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  1. SlayerUwU

    Pain Black V2

    Painblack V2 A 6 level wad for people fairly experienced in Doom, run it with Doom 2 Difficulty: UV jump: yes Crouch: yes free look: yes Tested with: Zandronum, Lzdoom, Gzdoom Format:UDMF Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/lxfrfxvul3zps8n/Pain_Black_v2.rar/file
  2. Hello marines, I am a new level creator of Doom I have decided to create my first wad of 10 levels called Pain black, the story is very simple, while the invasion of the earth is happening, you are a marine sent to a UAC facility to search and save the survivors, but when you arrive you will only find dead marines, blood, viseras and many demons ... Your mission now is to escape from there. In this wad you will find some surprises like in Plutonia, I want to emphasize that this is one of my first wads, if this wad comes to like you, I will bring more content. It will also consist of 10 Deathmatch levels to play with your friends. I leave you some images of some normal levels and Deathmatch.