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  1. Castlevania

    employees leaving id software

    i read in the doom 3 section about the june 15 rumor that some employees leaving id software during the development of doom 3 may have contributed to it's delay. i just wanted to know why the employees left during the midst of doom3 development?
  2. Castlevania

    SUPER RPG: The Doomworld Adventure.

    if you can't think of what to do with me since you've probably never seen me, as a hint i'll add that i'm one of the oldest members here
  3. i know i saw a picture of doom legacy on dreamcast back in the day...
  4. Castlevania

    EXCITING doom tidbits!

    it isnt the song battery, it's the song master of puppets itself that has a part strangely similar to e1m1.
  5. Castlevania

    EXCITING doom tidbits!

    i was working out listening to metallica and then thinking about my girlfriend like the typical doom-playing bad-ass, and then i realized something funny. Battery on master of puppets by metallica has a part that sounds like the first several seconds of E1M1's music. this message would be boring but i have one more SUPER doom tidbit for everyone, in the new show Birds of Prey on The WB, the first episode has this scene where a door opens and it sounds exactly like the doom door open sound from doom, the only difference is they changed pitch or something, but it's definately the same!
  6. Castlevania

    What if Quake4 turns out better than Doom3?

    hell yeah i'd be pissed. doom 3 i love and want it to kick ass. maybe i sound like a simpleton, but how else can i say it? i fucking want some ass-kicking action in doom 3. actually i dont mind if quake 4 is better because there's always something better, who cares if the person making smth better than doom 3 just happens to be affiliated with id software?
  7. dont get your GI Joe panties in a bunch, i havn't been keeping up with doom 3 much and i could have missed some news that was mentioned here.
  8. Castlevania

    Doom 3 music

    jeehun hwang (mechwarrior 2, blast chamber, quake mission pack #1) bobby prince of doom fame a joint composition dream team of rob zombie, noodles from the offspring...oh shit im getting stupid. but anyway, bobby or jeehun and anyone whose hella good at heavy metal or trance. maybe trance would be good on a few levels of doom 3. but maybe its best to not fix what aint broke and let bobby prince do a fine job on doom 3, but that wont happen.
  9. Castlevania

    Who wants the U.S. to invade Iraq?

    ill just be glad when there's one less self-serving dictator on the planet.
  10. Castlevania

    stay away from Eidos

    no text
  11. there is enough ice to flood the planet some. they were looking for some land...now dont tell me if teh ice caps melted it wouldn't make at least one more inch of new york covered up
  12. uNF. as long as this section is titled rants and raves i will rant however i see fit, and i wont change my ways until it's titled "Discussions, debates and civilized arguments"
  13. stop being so strict and hating good movies like waterworld and cable guy. but what really gets me is people that think badly of mortal kombat or resident evil. i mean, how pathetic can you get?
  14. *see topic above* oh wel anyway years ago when i saw that movies credits it said the musician was bobby prince. owned. good horror movie too.