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  1. I'm a lot more impressed with the Chaingunner model. The ones I've seen are just Zombiemen carrying chainguns, and frankly, they look pretty dismal, especially when entering their attack state.
  2. NaliSeed

    Demon's Souls Map Pack v1 update

    Lol, I'd forgotten how lame the ZDoom notification sound for secret areas is until I found the one secret in the first map. Feels kind of weird having secret areas in Hexen, but it's a very welcome addition.
  3. NaliSeed

    Demon's Souls Map Pack v1 update

    Link keeps sending me to this very same page, lol.
  4. I could swear the Chaingun sound problem wasn't there before, I think it appeared in the last couple of versions of GZDoom; it's happening on regular Doom as well.
  5. NaliSeed


    For shame ☚ī¸đŸ‘Ž
  6. NaliSeed

    DBP62: Haunting Hollow

    Started out pretty good, but unfortunately the later levels devolved into slaughter maps.
  7. NaliSeed

    Doom II Backwards WAD

    Just saying Doom II has been wildly outclassed by a lot of custom maps, the original levels are just crude by today's standards.
  8. NaliSeed

    Doom II Backwards WAD

    Hard to believe people still play the original Doom II levels.
  9. Putrid is a funny word 😆
  10. Always nice to watch my computer blow up in my face by running these wads đŸ–ĨđŸ’ĨđŸ¤¯
  11. NaliSeed

    Editing sound effects

    I'm dragging that file into gzdoom. exe and it's working fine, it's the pk3 file you need to load, it won't work if you try to load it in zip format.
  12. NaliSeed

    Editing sound effects

    It doesn't work in wad format. I created a pk3 file and it does work. You have to create a folder named 'SOUNDS' and put your sound files there, then save your mod in pk3 format.
  13. I'm pretty fed up with the og shotgun animation by now, even if it's smoothly animated. A while ago I saw a weapons mod that featured the shotgun reload animation like that of Doom 64, but with Doomguys gloves visible; problem is, I can't remember the name of said mod. Help, anyone. EDIT: Nevermind, I found it 😀 😐