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  1. Linguica, I gave Kazooie a goatse link to discourage him from asking for WAREZ. My goal was to make Kazooie so P.O.'d that he'd never come back. I also give it to homework cheaters because I consider it a crime right up there with, oh, murder. BTW, I'll probably be switching to other links so people like Kazooie won't catch on. If you don't restore my title and post count: I will do the following things: 1. Make a profile with your name. 2. Give it the custom title "I am a moron". 3. Give it a post count of -100000000000. 4. Add insult to injury by making retarded posts with it.
  2. The OTHER Kat. The new one. She hasn't posted. Yet.
  3. You forgot the WAREZ-users that Mordeth has only partially eaten.
  4. This site can help you with your homework.
  5. No, the OTHER Kat. The one who hasn't posted. Yet. Maybe she's scared of coming...
  6. I'm not gross. Kazooie deserves the goatse link. If he wants his WAREZ, he will have to suffer for it. If my plan works, Kazooie will be traumatized for life and will never appear on these forums again.
  7. /me snickers.
  8. Get it here.
  9. Message to Lüt: YOU, SIR, ARE A WRETCH.
  10. By the way, this thread looks a little GREEN.
  11. YOU, SIR, ARE A SOCIALIST PACIFIST RETARDED OAF. Now go away and die. GO to heck where you belong, you OAF.
  12. *cough* WolfenDOOM *cough* --Edited by Executor666 to fix BB Code errors.--
  13. Boingo the Clown's TC. www.teamdeim.com
  14. Of course you are.
  15. Former humans. They are so fun to slaughter in mass quantities. /me BFGs 5000000000000000000000000 former humans and gibs them all at once.