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  1. I have calculated in detail which monster appears in what quantity in each episode. The numbers for episodes and for each individual type of monsters converge give the same amount: in total, almost 12,000 monsters live in the megawad (an average of 235-236 monsters per level). I hope someone is interested... All statistics are given for the Ultra-Violence difficulty. And the secrets. Almost 300!
  2. RaRu Des2122

    Icon of Sin maps that don't suck

    Map30: The Final Conflict from Doom 2 Reloaded. Firstly, although the Icon starts working from the very beginning of the level, regardless of whether you behave quietly or not - the entire map is filled with monsters not immediately but after reaching a certain point. This allows us not to rush forward at high speed in an attempt to destroy it. Secondly, in addition to the traditional way of destroying this icon with shots from a rocket launcher into a hole in the forehead, there is alternative way - through a row of secrets with a large amount of straferunning jumps. After a lot of attempts I don't even know which method is harder... Anyway, the presence of a different way brings the necessary variety to the game and reduces the negativity towards the traditional path :D
  3. And now it's time to sum up the overall results! I think it is not entirely correct to choose only one map out of all fifty as the best because the megawad is divided into five episodes. So I'll pick one map from each episode and do the same with the soundtracks. Here are my favorites: Episode 1: Starbase Antipathy - Best map: E1M7: Alpha Starport - Best soundtrack: E1M9: "Shake Off The Rast" Episode 2: Gateway to Jigoku - Best map: E2M5: Akuma - Best soundtrack: E2M1: "Insomnic Demonic" Episode 3: Al Dante - Best map: E3M6: Lament Configuration - Best soundtrack: E3M9: "Evil Story" Episode 4: Tormented Suffering - Best map: E4M8: Gateway to Sigil - Best soundtrack: E4M4: "Running With Beasts" Episode 5: Incendio Crucio - Best map: E5M9: A Doomed Odyssey - Best soundtrack: E5M5: "Unyes" It will be interesting to know the opinion of the creators on this issue as well as to see other tops from those who have played this megawad.
  4. *** *** Phew, the megawad is complete! It was a long journey... Still, I really hope that this is not your last big job, @pcorf. However, judging by the final gallery, I still have a lot of work. I will not specify the dates but I will definitely try to play through all of it. BEST MAPS: 1) E5M2: Andrealphus by @pcorf 2) E5M9: A Doomed Odyssey by @pcorf 3) E5M10: Plasma by @pcorf BEST SOUNDTRACKS: 1) E5M5: "Unyes" by @Jimmy (the best soundtrack from all fifty!) 2) E5M7: "Adirgio" by @Jimmy 3) E5M8: "Octarine" by @Jimmy (it gives a feeling of finishing the way like no other)
  5. This is the last level in the megawad where is neither a spider mastermind nor a cyberdemon. *** Definitely the best level in the whole episode! I would call it a collection of quotations from past works. Pieces from different levels of different megawads are connected in one map - and after collecting half of the colored keys, they are connected even more with the help of new corridors. In which, by the way, familiar places are also guessed. Here are maps, parts from which I saw on this level: 1) E1M1: The Entry from 2002ado 2) E1M3: The Doomed Lab from 2002ado 3) E1M7: Service Base from 2002ado 4) E1M9: Lugano Base ZRX from 2002ado 5) E2M1: Station Alpha from 2002ado 6) E1M1: Cargo Hanger from Simply Phobos 7) Map01: Sintlabs from Whispers of Satan I readily believe that I could not recognize some locations because I did not play all of your WADs. Did I miss anything, @pcorf? *** All the previous slaughter maps in megawad pale in comparison with this one... The secret levels in the last episode were a success! *** This map will definitely be mentioned in the list of the best soundtracks!
  6. EPISODE 5: INCENDIO CRUCIO The third and final hellish episode was definitely inspired by John Romero's SIGIL. Here we can see the characteristic red cracks in the floor, the black squares with the image of a demon at the end of the levels, the green shootable eyes on the walls that allow us to move forward, the light brown sky... In general, the style is fully sustained. The levels themselves have become much larger, much lighter and there are no zombies on them at all. I wonder why? This inscription that you see on the preview and the circumstances under which it can be seen slightly reminded me of the E3M5: Pain Temple level from the DT: CT megawad. *** What is this hole where monsters become invisible and I take damage? It all starts at 8:44 and at 8:57 it becomes especially noticeable. *** Phenex and Andrealphus are the demons from "Goetia", the first part of the "The Lesser Key of Solomon" grimoire. And the same goes for the names of other levels in this episode, except for the secret ones. But I didn't find Ukobach there. Where did this demon come from?
  7. I had to tinker a lot with two cyberdemons at once. The barons of Hell joining them instantly made things even more complicated. The record that you will see is not the first attempt to pass the level. *** *** The fourth episode seems to me the most consistent: levels in it go steadily from short and simpler to long and more complicated. In the same way, their quality is gradually increasing and I consider the two final maps to be the best in the episode. And when I will sum up the results of the entire walkthrough, it will not be easy for me to choose one of them... BEST MAPS: 1) E4M2: Bloodgore by @pcorf 2) E4M7: Impious Alcazar by @pcorf 3) E4M8: Gateway to Sigil by @pcorf BEST SOUNDTRACKS: 1) E4M1: "Demonic Parade" by @pcorf 2) E4M8: "The One God" by @pcorf 3) E4M9: "Cold Feet" by @pcorf
  8. The third and last level in the megawad whose automap looks like an animal and the third and last level in the megawad without a single secret. *** *** On the fourth episode everything is quite logical: short maps at the beginning and longer ones at the end. In this way, it compares favorably with others in my opinion. *** Despite the fact that there are still four levels left until the end of this episode, the ending of this level allows us to see what the next episode will look like. This is the only map in 2022ado which was made by three authors.
  9. EPISODE 4: TORMENTED SUFFERING Another hellish episode but visually it is not very similar to the previous one. A large amount of green marble, brown wood, bright orange sky and equally bright lava. We could see something similar earlier in the episodes from the Death Tormention series, which I had already been recording not so long ago. *** ***