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  1. I'm a lot more impressed with the Chaingunner model. The ones I've seen are just Zombiemen carrying chainguns, and frankly, they look pretty dismal, especially when entering their attack state.
  2. NaliSeed

    Demon's Souls Map Pack v1 update

    Lol, I'd forgotten how lame the ZDoom notification sound for secret areas is until I found the one secret in the first map. Feels kind of weird having secret areas in Hexen, but it's a very welcome addition.
  3. NaliSeed

    Demon's Souls Map Pack v1 update

    Link keeps sending me to this very same page, lol.
  4. I could swear the Chaingun sound problem wasn't there before, I think it appeared in the last couple of versions of GZDoom; it's happening on regular Doom as well.
  5. NaliSeed


    For shame ☚ī¸đŸ‘Ž
  6. NaliSeed

    DBP62: Haunting Hollow

    Started out pretty good, but unfortunately the later levels devolved into slaughter maps.
  7. NaliSeed

    Doom II Backwards WAD

    Just saying Doom II has been wildly outclassed by a lot of custom maps, the original levels are just crude by today's standards.
  8. NaliSeed

    Doom II Backwards WAD

    Hard to believe people still play the original Doom II levels.
  9. Putrid is a funny word 😆
  10. Always nice to watch my computer blow up in my face by running these wads đŸ–ĨđŸ’ĨđŸ¤¯
  11. NaliSeed

    Editing sound effects

    I'm dragging that file into gzdoom. exe and it's working fine, it's the pk3 file you need to load, it won't work if you try to load it in zip format.
  12. NaliSeed

    Editing sound effects

    It doesn't work in wad format. I created a pk3 file and it does work. You have to create a folder named 'SOUNDS' and put your sound files there, then save your mod in pk3 format.
  13. I'm pretty fed up with the og shotgun animation by now, even if it's smoothly animated. A while ago I saw a weapons mod that featured the shotgun reload animation like that of Doom 64, but with Doomguys gloves visible; problem is, I can't remember the name of said mod. Help, anyone. EDIT: Nevermind, I found it 😀 😐
  14. NaliSeed

    Moddb page to my mods

    https://www.moddb.com/members/naliseed/downloads I'm just gonna leave this here so I don't have to update each mod page individually anymore, which is a real pain in the ass when you have to do it on your cellphone. I just added new versions for all mods except for Heretic, so you might want to check them out.
  15. NaliSeed

    Moddb page to my mods

    Just added version 2.2 of Hexen Reforged. Here's a screenshot featuring the new HUD based on Hexen 64's.
  16. Animated class portraits for Hexen, using the Hell sky graphics from PSX Doom as background. Should be compatible with any mod that doesn't change the same imagery. Only for GZDoom. https://www.moddb.com/members/naliseed/downloads/hexen-class-portraits
  17. Toxic Trouble; sounds like a good name for a Donkey Kong Country level.
  18. NaliSeed

    [Ongoing Project] Shadow Crusade

    Looks good, but it's also a good reminder why I never use texture filtering, lol.
  19. Couldn't agree more with that last part, which is why it baffles me that almost every Doom 64 wad that comes out runs solely on Nightdive's version and doesn't work with this ☚ī¸
  20. Seen HD sounds packs for Doom, Heretic, Duke Nukem 3D, Powerslave and Shadow Warrior. But where's Blood and Hexen? ☚ī¸
  21. NaliSeed

    Classic styled doom64 monsters project (WIP)

