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  1. Csonicgo

    MBF21 Specification v1.2 Release

    Glad to see the community can come together and make this happen.
  2. Those greens are so good. Definitely checking this out now.
  3. Csonicgo

    How to start Eternity Engine 4.02?

    Seriously? What? All you have to do is place DOOM2.WAD in the same directory as Eternity.exe and run the exe. That's it. There is nothing else you need to do.
  4. Csonicgo

    Heartland - final version available on idgames

    Eternity Engine is finally getting the levels it deserves.
  5. Csonicgo


    MasterOFDeath (MoD), AKA Patchy, longtime member of the Doom Community and one of the OGs of ZDoom weapons mods, passed away on the 28th of September in a fatal motorcycle accident. He was only 31 years old. He leaves behind his adorable cat Petey, who misses him very much. MoD was an essential element to the birth of the ZDoom weapons modding community. If MoD's silly weapon mods weren't released, big hits like Russian Overkill wouldn't have been made in the first place. He always joked with me that he was responsible for Brutal Doom, and in a way, he was right. But I will always remember him for his nonstop creativity and genius. He is the primary reason I joined the Doom Community, and he was one of my best friends. I, along with others, will be updating the Doom Wiki with a list of his many, many contributions to the community. This post will be edited when/if I get info on anything else. There was no funeral due to Covid-19, but there is a plan for a memorial sometime in the Spring. Rest in Peace, Alex. I miss you already.
  6. Csonicgo

    Eternity Engine 4.01.00 Tyrfing

  7. Csonicgo


    Thank you everyone. Thank you.
  8. Csonicgo

    What's with Boom's shitty OPL synth?

    That's allegro for you. As for getting around it, also, no. This is one of the reasons I don't recommend Dos Boom.
  9. For some reason, monsters do not "flinch" or show pain in the latest build. This makes a lot of maps much harder because you cannot stun anything. I can't even stun a cyberdemon with an SSG reliably in this port. :(
  10. Csonicgo

    OPL SNYTH in skull tag

    That's because the old OPL synth in zdoom and related ports added a "limiter" of sorts on certain voice combinations. It's not accurate, it actually changes the timbre of the voices. That's one reason why it was thrown out. And not to make the post too long, on referencing the OP: "When I was testing the OPL synth on skull tag 098c I noticed I hear more sound notes on e2m4", the reason is that the note pressure algorithm was completely different to what zdoom ports have now. The midi note algorithm in the older zdoom was better. but it wasn't GPL, so out it went. Well, given that you were never meant to hear the OPL2/OPL3 digitally, there will be no such thing as "accurate". But the MAME OPL2 emulator of that era was absolutely terrible, as was the "Java OPL" if that's even selectable in that version. The real issue is this: Notice how 2, 3, 4, and 6 are just absolute values of the sine? that also corresponds to the overall output of the chip, so you get stuff like this: When a correct implementation (presumably through the SB16 DAC) would be more like this: The first waveform output cannot be amplified "enough" in digital mixing. it will always be limited by the lopsided sines. Ports need to add a 5Hz highpass to get around this, then OP can crank it up until his speakers break.
  11. Csonicgo

    A thing with ZDoom that I don't understand

    A few ports had an option to add gamma correction to screenshots, and some didn't - or the players didn't know it was an option. So tons of "pro" zdaemon DM screenshots are just washed out and ugly to look at. If you had PCX files on those older ports I think you could repair the damage by replacing the palette (I could be wrong here).
  12. I hope anyone who considers plagiarising work looks at this thread and the evidence and determine for themselves if it's really worth it. If one takes things without credit and somebody finds out, that person's entire span of works is now suspect. This community is so tight-knit that I'm shocked this wasn't discovered sooner. I once thought that'd be enough of a deterrent. I guess not. I'm disappointed.
  13. Csonicgo

    The 2019 Cacowards

    More seasoned doomworld vets remember the flame wars with every single /newstuff review thread. We're talking pages of angry shit. Glad that's over now.
  14. Csonicgo


    Does every WAD series need that many sequels? NUTS was already a joke submission to test /idgames FTP server, the fact that it became a speedrunning map was just part of B.P.R.D.'s genius.
  15. It's that time again! I usally start these at the beginning of the year, but due to insomnia and recent events. let's kick it off a little early! It's time for all the new kids who have enough posts to get their fish..wings. yeah. All you have to do is to request a fish, and someone here with some basic skills of MSPaint can make it for you. Or, you can be super creative and make one yourself. Tired of being a generic pentagram or "DESTROYER" avatar? This is the time to change that! If no one steps up to help you.. well.. there isn't much I can do. Maybe your fish idea sucks. And for those poor souls that somehow have ZERO idea of what I'm talking about, here you go. http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Pink_fish
  16. Csonicgo

    Eternity Now Has OPL3 Synthesis

    aaaah thank youuu
  17. Csonicgo

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    I always found this to make the game even scarier.
  18. Csonicgo

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]

    This is still vanilla, by the way.
  19. Csonicgo

    Sunder - Map19 Arrives.

