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  1. Hey, I've put the ripped asset that you sent to me. Link here

    Tell me if you are okay with it or not. Contact:
    Discord : rykzeon (kinda active)
    DoomUniverse : rykz (not active)

  2. (redacted, because its same message as top message)

    i just came back to doomworld and i see this bruh its a shame

    1. xScavengerWolfx


      This is basically what happened to him.

    2. knifeworld


      Got what he deserved lol

  4. Ah shit, I didn't realize until now that he's actually gone from here

  5. Man, I just came back and saw a city-themed mapper banned. Did quick-read Gorehounds thread, and I think the communication issue is the main reason, and some technical misunderstandings escalating the issue. Kinda sad because I always like city maps.

    Oh, well.

    Btw, can someone tell me the full story? I think I saw things that not covered well in Gorehounds thread.

  6. Given the comments (and not just here) I feel it necessary to clarify one point.

    Rastaman may say some stuff when he gets mad, but knowing him, he certainly didn't seriously wish anyone dead, I'd swear to that (after all, anyone can be brought out by absurd things). Snaxolotl also made quite a mess of things and I'm surprised he was bypassed (which to be honest I don't really agree with, both were at fault in the conflict, not just rastaman), after all he was the one who was busy escalating the conflict instead of adequately and quickly resolving the issues, and if it wasn't for his behavior none of this thing would have happened, although it doesn't matter now. Now I doubt rastaman wants to come back here, at least in the near future, especially considering how he was quietly kicked off many Discord servers and mislabeled. Now people are turning him against themselves on their own. So stop engaging in nonsense, it doesn't make sense anymore, some people are nothing but do snowballing.

  7. image.png.d812595f5371b77554679d9dc2fbdb1a.png

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Lonespacemarine


      Im not defending anybody but let him be unbanned and then post it on his profile. I will take my popcorn and sit and watch both fight, I mean rastamangames is a Russian. He may insult you back 

    3. knifeworld


      idk buddy, I think people that tell others to unalive themselves should stay banned.

    4. Lonespacemarine


      I agree on that tho, he acted like a manchild on that thread 

  8. Why is banned written in your profile 

    1. Biodegradable


      Because he's banned? Duh.

    2. Lonespacemarine


      I also got randomly banned for some reason, is it case for him as well


    3. mrthejoshmon


      This wonderful fucking mess is your answer.

      Ultimately, there was a, since removed, implied request for one to off themselves or something, hard to piece together but that was the straw that breaketh the camel's back.

      Either way, a messy and sad affair to which I do not think one will return, shame because I kinda liked him.

      And just to point out, I may have liked RMG but God damn man.

  9. While this guy undoubtedly had a full breakdown and started throwing harassment and insults abound, (an overreaction) I think much of this could've been avoided if we just helped him update and fix his map. I hope he can take time to mature, and come back to Doom a better person.

  10. Looking forward to come back, in whatever form, with new projects

  11. Welp, it suprise me how everything escalated so quick and ended up like this.

    I can only hope that you're fine and what happened does not desmotive you to still making Doom's content... Hopes to see more of your work in another place :P

  12. Wtf .. seriously ?

    This isn't ok 😔

  13. OH.... sad.. RMG banned..

    1. houston


      there's nothing I hate to see more than the pissbabies win

    2. Snaxalotl


      @houston Well luckily the pissbaby didn't win :>

  14. @Snaxalotl Просто, блять, убейте меня и всё. Тогда все станут счастливы.
  15. @Snaxalotl Fuck. Off. At this point this isn't an act of a self-defense, but straight gaslighting of me and also harassment. We closed this topic already, but you keep thinking that you are "taught me a lesson" or "done your holy judgement over me". Stop it already, for fuck sake. Now I am starting to think that it is only you who having a fucking fun right now.