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  1. Arckra

    The /newstuff Chronicles #252

    Scientist 2 made my day. :) I love the themes, and of course the music. I guess it's not hard to tell I am a huge Dream Theater fan. ( Yay for DT! )
  2. Arckra

    IDDQD tshirts

    Heh, now I have to have it. :D I'll be the only girlie on campus with one.
  3. Well in terms of what I usually do. Meh, I'm sort of disappointed that I had to put a huge watermark on it. That was my first time attempting a planet and a star field. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/15977484/
  4. Arckra

    What system did you have your 1st Doom expierence?

    I think it was my 10th birthday when I managed to save up to by a Sega Genesis 32X. Then from there my dad happily went through all of the pawn shops in San Antonio and brought back a bunch of games for the both of us (mainly him) to play. I would watch him play Doom and one day I got the nerve to play it. :) I soon became far better than he ever was. I don't remember a Cybie in it but maybe I never got that far. I remember going as far as Spawning Vats but from there my memory is a little fuzzy. Then again, I never played anything harder than Hurt Me Plenty back then. :p Edit: If I remember correctly on the 32x version if you made it past Spawning Vats without using cheats you got the hidden Fortress of Mystery level which I could never beat. And now that I think about it I never did see a Cybie. I remember playing the PSX version for the first time and going "What the hell is that?!".
  5. Arckra

    revenant and baron slow-dancing

    Hah! Whoops, the music scared my roomie when I took a peep. :D Good job on waking her up and with the image!
  6. Arckra

    Oh, a flower.

    http://www.deviantart.com/view/14711155/ Well, I've got a lot to say about it. Most of what I felt while making this is in the pic of the Nograd by itself. So uh, here we go. First, I decided to try something old when it came to the drawing of it. For a while now all I've been doing is thick outlines and soft shading for some other stuff so I tried something that I haven't done in a while. Second, I suck at making a shadow so if anyone has any tips or anything on how to fix the shadow then please tell me. Or slapping me would be pretty good too. Third, this is a pet from the petsite I own and hopefully it will be avaliable for the users to order a print of. Fourth, that stupid dirt. Fifth, the huge watermark of death isn't on the version that's going to be printed.
  7. Heh, that's pretty spiffy. So is the driver. :D
  8. Arckra

    Some more drawings

    :D I like the third and fourth. The many eyes just make the overall creepyness rise up. Then the detail on the fourth makes me happy.
  9. Arckra

    In celebration on having my computer back

    :D I just guess that means more practice for me. Which I don't mind at all.
  10. I did work for the site I'm at. Well, I'm sort of happy with what I got done. Aside from the other ten pieces I had to finish these two are my favorites. They have the most in terms of detail and stuff just because the rest of the pieces have to be 80 x 80. So here they are. :D http://www.deviantart.com/view/12017607/ This is for the page leading into the Underwater Arena. The area itself is undeveloped. http://www.deviantart.com/view/11996047/ The boss itself. This is what's going to appear in the site's arena. Yes, like all of the bosses its facing to the left. O.o; All of my opponents have to face to the left as all of the pets' battle poses face to the right. I also think I'm going to pull away from leaving the large white spaces in the eyes just to see how that turns out.
  11. Arckra

    New non-doom art

    I personally like them both, but if you're going to use one for a comic then the second is a winner. Its a little more unique compared to what's already out there.
  12. Arckra

    My startpage got hijacked :-(

    Be glad you didn't have 256 like one of my friends had when we cleaned out his system. I also suggest getting Spyware Blaster. It also does a nice job of making sure certain things don't get into your machine in the first place. Plus a nice firewall wouldn't hurt either. :) Oh yes, and a sweep of unwanted objects on your start-up list doesn't hurt either.
  13. Arckra

    Shoe size

    9 - 10 US scale
  14. Arckra

    A Different Sort of Genie

    Like kinda flatish? I saw that this morning and it does bug me. :) I will be fixing some odds and ends tonight once I get all of my Chemistry quizzes out of the way.
  15. Arckra

    A Different Sort of Genie

    Hmm yes I hate the background. I have the psd file that I've been playing with for a while.