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  1. TuxWare

    How is the average Doomworld user?

    you forgot autistic transfems
  2. I have played chillax map01 single player a bit and it was really hard, much harder than the hardest levels of sunlust; so I have been wondering if there is something harder than it?
  3. TuxWare

    is chillax the hardest wad out there?

    We can even narrow it down to "what's the hardest fun wad that's humanly possible" because why would you you shotgun many cybies to death if it's just for the sake of the challenge
  4. TuxWare

    What is your DOOM “Hot Take” ?

    1. Gzdoom is better than dsda doom and other boom clones for most players 2. Udmf is easier to use and better than doom format
  5. Amatuer Adventure is a 6 map wad with one additional secret map that i have made in the last 3-4 months, it ranges from multiple themes and is my first "serious" wad Format: GZDoom UDMF Download: link Difficulty: Plutonia level
  6. TuxWare

    Freedoom 0.13.0 was released

    well you can sorta see the sky texture out of the window
  7. TuxWare

    Freedoom 0.13.0 was released

    in the phase 1 E1M1 starting area behind you in the window sky textures were used on walls which doesn't produce the look of skybox rather it is a wall with the sky1 texture
  8. TuxWare

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    There is nearly no reason to be staying away from UDMF even as a newbie mapper
  9. i would like to reopen both maps, i dont like working with deadlines so i will leave up to other map makers to make something interesting
  10. can you tell me how to compile them, i only compiled udb and thats it
  11. Will this port ever be ported to linux?
  12. I made a second map for my wad (i posted about the wad before bat it was on the other part of the forum), its gonna soon have 13 levels Tested with GZDoom Format: GZDoom UDMF Freelook is allowed but crouching and jumping isnt IWAD is doom 2 The difficulty is something like TNT from my experience but it may be easier Zip Archive Screenshots of the Titlemap, map01 and map02 in order
  13. TuxWare

    Amatuer Adventures

    well map02 isnt supposed to have a hub area and all of the other maps, and are there any more ways that can i improve on my maps. Oh and also are they aesthetically pleasing
  14. i would like to reopen map 10 and go for map 07
  15. TuxWare

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    GZDoom is the best doom source port
  16. TuxWare

    DSDA Doom vs GZDoom?

    I would recommend GZDoom because of its highly customizable visuals, Mapping features, ACS, bug free experience, finite tall actors, zscript and in future even quake style lightmaps. GZDoom and VKDoom are perfect indie game engines for making games like unity and godot tho gzdoom is only good for FPSs and such. GZDoom isnt 100% vannila accurate, but 90% of people wouldnt care about them since they are so miniscule. The thing that is being talked about is the perfomance, while it is true that dsda-doom has better perfomacne, it shouldnt matter unless you are playing something like nuts or junkfood. But if you want to speedrun dsda is by far the better choice
  17. TuxWare

    Amatuer Adventures

    well i am pretty new to doom mapping, so do you know any tips on better maps? Also nice DE ^^
  18. I am making a smaller sized wad and it has a custom hud with changed border texture for a black box, but there is a green bar in them for some reason. How can I fix this? Wad file (GZDoom only): AmatuerAdventures.zip
  19. TuxWare

    green bars at the border texture

    What is the marker (I use one for flats called F_start and F_end) name for that?
  20. TuxWare

    green bars at the border texture

    So what can I use to fix that issue?
  21. TuxWare

    My new Map

    Hello! I am a beginner mapper and I just made a map that is the most functional that i have ever made which i would like to share with you people! I have made maps before but those were just some tests or demakes from other games that did go nowhere in terms of finishing it. This is the map that i took the most effort in. Compability: GZDoom Here are some screenshots: Zip Archive: AmAd.zip
  22. TuxWare

    My new Map

    Well what about gameplay side of things
  23. TuxWare

    My new Map

    Feedback would be appreciated! ^-^
  24. i was searching if there are conversions of dust2 from goldsrc/source to gzdoom and no videos or doomworld forums were 1:1 recreations
  25. TuxWare

    some general newbie questions

    How can i flip texture and see edges of it? Editor is UDB