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  1. I don't think I've ever been so eager to play a .wad after only seeing a couple of screenshots.
  2. DoomGuy2077

    Interception III [MBF21 Community Project]

    Oh, weird. I was just scrolling through my .wad folder thinking "I should finish Interception 2." Then I started looking for new maps to play an ended up here. I guess it's a sign.
  3. I got a concussion a few weeks back and one of the consequences of that was that I had to stop playing video games during my recovery. Up until last week I would get a panic attack trying to play KDitD. I'm well enough now and I've missed weeks worth of maps and WADs that I would have played had I not given myself semi-permanent brain damage. What have I missed around doomworld? Is there anything that's been released that I shouldn't miss?
  4. Yeah this is an instant download for sure
  5. Pretty good little mapset you got.
  6. DoomGuy2077

    A.T.O.M. v1.5

    I assume freelook is allowed, but what aboutt jumping and/or crouching?
  7. I'm sure somebody has already made the joke but while we're on the topic of Pink Floyd-themed community projects, when are we going to get the "Careful with that gun, Marine"?
  8. Good to hear because I dig the screens and I'd love to play the maps.
  9. Maybe I'm cranky because just got over the flu and I've had a headache for days but those invisible walls in map03 irked me like none other. Not to say it's a bad map. They're all top-notch. But, man, invisible walls... ...I'm glad I have a backup keyboard, just in case. Probably just a "me thing," though.
  10. DoomGuy2077

    Hello moblie doomers

    I've been trying to play Doom on the Steam Deck without subjecting myself to the Bethesda port. I got gzdoom running in desktop mode and I can play Doom, Doom 2 and Freedoom just fine but I can't figure out how to play PWADs.
  11. DoomGuy2077

    Doom 7 (Corridor 7 inspired map) (UDMF)

    Thanks. I'll give it a shot.
  12. DoomGuy2077

    Doom 7 (Corridor 7 inspired map) (UDMF)

    Okay, noob question but how do you load OTEX alongside a WAD, PK3, etc in GZDoom? I have the latest version of GZD (4.11.3a) and downloaded the non-UDB pk3 version from your link. I tried drag/dropping the map and OTEX pk3s on the GZ exe, inside a folder and out. I tried zipping both pk3s and drag/dropping. I tried adding the OTEX zip to the GZ directory and I also tried adding only the OTEX pk3. Edit: I also copy/pasted the contents of the OTEX zip into your map folder. I'm probably forgetting a few things but I tried everything I could think of until I gave up out of frustration. I only managed to load DOOM2.WAD or your map with the OTEX textures missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Edit 2: No such luck with Doom Explorer or ZDL
  13. I love that you used Rock Me Amadeus as the MIDI for MAP01. It reminds me of when a teacher of mine in highschool who would come to class hung over and put that movie on then put her head down on her desk and sleep.
  14. I've started a new save every time a new RC is released. I haven't competed the game yet but I've played the first two thirds a few times now. This megawad is an instant classic. I haven't had such a good time playing maps back to back since the first time I played Going Down. Good shit.