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  1. RastaManGames

    ACE Engine - DOS Doom II [vanilla++?]

    Sorry for being offtopic here... But I am still sad that we have "ZBlood" map pack, but not "ZDuke".
  2. RastaManGames

    [Community Project] Doomed Urbex (Slots Available)

    @Uni Musuotankarep Thanks you for your nice contribution! Here is my attempt on UV: A fun exploration map with no overusing of sloggish enemies. Design is simple, but pleasant for sight. It was short and sweet at the same time. Only one sad thought appeared in my head while playing: "It is kinda empty over here?" I mean... This is industrial zone, sure, but these places looks kinda sad due to emptiness: Maybe it is intentional, but I think that something like decorative factories with pipes can be here just to fill big empty areas. Overall, this is good map. Thank you.
  3. RastaManGames

    [Pixely Effects Mod / BETA] DEAD MARINE

    @Gifty Wow! Even with semi-vanilla style it looks & sounds very beefy! Big shame on me that I didn't hear about this mod before...
  4. RastaManGames

    [Community Project] Doomed Urbex (Slots Available)

    As about deadline... Are we gonna make it till the end of 2022 or we need more time? I mean... There is few ideas that I've not realized in this CP (at least, mall and airport (along with unfinished train)). So... What we gonna do?.. And I am not sure that lesser than one month (not to mention holidays in the very end of the December) - is right amount of time for someone to finish their entry, after all.
  5. RastaManGames

    [Community Project] Doomed Urbex (Slots Available)

    @fai1025 Really sad news, mate... But nothing lost completely! I mean... You made one very nice map that I've enjoyed to playtest! Thank you for your contribution anyways! 🍜 @Uni Musuotankarep Wow, you are fast'n'furious! Gonna test your entry today when I get some free time! 💪🏻
  6. Nice PFP, Doomer-comrade! 🍜

  7. RastaManGames

    [Community Project] Doomed Urbex (Slots Available)

    @Uni Musuotankarep, @DukeOfDoom shall you grab (at this point) opened slots №14 & №33? Don't be scared off by these numbers. After all, I guess that total amount of slots gonna be divided by 2 or even 3 (for sure) and before compilation we gonna re-arrange maps by enemies density.
  8. RastaManGames

    [Community Project] Doomed Urbex (Slots Available)

    I mean... It was mentioned both about light and about chaingun. 🤔
  9. RastaManGames

    [Community Project] Doomed Urbex (Slots Available)

    @CittyKat112 Aw... Sorry to hear that. I mean, you nickname has "City" in it, after all. Well... Good luck in other community projects and in mapping itself, then! Don't overdo yourself and get a good rest when you need it!
  10. RastaManGames

    [Community Project] Doomed Urbex (Slots Available)

    @Silhouette 03 Thank you very kindly for your contribution to this community project! First of all, here is (as always) my playthrough of this map (sorry for save-scumming though): This level contains various areas that was interesting to explore. I had no critical bugs during my playthrough... Maybe one strange moment with yellow bars that doesn't opened at first time. Not sure, why. Maybe it is just me. There was always enough ammo and health around various areas of this map. In the moment where I thought about telling you to add "Chaingun secret somewhere on the map" (cause there was few clips, but no proper gun to use them with) you actually teased me with one and not only with him, but with squad of Chaingunners as well. I was in the high tension at the last parts of that level, 'cause I had all three keys and map just isn't gonna stop at any time. A nice map w/o huge slaughter-fest battles. I like it. Thank you. P.S.: Multiplayer stuff isn't mandatory, but I guess that player starts №2, №3 & №4 can be added just in case. Also, there was few things that can be kinda fixed or improved:
  11. @jpsplat How dare you... Now I wanna create my own labyrinth too!
  12. RastaManGames

    Random enemy and item spawn locations?

    You might want to create a DECORATE-based actor of "Random Spawner" type, where you can define a something like "list" of all desired possibilities...
  13. RastaManGames

    Cursed Doom Images

  14. RastaManGames

    The Ice Keep : A Boom compatible map

    I wasn't expected really much from just Doom 1's bestiary but this map managed to pin me down at the final fight (but I broke it somehow and Cyberdemon didn't appeared on my 2nd try). Map's layout was entertaining enough with various interesting places here & there. To be hones, I am really like snowy theme due to my origin (north of the Siberia) and this map has nice feel, 'cause there is already some snow outside. Part with two buttons is cruel (more cruel than that is WADs from other people is timing-based switches and other stuff), but doable. Sorry to say that, but red labyrinth was the weakest part part of that beautiful map. I mean... It is not that interesting, I think. Dayum! Now I want another map from you with tons of snow. Maybe open snow level? Who knows... I have great time with your map. Thank you. Here is some video if you don't mind...