I refused to come up with a username on the spot. I would always wait a couple days until something came to me what came to me was "DuckAssaultMajor". That of course went over Xbox's 14-character limit. Recon Major came to me as an alternative, likely from a character in Ace Combat 5, my favorite video game Ended up being a prudent choice as I've avoided being called "Duck Ass" the last 15+ years. Though I probably would have (and still would) find that funny.
  7. DuckReconMajor

    Most Excruciating Gaming Accomplishments?

    The one that always sticks in my mind is when i finished Zelda 2 (on the master quest gamecube disc) when i was like 14 or so. Not such a big deal nowadays but back then it was the first time I kept at a difficult game until the end
  8. DuckReconMajor

    [RC2]Disorder - A Challenging 10-Map Episode

    @CrueCut that's probably on me then, I don't happen to remember a huge jump in difficulty on those maps but it may have been something I missed. Nef was very intent on making this accessible and made multiple changes based on my feedback. If you have specific examples of overly hard fights i'm sure Nefelibeta would like to know
  9. DuckReconMajor

    [RC2]Disorder - A Challenging 10-Map Episode

    Here to attest these are prime cuts, primo stuff.
  10. DuckReconMajor

    help with prboom+

    In the PrBoom+ settings, the 2nd page of general settings under Miscellaneous there's an option for "in-game launcher". set it to "always" and you can pick your game there once you close the program and re-launch PrBoom+ If you so decide to try the command line route, in the folder where your prboom is you can shift+right click and do "powershell here", type "cmd" in that window and use the commands luckypunk said. Otherwise just use the launcher i mentioned above.
  11. DuckReconMajor

    Buying music nowadays

    I actually still buy music from the iTunes store sometimes. This allows me to use apps on my iPhone for pitch shifting the songs or using something like moises.AI to seperate instruments/vocals and such. For regular listening though, I've just used spotify for almost a decade now. I only own the physical CDs in the rare case an album is on 0 streaming services.
  12. DuckReconMajor

    This is the spooky season. What spooky WADs are there to play?

    Escape from Castle Chezcrea is my usual spooky recommendation. Use software and keep gamma low if you can
  13. Sorry here's 3 Scythe Suspended in Dusk Sunder
  14. DuckReconMajor

    How to get good?

    A couple links https://dsdarchive.com/advice and