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  1. Wobbo

    Doom Classic Code Review

    Great Article, answers a lot of questions I've had for over 10 years.
  2. Wobbo

    Rest in peace Esa Repo

    That's really tragic, my condolences to his friends and fam. Peace.
  3. Wobbo

    Carmack Interviewed

    WTF? I thought PC gaming had shrunk dramatically ever since the Xbox? PC gaming has been dying out ever since the 2001 recession, even if it is bigger in absolute terms (and it isn't) console gaming has expotentially grown since then.
  4. Wobbo

    id and Zenimax, Sitting in a Tree

    Then the pr did its job. Of course you would feel better about the deal after reading the article - but the real proof will be in the following months/years. I think healthy skepticism is in order, but then, I haven't been the biggest fan of id's latest stuff anyway... we'll see, I hope I'm wrong.
  5. Wobbo

    id and Zenimax, Sitting in a Tree

    eXile is exactly right,and I've been saying a similar point for years. Not only are low-replay value linear games easier to make, but the large publishers have a strong incentive to steer gaming culture towards people playing much more short games than only 1 or 2 really good games a year. If companies like EA had their way, games would be more like movies - much more of them and at a higher profit. It's hard for us to accept, and that's why so many people are reluctant to admit eXile's right, but the basic fact is this: Like any other industry videogame companies are concerned with profits FIRST, quality second. The two are unfortunately NOT directly related, and often in direct conflict. Companies make MORE profit pushing shorter, un-moddable, and linear games because people will spend less time with them, and thus buy more.
  6. Wobbo

    id and Zenimax, Sitting in a Tree

    Deus Ex is a perfect example of what he's talking about - the story serves the gameplay, not the other way around.
  7. Wobbo

    id and Zenimax, Sitting in a Tree

    No the point of what this deal means is that now id software has an owner. Repeat it to yourself: Zenimax owns id software. They are fully within their legal rights to force id to produce teletubby games for the rest of their existence. Of course they would be stupid to mess with id software's formula: Every game id has ever made is a hit. But companies have been known to do stupid things and run perfectly profitable studios into the ground. Why should it? Of course the company is going to state that nothing will change in a press release, that's just pr. The real test is what will happen six months later. Given the history of just about every company acquisition EVER in the videogame industry (Irrational becoming 2K Boston, Microsoft and Lionhead, etc.) ... we have a lot to worry about.
  8. Wobbo

    Games with good game play but worse voice acting

    A BOMB. Deus Ex is widely regarded as having mostly poor voice acting, although not entirely. Actually the only PC game I've ever played with *good* voice acting is Vampire Bloodlines.
  9. Wobbo

    Favorite level name?

    Pain Maze, from Quake.
  10. IIRC, Prey was originally going to simply be like Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament - multiplayer deathmatch with bots masquerading as a Sp shooter. Combined with Portals, it would have been a revolutionary game if it had come out on time.
  11. Wobbo

    Other Doomer's who went AWAL

    Damn, this thread takes me back. Does Zaldron still post?
  12. Wobbo

    Doom via Quake2 engine?

    http://www.atomicgamer.com/directory.php?id=2346 Already done. The link is to a total conversion of Doom2 into Quake 2 (with Quake 2 monsters and weapons) done by a guy at id software. Shocking that a thread like this can go on for 2 pages without someone brining this up!
  13. Absolutely brilliant stuff man. QFT! And even though he isn't 8-bit, could some sonic the hedgehog stuff be considered ever? please?
  14. Wobbo

    Classic Doom 3 1.3.1

    Classic Doom is the only reason I hesitated to uninstall Doom3. By far the best mod for the game by a long shot.
  15. Wobbo

    Doom 4 A Certainty

    If your not one of the people who say "The only people that don't like doom 3 are those that wanted it to be just like the original" then my comments weren't directed at you. But many people do say exactly that, under the assumption that Doom 3 was a perfect game and had no objective flaws. The actual problems with Doom 3 have been repeated many times on this board and in the doom 3 forum right here, they don't need to be repeated every time someone brings the game up. But since you asked: - Repetitive Gameplay - Linear level design - Annoying Scripted sequences - lack of strategy/depth - Poor sound - Weak weapons - Unoriginal monsters that aren't satisfying to kill - Cliched plot and cutscenes (which is worse than having no plot and no cutscenes Now you probably want to make a huge quote post and refute every opinion, but you'd be missing the point. *Some people* value non-linear design, *some people* value good sound design, *some people *want strategy and depth in their FPS. If you disagree, it's not because we want to live in the past and your accepting the present, it's because we actually have different opinions about FPS. Not everyone that dislikes Doom 3 wants to stay in 1993 forever.
  16. Wobbo

    Doom 4 A Certainty

    I don't think Doom 1, Doom 2, Quake 2, or Quake 3 were single-minded. I do think they were well designed classics of the genre, and that if one were to go back and analyze what it was that made them interesting and fun to play, you would find almost all of those aspects missing in Doom 3. People (at least in this thread) are not bitching about Doom 3 for not being in the style of Doom 1 and 2; they correctly criticizing Doom 3 for being a bad game. Even if the original Doom's had never existed Doom 3 would be nothing more than a first person Resident Evil - but without any of the inventory management or RPG/adventure aspects that make Resident Evil fun. No, only opinions. But the important thing is to remember those are opinions; ie we do not dislike Doom 3 for straying too far from the original game, we dislike Doom 3 becuase its a poor game period. With all that said, I'm extremely excited for Rage.
  17. Wobbo

    Steamy Imps

    Some of the games that were made by Raven (Quake 4, Heretic II) are not part of this deal.
  18. Wobbo

    id's New Four Letter Word

    Carmack comments about choosing game names to be harder than people think... According to him Quake II was not going to be a quake named game at all, but since all the good names were taken they said fuck it, we own the franchise.
  19. Wobbo

    Doom 4 A Certainty

    If Doom 4 is made it had BETTER be a Hell on Earth. Thats so blindingly obviously the only way for the game to distinguish itself in terms of gameplay and as a game. As opposed to a boring-ass derivative FPS by id software itself? Doom 3 was a terrible game by any standards.
  20. Wobbo

    Best game of all time in your opinion

    Deus Ex - Realtime Deus Ex is basically System Shock 2 gameplay, but with less bugs, better story, and even better replay value Alpha Centauri - turnbased Basically Civilization 2, with a better backstory, improved gameplay, and even more replay value
  21. Wobbo

    New (Old) Doom Tunes

    Hell no, one of the best actually. Listen to the Duke Nukem 2 soundtrack for proof
  22. Wobbo

    id Tech 5, Still Alive!

    Actually, carmack talked about how with the new tools they're using they can focus on gameplay and level design (I assume racing tracks in this case) before they spend time enhancing the details of the environments. In other words, the era of the Brush is almost over Thats is *EXCACTLY* what this technology (and the tools used with it) are designed to do, among other things. Google Quake Wars and you'll see the exact features you just wished for being discussed in many previews
  23. Wobbo

    Doom < doom 1.2

    Speaking of warez... I distinctly remember a bootleg/pirate version of Doom 2 that had no multiplayer, no stat screens at the end of a level, and a different introduction and ending printout (when you exit the game). My father had apparently aquired it illegally from some BBS thinking Doom 2 had a shareware release. It crashed frequently, I think it was a beta version.
  24. Wobbo

    Which is the best megawad made in 1990s?

    Wasn't Alien Vendetta released after the 90's? I second Memento Mori 2
  25. Wobbo


    Whoa whoa whoa, this is India, not Pakistan.