    The only thing that botched the Cacos for me were those stupid arms they gave them, I could never get used to them.
  22. https://www.moddb.com/members/naliseed/downloads Time for a fourth mod. This is a gameplay mod exclusively made for GZDoom, to be played with version 3.4.0 of moleccico's Doom 64 CE. Be aware that this is mainly for the original Doom 64 campaign on its highest difficulty setting, i.e., Watch Me Die!. This means that both non-vanilla 'Hardcore' and 'Doomslayer' difficulties are affected by what this mod does, which likely will turn certain maps ridiculously hard and perhaps even incompletable. Other features that were not part of the original 1997 game, such as the unpresent Doom II monsters, Kaiser's Absolution TC and any maps or content based on it, are untouched and will (very) likely remain so for future versions. The mod should be compatible with anything vanilla friendly; I've tested it with Nightdive's The Lost Levels campaign, and it works fine, and Beta 64 has been running smoothly on my end, at least so far (see the 'README_ISSUES' file for more info). Note that the majority of the changes were made with both the "Enhanced Particles" and "Smooth Animations" features provided by Doom 64 CE in mind; it is therefore STRONGLY recommended that you enable everything under those categories (wearing regular or black gloves is safe to use either way, though), otherwise changes in monsters, weapons and pretty much every other actor will most definetely not occur. Also, you should not use this mod in conjunction with the upscale texture addon (meaning you should delete that file, since it's autoloaded by Doom 64 CE). I haven't tested this mod extensively using upscale graphics, because I'm not particularly into those visuals, but I've at least encountered two inconsistencies; there could be more, but I'm not planning to find out. Use at your own risk. I've included an optional file containing the HUD layout of Classic Doom Reforged (minus powerup counters), with its own modified non-Doom 64 (but still pretty nice) status bar. To use it, drag and drop it into the gzdoom.exe along the main mod, or use the -file method. Mind you, using this mod will disable each and every other HUD style provided by Doom 64 CE, which unfortunately also disables the option to display messages on the top left screen as in the original N64 game. This is because this mod relies on the SBAR lump instead of the zsc format Doom 64 CE uses. I've unfortunately next to zero experience in that area and simply couldn't find a way to make it work, just ended up getting incredibly frustrated while trying. I do not recommended loading this mod without the main pk3 file, as there will be issues displaying the armor icons. Anyway, here's what's changed so far (brace yourselves): * Actor D64GibBloodPool is now a flat sprite and randomly spawns gibbed player sprites, plus a brand new Marine head decor * Added "DeathRampage" state to Lost Souls * Added Doom 3's melee sound to Imps and Bruisers (also affects Cacodemon's bites) * Added MISSILEMORE flag to regular Imps, Hell Knights, and Mancubi * Added NOTARGET flag to Pain Elementals * Added QUICKTORETALIATE flag to Lost Souls, Pinkies and Spectres * Added Radiation Shield sprites from Doom 64 Reloaded * Added a black borderflat background * Added a more accurate Unmaker pickup sprite * Added a new set of (less noisome) sound effects to the Chainsaw * Added active sound effects to spherical powerups * Added extra particles to exploding Cacodemon missiles * Added eyes to Skull Keys like Doom 64 Reloaded's * Added improved Death state to Lost Souls * Added improved default markers for the automap * Added new DeathSound to the BFG9000's missile (might be a bit low on volume) * Added new Plasma Rifle idle sound * Added new attack sounds to several monsters * Added new firing sounds to the Pistol, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, and both Shotguns * Added new pain sounds to Bruisers * Added new pickup messages to most items * Added new secret area message * Added new sound effect to locked doors * Added new sounds to most pickups * Added new sounds to the main menu and Intermission screens * Added new trails to plasma missiles and rockets * Added smooth Computer Area Map sprites based on Doom 64 Reloaded's * Added sound effect and message when running out of ammo * Added the console background image to the startup screen (the console now features a different picture) * Added three new thunder ambient sounds * Added tiny adjusment to the Light Amplification Goggles * Added trails to Dart projectiles * Added two separate grunts