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  1. ryiron

    the smoking dog [D2 vanilla 5 maps] released

    Had a lot of fun with this. I really like the architecture of the maps, great use of vanilla assets. The pacing is done really well, with moments of calm in between the combat that add to the tension. The opening in map11 is great with the creepy music and large spaces to explore before the action starts. Set of demos attached with fdas and successful exits (the first and last maps gave me the most grief, I got a bit lost in map07, but I think that's me being dumb). I did some secret hunting but didn't find all of them. Also, I totally forgot I had a bfg in the final map :-). tsdp.zip
  2. ryiron

    HABITATS (vanilla biweekly adventure!)

    Fun stuff. The progression at the start had me a bit stumped, it feels like it should be a secret. FDA attached. habitat01.zip
  3. ryiron

    Melodeath (7 map Boom miniwad) Final

    Congrats on the release! Can recommend giving this a go for something a bit different, with some interesting new mechanics and clever use of boom features.
  4. ryiron

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    Her Love Just Washed Away Map01 uv-fast in 10:58 hljwa01f00015.zip
  5. I did a ridiculous thing. hljwa01f00015.zip
  6. ryiron

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/hljwa Map 01 uv-max in 7:01 hljwa01_00047.zip
  7. This is beautiful, disorientating, serene, and chaotic. Thanks for sharing. The ending is ... I hope you are doing ok Maribo. Managed a uv-max in 7:01 he01-00047.zip
  8. Cool stuff. Very classic doom vibes. Definitely a bit spicier than the originals. Had a go at a continuous blind playthrough. The demo is pretty long since I went secret hunting, and was initially aiming for all kills, but got a bit tired of it in the later maps. Made it to the final map before an unceremonious death. hoe.zip
  9. ryiron

    Stranded - MBF21 Slaughter Adventure

    Congrats on the release. Had fun playtesting this. I'll second the recommendation of trying hmp first, uv is not for the faint of heart :-).
  10. Interesting concept. Had time to play the first couple of maps. The second took me a while, I didn't realise there were lifts for the red and blue key switches. The red key also seemed like it was a secret, I only found it because I had the automap. I like the usage of archviles in map02, the first encounter with the two viles and the bunch of lost souls is quite clever. The lost souls add a surprising amount of pressure, mostly by getting in your face and making it difficult to dodge the vile blasts. FDAs for the first two maps (I died stupidly early in map02, but beat it on my second try). tdac_fda.zip
  11. ryiron

    You've Been Here Before (1 Map: Boom Compatible)

    This was really fun to play. I enjoyed the clever use of boom features and the secret hunting. I did a commentated play-through:
  12. ryiron

    A Lil' Micro-Slaughter Experiment V2 [Boom]

    It's fun, but you can basically just be invincible the whole time. I think only the final wave really needs an invuln, since there is basically zero cover and eight viles. The opening fight with the imps could be tweaked a little (e.g. moving them back from the player just a bit) and it would be fair without an invuln. The hell-knight and caco waves are totally doable as is. You can fix the keys teleporting in if monsters are blocking them by having a second teleport line in the voodoo closet which teleports the key back to the start of the conveyor, so it will keep trying until it successfully teleports.
  13. ryiron

    Nostalgia demos [-complevel 2]

    map25 in 2:20. Slower than @blob1024 by 11 seconds, but I'm still pretty happy with managing this. no25-00062.zip
  14. ryiron

    Nostalgia demos [-complevel 2]

    map30 fast in 00:52:60. Turns out the release version is a tad easier due to the one of the cybers telefragging the other as mentioned by @blob1024. no30f44.zip
  15. ryiron

    Nostalgia demos [-complevel 2]

    Had a go at an actual speedrun. map30 uv-fast in 0:57. Hopefully I got the format right. Edit: very sorry, I have just realised that I had a pre-release version of the wad (was sure I had updated it), so the demo will desync. Will attempt to redo it.