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  1. NaliSeed

    Request your doom mod and i will make it (closed)

    Make The Shores of ZDoom.
  2. NaliSeed

    Can we get a Doom map from this image?

    That could make an awesome new version of The Archvile's Labyrinth.
  3. NaliSeed

    [Hexen][ERLBA demo map] Sunrise Citadel

    I'm always looking for new Hexen maps, which, sadly are not so easy to come by, especially good ones (best two IMO are Cyrgoth's Revenge and Afterlands). I just love this damn game to death, it was, believe it or not, the first N64 game I finished. Oh, how I miss those days.
  4. Just wondering, is this the final release? It's all there, I mean story, intermission texts, etc?
  5. NaliSeed

    The MegaMus Randomizer; random MIDIs for Doom!

    So, I can listen to TNT music on Doom 2 now? Damn Spoiler tag showed up for no reason, sorry.
  6. NaliSeed

    Classic Doom Reforged. Would like some feedback.

    Just uploaded version 1.5 with the following changes: * 1st and foremost, I've packed all content into a single pk3 file using the Lump filtering feature. This means The Ultimate Doom now runs properly from the GZDoom welcome screen, as opposed to having its own separate pk3. I've removed several unimportant brightmap definitions along several unused files, resulting in a cleaner, smaller file, plus updated the README file with more detailed info on the mod * Added Berserk mini-icon to the HUD when picked * Added a modified 'DEM1' flat * Added a second random sound when closing the Super Shotgun * Added a third random spawner to floor pentagrams * Added blinking Cacodemon face to 'MARBFAC4' texture * Added brighter teleport and nuke flat graphics * Added brightmaps to the BFG 9000 * Added footstep sounds to Demons and Spectres * Added Dynamic lights to BulletPuff * Added new Death State effects to Plasma projectiles * Added new Plutonia sky to maps 12-20 * Added new visual effects to torches * Added particles to the Archvile's vanilla attack * Added smooth animations to 'FIREWALL' textures * Added some HD sounds from SeanTheBermanator's Doom Sound Bulb * Added some tweaks to Nuke Barrel explosions * Added trails to the Imp's vanilla fireball * Added new unlit Candelabra as random spawner * Automap pickup now features new visuals * Candelabra actor now has new dynamic lights and brightmaps * Changed 'Armour' to 'Armor' on the HUD * Disabled SS reload animation when not having enough shells * Doors now play existing and classic sounds at random * Imps no longer prioritize fast missiles above regular ones * Increased speed on teleport flat animations * Increased volume of Megasphere ActiveSound * Increased volume of the Archvile's fire attack * Reduced damage of Lost Soul's explosion * Removed conflicting patch 'COMP03_5' * Removed hiss from Revenant missiles * Replaced unlit candles with floating versions of it * Restored Archvile's NOTARGET flag * Shotgun guys can now randomly drop four shells * Spectres now remain in their semi-invisible state after dying (unless fried by plasma) * The Archvile's vanilla attack now deals damage in addition to the original blast * The Spider Mastermind death sequence now has a screen shake effect * Tweaked some minor brightmap and light defs on some weapons
  7. Can anyone help me out here? I've altered the weapon behavior by displaying a "no ammo" message whenever I'm out of bullets, shells, etc. Thing is, the Super Shotgun reload animation still appears right after I spend my last two remaining shells, how can I prevent that from happening? Edit: Nevermind, I got it. 😜
  8. Is there any way to make voxels float and spin as in Quake's weapons? I would love that.
  9. I'm stuck in the freaking Chasm.😬
  10. NaliSeed

    Mario 64 music mod

    Wouldn't surprise me. Nintendo goes batshit crazy when people mess with their stuff like spoiled ten years old brats. Guess it's their right, though.
  11. NaliSeed

    Mario 64 music mod

    LOL, he looks like Wilhelm I.
  12. NaliSeed

    Mario 64 music mod

    Super Mario 64 music in Doom? This is a joke, right?
  13. NaliSeed

    Hexen: Land of the Serpent Riders

    Wasn't this released like a million years ago?
  14. NaliSeed

    NEED HELP!!!

    Ah, yes, making a huge mess and not having a clue what to do. Been there.
  15. It looks like a Quake map somehow.