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  1. Gzdoom supports video now? I know a good friend of mine will be happy to hear this.
  2. SplinkWizard

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.7.4 (12/2023)

    Is there a reason why we have to assemble this ourselves?
  3. SplinkWizard

    Doom Slayer in Fortnite

  4. A metroidvania survival horror game. You have to slowly fight through the UAC facility to reclaim it and rescue marines and scientists. Marines serve to scout other areas or guard established points. Scientists will give you tools and items to help counter enemies. Enemies will invade any area that isn't populated and will restock their units through portals. You will always have limited resources while the demons are virtually unlimited.
  5. SplinkWizard

    So, how old are you ?

    This is how we will ban underage users
  6. SplinkWizard

    Thoughts on the Fallout Games?

    Fallout 3 is more arcadey while New Vegas is more for roleplaying. Both games suffer from the fact that it falls apart if you immerse yourself.
  7. SplinkWizard

    Do you have any mapping gimmick trademark?

    Have important areas have a special detail or decoration different from the rest of the map so the player can form landmarks. To me, it will draw the player to areas and prevent them from being lost.
  8. SplinkWizard

    Your favorite video game character quotes

    "I've killed almost a million zombies, why is noone helping?" It hits hard if you still play black ops today.
  9. SplinkWizard

    Describe a Movie/Series You've Never Watched

    That's a correct summary.
  10. SplinkWizard

    Describe a Movie/Series You've Never Watched

    Return of the Living Dead: After the events of Day of the Dead, the survivors return home to find that all the zombies are gone and the humans have rebuilt society. However, it turns out that the zombies went into hiding underground, plotting their revenge. Lead by zombie mastermind tarman, the zombies return to the surface and go to war with the humans. The secret to their intelligence is by eating the brains of the living to increase their own intelligence.
  11. At Least I know the maps I'm playing were made by a human who asked themselves, "How do I make this fun?" rather than a bunch of computer programs trying to generate something based on a programmer's guidelines. It's more fun to analyse how a person thinks rather than a machine because a machine doesn't think or talk. I think programs will never out do us in terms of media or art.
  12. SplinkWizard

    What The Hell Are "Virtual Influencers"?

    It's like hatsune miku or something I guess. It was lightning in a bottle there is no way this is going to take off.
  13. SplinkWizard

    Most recent movie you saw

    I saw "Bullet Train" with some cousins a few days back. It was the first time I got to sit in those fancy theatres, the ones where you get to sit in those reclining chairs and it doesn't smell like perpetual stink masked by chlorine. It was very fun and was the first time I actually rooted for the "quirky" protagonists. The movie made it very obvious that a world where criminals ran amok would be very goofy. Every death felt like it was building up to another one and made the final death poetic and much deserved. My friends were very squeamish, but they said it was pretty fun despite all the gore.
  14. SplinkWizard

    What happened to Doom Guy In Duke Nukem 3D

    Doom guy couldn't look up or down, allowing the aliens to get the drop on him.
  15. SplinkWizard

    what is happening in your dreams?

    Had an awesome dream last night. So there is an element that is capable of rapidly decomposing organic matter, but it can also revive the dead. This element became highly controlled, the element is highly sought after due to how useful it can be. So a bunch of miners went into a cave and an explosion kills them all. The explosion exposes their skeletons to the element and they come back to life knowing they hit jackpot. So years later, there is a huge surge in this element and I am an undercover cop trying to find the people who are parceling this stuff out. I'm working on this case with someone else and the guy we are talking to snitches on us. My buddy chases after the snitch while I take a small guy hostage. I take out my pistol and a bunch of thugs kick down a door, I am standing on the side and take out the first few that come through. Everyone is waiting on the other side of that door. I take the midgets pistol and go guns akimbo on these thugs.