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  1. ryiron

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    Her love just washed away: https://dsdarchive.com/wads/hljwa uv-fast in 8:13: hljwa01f813.zip
  2. Not sure which ones exactly. Your monster closet design only gives the enemies a single chance to teleport in though. Because you only have the one teleport line, and the scroll floor action, if the monster's teleport destination is blocked it won't teleport, and then it will be stuck at the end of the closet. A better design is to remove the scroll floor action and instead have a control sector attached to the closet which propagates sound from a sector the player is in so the monster in the closet wakes up when the player shoots. Also having multiple teleport lines helps if the destination is blocked the enemy can still teleport.
  3. Fun little map. I quite like the palette change and texturing work. Combat is pretty good, with some spicy encounters. The first cyber is pretty nasty (I didn't realise they are low health at firtst), however the cyber by the blue key doesn't really do much, and the one at the end in-fights for free with the spider mastermind. You can hang back at the ledge to give the mastermind a direct line of sight and be completely safe from the cyber's rockets. Here's an fda and a near max, which is mostly blind from where I died in the fda. A few monsters didn't teleport in for me, including the first cyber. You maybe need to change your monster closets to handle the teleport destinations being blocked. f2f2-ryiron.zip
  4. Is this "insanely hard troll slaughter map" in the room with us right now? Map is loads of fun, and pretty tame as far as slaughter goes. Love the clunky old school vibes mixed with some fun combat and loads of in-fighting opportunities. Here's a messy uv-max, not my first attempt, but I durdled around finding secrets, and I did not know about the arch-vile trap at the end. Not quite sure how I survived it: wwwy-ryiron-uvmax.zip
  5. ryiron

    [-cl9] Orca

    Nice atmospheric little map with some fun combat. I found a slight cheese for the cyber fight by staying pacifist (though I think its fine as is). Also, it's possible to soft-locked behind a few of the column staircases if you fall behind them. The columns that raise up leading to the blue key for example. fda and uv-max: orca-ryiron.zip
  6. ryiron


    Very cool map. Love the detailing and atmosphere. Combat is enjoyable with a few spicy moments. My only complaint is that I got lost a couple of times. First time was in the outdoor area where the secret soulsphere is. The lift to progress looks identical to the one you enter from, so wasn't very obvious. I also got very lost after getting the red key because I went up the stairs to the red door. I was wandering around for a while wondering where I was meant to go before I even saw the *other* red door. I found 3/4 secrets, but missed 5 enemies (3 in the exit, not sure where the other 2 were). fda: crem-ryiron.zip
  7. ryiron

    Nostalgia 2 Demos [-complevel 2]

    map26 uv-max in 2:31: no226m231.zip video: https://youtu.be/9OuqmlCY33U Sorry @Alvis :-). Your runs got me motivated to find some improved routes. I tried a bit for map22 also, but that one is fairly tight.
  8. Wanted something casual to play for 30 mins or so and had a great time blasting through this. Did the first six maps continuous. A lot of areas are quite spacious making the fights generally fairly easy, but some good ideas, fun combat, interesting architecture and nice lighting in these. I liked the slaughtery fights that started showing up towards the end of map05. The imp/pinky rocket fest was my favourite. fda: mv-ryiron.zip
  9. ryiron

    Nostalgia 2 Demos [-complevel 2]

    map14 uv-max in 3:34: no214m334.zip video: https://youtu.be/MJbI8EROmY0
  10. ryiron

    Nostalgia 2 Demos [-complevel 2]

    map13 uv-max in 3:51: no213m351.zip video: https://youtu.be/haHpPoL3KYI
  11. I like Plutonian maps. A not quite fda: oup-ryiron.zip. I thought it was complevel 3 initially, and couldn't get out of the starting room, so didn't spoil much. You might want to add a complevel 9/Boom to the description. I also wasn't able to exit since I got softlocked behind the bridge. I got all the kills though, so it's still a moral victory. For the invisible bridge you can use boom's 242 action rather than self referencing sectors which is a bit easier. The gameplay is decent, but I don't know if it is particularly Plutonia like. The map has a fair amount of hanging back and picking enemies off from a distance or ducking out from safe corners (the cyber especially is more of a chore to kill rather than fun). Plutonia's combat has more pressure, forcing you into the middle of fights. Having some traps which release enemies behind the player to keep them moving forwards into fights could help give it more of that Plutonia feel. The aesthetics are on point though. Looking forward to seeing the other maps in the series.
  12. Very fun. I like the moody techbase vibes and the use of moving floors to shift the geometry. fdas (first one cut short due to a derpy archvile encounter): slugger-ryiron.zip.
  13. dsda-demos (v0.25.6): embraced-ryiron.zip. Warning, the map03 demo is long. I recorded it in multiple sessions (I learned that you can use -recordtofrom to continue a dsda-demo where you left off). Your maps keep getting better and better, both visually and gameplay wise. A few random notes: * Map01 is a really solid opener. Didn't have too much trouble with this one. * A few fights gave me a bit of trouble, sometimes just figuring out the right strategy, other times having too little ammo/health going in. * I think the only fight that seemed somewhat unfair was the tower fight in map03 where the viles, PEs, and baby cybers teleport in. You can get pretty unlucky with how the enemies teleport in and The PEs can mess you up if you don't get rid of them quick. It's really easy to catch a rocket while being blocked by a enemy floating above your head. * I ended up pretty low on ammo in some fights, often during the cleanup. * I like the hurt floor pit in map03 near where the red key is, which has the soulsphere on the small lift. Makes grabbing it while the fighting is going risky. Maybe swapping the soulsphere/mega in this area so you get an easy soulsphere, but a more risky opportunity for the mega? * The final fight is map03 is actually fairly easy (the hardest bit for me was not falling off things like an idiot). I was able to just stay in the first area and circle strafe and the other half of the fight just bunch up at the fence. The arena looks really cool, but it basically felt half unused how I played it. The clean up ends up being time consuming in this fight. * I had to look at the map editor to figure out how to exit map03 :-). I got lost in a few places through the maps, and sometimes it was hard to tell what a switch did, or if there were multiple switches I needed to press. * I managed to find a few cheeses for fights, though I think most of them are fine, especially in the larger maps where there's still more than enough difficult fights to survive. * The fights are really enjoyable. There's a good mix of combat puzzles, cramped fights, and just more straightforward slaughter. The variety of encounters keeps the maps interesting, and I like how you occasionally exhaust cell ammo so the rocket launcher stays useful even after you get the bfg. * Hope the demos are helpful, and enjoy a bunch of dumb deaths on my part :-).
  14. What a delightfully serene map to play: woth04-ryiron.zip
  15. I enjoy a good Eduardo and friends map. FDA (dsdademo v0.25.6): mm-ryiron.zip. Lots of fun fights and enjoyable exploration as always.