  20. Csonicgo

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

  21. Csonicgo

    So why is Alien Vendetta in particular so well liked?

    Well the four people that I know did the first real speedruns of HR and HR2 (that I downloaded anyway) called themselves "the nordic connection" or something along those lines, and Anders was definitely in that group.
  22. Csonicgo

    So why is Alien Vendetta in particular so well liked?

    AV was the first real collab megawad from the scandinavian doom scene in a long while since HR, in the style of HR with new mapping techniques from the Gothic DM series. It was also one of Anders Johnsen's last projects. I guess you'd just have to be there in the community at the time to understand why it was such a big deal? But it was a big deal. I played it for hours and hours... Edit: I did mention that it was nordic, but not everyone who contributed was, but it was mostly the "scandinavian style" or what is now "Compet-N Style"... does anyone map for speedrunning anymore? or is that just "every map" now?
  23. Csonicgo

    Deathless - v1.1 out.

    Well,I know what I'll be playing this weekend.
  24. Happy Holidays and all that. v2.10 is out. Probably the last one of the year. Whew. Gotta release something solid before the Cacoward cabal passes me over for some last minute jokewad! This likely will be the last release of the year, although I can feel that is already a lie because that's how this project has always been. "It's done" and then six months later, I'm still working on it. But I am taking a break, and giving all the projects that incorporate this a chance to "catch up" with all the changes. Please use this for your projects! And for the WOPL: I have no idea what volume model to use. I picked "Generic" as that was default in the bank editor, but if you wanna use another volume model, go ahead - as long as it sounds okay, I don't care. If you want the WOPL version in ZDoom, well, You'll have to wait I guess. Eternity Engine is getting it, no reason for GZDoom not to have it. DMX is becoming a pain in the butt to support. DMX PATCHES HAVE BEEN FIXED! There is now a File called DMXOPLV.WAD that must be loaded with Vanilla Doom and Vanilla Doom only. Maybe ZDoom too, I don't know. I hate that DMX forces me to do this, but a lot of instruments that were "broken" now work. Yay? Well, I never learn, do I? The previous thread was getting a bit cluttered and a pain to edit using the new forum system, so I made another thread for Version 2. After my discovery of DMX being able to use OPL3 waveforms (refer to this thread), I realized that most of my original patches I created a while back were all rejected by me prematurely because they were using OPL3 waveforms. They were miles better than the OPL2 versions, so I decided to place them back in! The result is, well, what I always wanted to release in the first place! So here it is! DMXOPL v2.10 Or click the download link at the bottom of this post. DEMO: What's new in v2.10: Rhodes piano fixed for WOPL New instruments from Papiezak, including: Banjo, Picked Bass, Shamisen Woodblock (edited a bit) Added new Guitar Fret noise (thanks Patch93) Lead 8 has been tweaked (thanks Patch93) Pad 3 has been tweaked. Strings are now modified for DMX + Vanilla. Timpani lowered an octave and tweaked to add a better attack and harmonics. Lead 4 tweaked to match SC-55 Reduced detune for strings Added vibrato to Strings 1 (WOPL only) Strings 2 redone (WOPL only) Faster attacks on Pan Flute and Blown Bottle (Thanks Patch93) Fretless Bass changed, again Acoustic Bass tweaked, sounds considerably better now New Timbale set (WOPL only) Lead 7 redone Gunshot modified to be less annoying Pad 2 (warm) matches SC55 now Pad 8 (sweep) "matches" SC55 now FX 6 (goblin) matches SC55 now FX 2 (Soundtrack) matches SC55 now Blown Bottle tweaked, it now sounds tolerable. Brass Section attack tweaked to have chorus on the attack as well as the sustain. That was my fault. Cor Anglais matches SC-55 Lead 5 (Charang) Sounds like SC-55 Pad 4 (Choir) sounds like SC-55 OPL2 support removed - it was getting old and sounded terrible compared to the OPL3 version, and no one was really using it. It was only there for MAME OPL2 support in ZDoom for low-end devices, but since the buffer issue was discovered and fixed (I think), OPL2 support seemed silly. No one will be using AdLib for this! Various mixing tweaks What's new in v2.8: Most Note Offsets have been fixed! Thanks, @papiezak! New Electric Grand, thanks Papiezak! New Honky-Tonk Piano, thanks again to Papiezak! New Muted Guitar! New Finger Bass! New Harpsichord! New Sitar! New Viola! New Bari Sax! New Drawbar Organ (so much better now) Fretless Bass tuned a bit Rhodes Piano tweaked a bit Percussion organ fixed, finally Added all the patches from @papiezak from