to Doomguy depending on his current health * Added unique DeathSound to Cacodemon missiles * Added unique DeathSound to Lost Souls * Added unique SeeSound and DeathSound to Baron and Hell Knight missiles * Added unique SeeSound and DeathSound to Mancubi missiles * Added unique sounds to Cyberdemon rockets * Aligned the rockets fired from the Rocket Launcher * All weapons are now undroppable * Arachnotrons now feature their own attack sound different from the player's Plasma Rifle * Arachnotrons now randomly drop cells after dying * Armor bonuses are now separated into green and blue for one and two armor points respectively * Asigned Baron of Hell footstep sounds to Hell Knights * Both armor types now have their own pickup sound * Cacodemons now randomly spew three fireballs at once * Changed bobbing animation for all weapons * Changed the player triangle on the automap * Changed the player's constipated 'usefail' sound * Decreased PainChance of Cacodemons and Mancubi * Decreased chance of Zombiemen and Shotgun Sergeants to drop ammo * Decreased time it takes for Arachnotrons to attack * Excluded Doom 2016's Plasma and Arachnotron missiles from the "New explosion visuals" feature * Explosive barrels now 'grunt' when hit and have their own DeathSound assigned * Fixed issue with Shotgun Sergeants often screaming twice when dying * Fixed some tiny issues with the SMALLFONT graphics * Gibs generated by Nashgore mod will fade out over time (blood splotches will stay, though) * HQDeath graphics of Imp fireballs are now the same as regular visuals * Increased attack speed of Mancubi * Increased melee attack speed of Imps, Demons/Spectres, and Bruisers * Increased rotating speed of the Lost Soul menu selector * Increased speed of Plasma missiles to 50. Decreased scale to 0.8 * Increased volume of Mancubi and Bruisers footsteps * Inverted the pickup sprites of energy weapons horizontally * Lost Souls now deal damage when exploding * Lost Souls now scream at random when entering their Pain state * Lost Souls will no longer turn against their own, but can still take damage if they hit each other * Mancubi and Bruisers no longer enter their Pain state when attacking * Max ammo for all weapons has been cut by half across all difficulties * Monsters no longer 'walk' in place before they've seen the player * Pinkies and Spectres will randomly jump towards the player when close enough * Players no longer freeze in place for a moment after teleporting * Players now start off any map with a Shotgun (no shells), since Shotgun Sergeants no longer drop them * Reduced damage of the Chainsaw * Reduced direct damage of Mancubi missiles, but added splash damage * Reduced scale of Bruiser missile trails * Reduced visibility of Spectres * Removed Doomguy's jump sound * Removed automatic fire from the Pistol, Super Shotgun, and Rocket Launcher * Removed delayed 'thud' from Pinkies and Spectres when killed * Removed generic DeathSound from Marine bots * Removed splashes from all liquid flats (splash sounds still exist) * Removed the option to swap between the original Shotgun Sergeant and the bald version. Both now spawn at random * Removed the smoke generated from the Chaingun after firing * Replaced Doomguy's generic death sound with Half Life's flatline * Repositioned the Main Menu so it's more faithful to the original game, including the removal of the (rather blurry) Doom 64 logo * Rockets now feature their own DeathSound * Secret areas now play a new sound at random in addition to the existing one * Set "IntermissionCounter" property to false * Set PainChance of Pain Elementals to 10 (same as Doom II's Archvile) * Shotgun Sergeants now drop shells instead of a Shotgun * Spherical powerups now spawn in a more 'ethereal' way * Teleporting now plays either Doom 64's sound, or regular Doom's at random * The Berserk, Computer Area Map, Goggles and Radiation Shield now have Doom's pickup sound * The Chainsaw now alerts monsters when selected * The Plasma Rifle and Arachnotron plasma missiles now feature different impact sounds * The Rocket Launcher firing sound no longer gets cut off when rockets hit something * The Unmaker no longer uses ammo, but zaps the player's health and armor when fired * Weapons no longer enter their 'Deselect' state automatically when out of ammo * Zombiemen now randomly perform a fast three-shot attack That's all for now. Huge thanks to moleccico for Doom CE and everyone that's contributed to that amazing mod.
  23. Fixed. Please, note that the current version of this mod will only work with version 3.5.2 of Doom 64 CE. I might fix that in the future, but I'm not confident 🙁