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  1. 0-Mephisto-0

    32in24 Five (9/16/07) [COMPLETE]

    http://dp.noctifer.net/members/shared/upload/24laymeph1.wad HERE'S SOME LAYOUT
  2. 0-Mephisto-0

    32in24 CTF

    http://dp.noctifer.net/members/shared/upload/24ctfmeph.zip Name: Generic Gray Build Time: 90 minutes. Stuff.
  3. 0-Mephisto-0

    32in24: DUEL CORE

  4. 0-Mephisto-0

    32in24 Part 2: Single Player

    http://dp.noctifer.net/members/shared/upload/24spmeph.zip CEREBRAL HAEMORRHAGE
  5. 0-Mephisto-0

    32 in 24

    http://dp.noctifer.net/members/shared/upload/24meph.zip Name: The Rats. New Music: Yes. Build Time: About two hours. Description: A nice little map in some sort of a sewer setting. Tried to make the layout as interesting as possible, the rather easy BFG should not be too imbalanced, since there's a blue armor for a counter and plenty of pillars/corners for dodging. Health is quite scarce, however. Should play fine.
  6. 0-Mephisto-0

    MOD Tracking Compo #3!

    I'll participate again.
  7. 0-Mephisto-0

    MOD Tracking Compo [results!]

    Not bad for an hour of work i guess.
  8. 0-Mephisto-0

    1024x1024 Competition

    Nearly finished version of my second map
  9. 0-Mephisto-0

    1024x1024 Competition

    Reuploaded with new music, plus some changes in the end part.
  10. 0-Mephisto-0

    1024x1024 Competition

    My first submission
  11. 0-Mephisto-0

    1024x1024 Competition

    I'll make a map.
  12. 0-Mephisto-0

    Who is your favorite mapper?

    EarthQuake, Kaiser and Erik Alm
  13. 0-Mephisto-0

    Scythe2 Demos

    The map19 coop demo is unfortunately not a max demo. http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/8224/oops3it.png You can see the last HK teleporting in just a few tics before indigo exits.