their fork Renamed voices to match General Midi Redid the Shakuhachi Jazz guitar tweak Timpani Tweak (may change this) Small trumpet tweak Synth Brass 2 changed Synth Bass 1 changed Cleaned up the source code Guitar Fret changed Halo Pad Vibraphone Volume fixes Helicopter Seashore Applause Music Box Recorder Clarinet Contrabass Other stuff I forgot What's new in v2.7: Percussion: High and Low Agogo enhanced Hand Claps enhanced Ride Cymbal tweaked Pedal Hi-Hat tweaked Closed Hi-Hat Tweaked Agogo enhanced Maracas cleaned up (WOPL ONLY) Jingle Bells and Shaker Instruments: String Ensemble 1 and 2 tweaked (tremolo removed, detune tweak) Orchestra Hit has faster attack Sawtooth is SC-55 accurate now Acoustic Piano redone Vibraphone Redone Violin Redone Nylon Guitar redone Celesta Redone Glockenspiel redone Marimba redone Xylophone redone Reed Organ tweaked Steel guitar redone Jazz Guitar redone Cello Redone Trumpet now matches a real trumpet (or an FM trombone, that's weird) Breath Noise redone Clarinet Redone Pick Bass redone Percussive organ redone Overdriven Guitar tweaked (this may change in a later release) Timpani redone Charang implemented (another Paul Radek patch gone) Star Theme redone Synth Drum redone Choir Aahs now sound correct New Steel Drum (Sounds amazing) Pan Flute redone Fretless Bass redone Chorus Piano now has a little chorus to it Clavichord redone New Slap Bass 1 Harmonica redone Various mixing tweaks have been done, not listed here. What's new in v2.5: Electric Guitars (Thanks to Patch93!) Guitar Harmonics (Patch93) Tubular Bells (Patch 93) Bass Lead Slap Basses (OlPainless) Percussive organ matches KORG Banjo tweaked Tremolo removed from Lead 7 (5th wave) Brightness tweaked to match Sound Canvas Harmonica volume lowered a bit Trombone (OlPainless) French Horn (OlPainless) Taiko (Daiko) drum (OlPainless) High and low bongos (OlPainless) All congas (OlPainless) String Ensemble 1 and 2 are completely redone. Synth strings reduced in volume. All percussion volumes tweaked to match each other. Splattering issues eliminated in some songs (Thanks, Zeem!) Rock Organ quietened Clean Guitar quietened Tremolo Strings redone Harp redone to match HARP1 on DX-7 Dulcimer quietened New Brass section (OlPainless) New snares (WARNING, will BREAK on 0,1-tick notes! Blame the Midi composers for this silliness!) An /idgames/ release will be shortly, although I cannot guarantee 1:1 compatibility just yet. it's very, very close now, though. What's new in v2.1a: HI-HATS! What's new in v2.1: I added some more harmonics to the bright piano, and made all pianos a little quieter. Cor Anglais (English horn) Now matches Formants of a horn played by an actual person Side stick percussion improved Timbales match real ones Vibraslap sounds better Alto, Tenor and Baritone Sax improved Clarinet improved Bassoon improved, one of the last Paul Radek Patches to be replaced Koto Redone for Shadow Warrior midis Tremolo strings redone, but still not to my liking. May not be able to do anything about this. Acoustic Bass redone, another Paul Radek patch gone Gunshot redone, another Paul Radek Patch gone. Matches the sound of the Duck Hunt "Zapper" fire Synth Bass 1 tweaked, another Paul Radek patch gone - Matches SC-55 What's new in v2.0: These voices were modified to use OPL3 waveforms: Snare drums All Keyboards Slap Basses Toms Square Wave Timpani Brass Section Nylon and Steel guitars Clarinet Viols Chiffer And of course, various mixing fixes here and there. If you want to use this - please note the previous version is still supported, and if there are any major issues found with it, I'll fix them - eventually. If you don't know what I'm talking about at all here, refer to this earlier thread. For those with slower systems, OPL2 version is probably your best bet. However, if you have access to a compiler and want to remove the skipping and popping in (G)ZDoom due to buffer underruns, You can change the number "14" in line 108 in this file: src/sound/mididevices/music_opl_mididevice.cpp int ret = OpenStream(14, (FullPan || io->IsOPL3) ? 0 : SoundStream::Mono, callback, userdata); to 4 or 5. This will largely fix the problem. Vanilla Doom requires you have "DMXOPTION=-opl3" variable set. If you don't set this, bad things will happen (It'll sound like garbage, for starters). All Commercial IWADS, including Strife, Hacx and Chex Quest, have been tested, and will work. Freedoom also works with it, and I recommend using this with Freedoom as the default GENMIDI Freedoom uses is not the best out there. These PWADS have been personally tested by me and confirmed to work: 2Sector Batman Doom BTSX Episodes 1 & 2 Community Chest 1-3 Cygnus IV Deus Vult I and II (and Zero) Equinox Going Down Jenesis Speed of Doom STRAIN ...And a few secret ones (I'm not telling) So, tell me what you think! DMXOPL.ZIP