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Everything posted by 0-Mephisto-0

  1. 0-Mephisto-0

    32in24 Five (9/16/07) [COMPLETE]

    http://dp.noctifer.net/members/shared/upload/24laymeph1.wad HERE'S SOME LAYOUT
  2. 0-Mephisto-0

    32in24 CTF

    http://dp.noctifer.net/members/shared/upload/24ctfmeph.zip Name: Generic Gray Build Time: 90 minutes. Stuff.
  3. 0-Mephisto-0

    32in24: DUEL CORE

  4. 0-Mephisto-0

    32in24 Part 2: Single Player

    http://dp.noctifer.net/members/shared/upload/24spmeph.zip CEREBRAL HAEMORRHAGE
  5. 0-Mephisto-0

    32 in 24

    http://dp.noctifer.net/members/shared/upload/24meph.zip Name: The Rats. New Music: Yes. Build Time: About two hours. Description: A nice little map in some sort of a sewer setting. Tried to make the layout as interesting as possible, the rather easy BFG should not be too imbalanced, since there's a blue armor for a counter and plenty of pillars/corners for dodging. Health is quite scarce, however. Should play fine.
  6. 0-Mephisto-0

    MOD Tracking Compo #3!

    I'll participate again.
  7. 0-Mephisto-0

    MOD Tracking Compo [results!]

    Not bad for an hour of work i guess.
  8. 0-Mephisto-0

    1024x1024 Competition

    Nearly finished version of my second map
  9. 0-Mephisto-0

    1024x1024 Competition

    Reuploaded with new music, plus some changes in the end part.
  10. 0-Mephisto-0

    1024x1024 Competition

    My first submission
  11. 0-Mephisto-0

    1024x1024 Competition

    I'll make a map.
  12. 0-Mephisto-0

    Who is your favorite mapper?

    EarthQuake, Kaiser and Erik Alm
  13. 0-Mephisto-0

    Scythe2 Demos

    The map19 coop demo is unfortunately not a max demo. http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/8224/oops3it.png You can see the last HK teleporting in just a few tics before indigo exits.
  14. 0-Mephisto-0

    [Contest] @ZDoom.org - The greatest Skybox EVER!

    Well, it does reflect it.
  15. 0-Mephisto-0

    It's true

    What the hell? See that caco on that monitor? That's me. On the same day this thread was posted me and exp(x) played coop together, and that's where he took that shot.
  16. 0-Mephisto-0

    It's true

    That's me playing with him on that screenshot!
  17. 0-Mephisto-0

    Community Chest 3?

    Clarification: I'd like map14 just like in cchest2. That's if this thing is actually gonna go like this...
  18. 0-Mephisto-0

    Community Chest 3?

    Sign me up.
  19. 0-Mephisto-0

    The /newstuff Chronicles #223

    Interesting how people's opinions on certain wads can vary.
  20. 0-Mephisto-0

    setback on a project.

  21. 0-Mephisto-0

    Best Deathmatch maps of all-time?

    Let's see. UDM3 has quite a few very good maps(map01, map09, map10), Greenwar is one of my personal favourites and Vexation has maps with very good ffa quality. Of course there's a lot of other good maps out there, but these are the first to come to mind.
  22. 0-Mephisto-0

    [Poll] Top5 "ToBeReleased" Maps in 2005?

    DV II Scythe 2 Doom3 In Doom2 TUD's Hexen thingy DO-TIMS
  23. 0-Mephisto-0

    CTF trouble

    Use the zdefs.acs, the zspecial.acs and the acc.exe from the Skulltag Editing Package to be able to compile the script. And yes, all of the script code must compile to get the OPEN script working.