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  1. RastaManGames

    Doomcute thread

    Here is many of my pretty old junk:
  2. Awww, it was kinda pain to create a map for vanilla. I experienced classic bug with crash because of several lift sectors with tag 0. Also, while testing i was in pain due to infinite tall actors, Mancubi fireball that hit me thru the wall that was kinda big (~48 units) and lost souls that spawned in the wall. But, good or bad, here is my crappy & janky map! MAP25: "Bloodbath". That name was on my tongue for few hours. Difficulty Settings: Easy/Medium/Hard. I tried to make playthrough kinda interesting for each difficulty. Multiplayer Mode: 4 player starts for cooperative and 16 player starts for deathmatch along with exclusive multiplayer-only items. Tested With: Crispy Doom/GZDoom. MAP25 On G.Drive
  3. Alright. Then i wanna start as soon as possible. P.S.: Marked up some geometry (as i remembered it). After short break gonna place some enemies, items and etc. Not sure about deathmatch things and skill settings ('cause i am gonna definitely mess up with these), but i want to try it anyways.
  4. Then i want to participate. One question: What about quality? Can i add some details or i must just create map from my memories?
  5. Is MAP25 slot still a viable?
  6. RastaManGames


    This map pack may not aged well, but some places are nice to see. Specially, the wharf itself with nearby buildings.
  7. Yo! What's up? "Wad Wall" are dead as login/register form and there is big timeout with content loading!

    1. WadArchive


      I have released a new version of the website. Those pages no longer exist and there are a few issues that I am working through

    2. RastaManGames


      Sad... I really loved "Wad Wall", 'cause it gave me some nice various random WADs with interesting screens... Also sad, that commentaries was not really popular...

  8. RastaManGames

    Arctic Combat [WIP]

    Mapping too simple. And too much healthless enemies and ammo, medkits.
  9. RastaManGames

    Knee-Deep In the Jungle

    1) Red Door uses only ones. I can't open red door many times. http://imagestun.com/hosting/?v=screenmcm.png 2)Hall Of Mirror effect in soulsphere secret. http://imagestun.com/hosting/?v=screenawa.png
  10. RastaManGames

    No Rest No Peace

    Good 90s wad.
  11. RastaManGames

    Dawn of Reality

    Good but LAGGY!
  12. RastaManGames

    Brother in Arms

    Anime Girls so Kawaii!
  13. RastaManGames

    No Rest No Peace Part 2: Insomnia

    Very damn good 90s city-stylish wad!
  14. RastaManGames

    City of DooM (Part I) BETA 1-11

    Nice. Want Part II!
  15. RastaManGames

    Undergound Military Bunker

    Very Damn Good 95's Doom Map!