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  1. It's likely a detune issue, I'll take a look. iirc, IMF was more of a "compiled" format, so it could do anything the editor allowed. Not sure if any of this was ever used extensively...
  2. RC1 is out. Go break it. Other than some percussion, it's done :v
  3. It was very close. The version that's in my set took inspiration from Voyetra Sequencer. However, Voyetra Sequencer has an extra trick in that it actively controls the OPL registers as the sounds are playing. DMX doesn't allow for that, but I've managed to get "close enough" that I'm satisfied. The major things left to do are proper mixing of all sounds (this just takes time, trial and error) and making sure the voices work with all velocities. I'll have to play a lot of custom music to test all that.
  4. Some IMF sounds were inspiration, yes. :) Although none were directly copied, my snare drum patch is almost five years old, one of the very first ones I did.
  5. Part of me says "yes", the other part says - this took years of messing around with the concepts of FM synthesis in general to get this far. It helps to have some music theory as well as knowledge of harmonics to get the sounds you want. There are so many variables that affect the sound, including the octave range, feedback, waveform, and 2-op/4-op. 4-op synthesis (what most of this is, technically) is how I layer sounds to make bells, ensembles, synth leads, etc. I also have to take into account how the instruments are played. Violin solos always use vibrato, fiddles don't. At the end of the day it's just a bunch of hexadecimal numbers, but knowing what those numbers do is the magic. Creating a patch, testing it, tweaking it, testing again... sometimes takes more than I would like to admit. But, if I had to pick a custom title I would go with "OPL Goddess" in a heartbeat. :P And another thing, I'll be working on making as many sounds as 2op as possible to free up channels for Vanilla Doom. There will be two versions when I'm done- one for doom.exe and for source ports that can emulate more than one chip at a time. For your other question, I have blessing from the original creator of gmopl and the 4op fat man set to use his values as a base. Three only parts that are still DMX defaults are some of the percussion I haven't tweaked yet. I'm in talks with the freedoom crew (or at least I think so) so I hope to make that happen. I'll also do a standalone release on idgames.
  6. Yep, confirmed. I had to use the last ZDoom version for testing, as well as Chocolate Doom.
  7. Ancient Aliens has uncovered many inconsistencies, and I'm working on those. In the meantime, here's a Release with some of those changes. https://github.com/sneakernets/DMXOPL/releases/tag/v1.2.1
  8. I used the DMX base set as.. a base. Almost all of them have been replaced. They are based on the sounds of FM Yamaha synths I own, with most of the "Doom" instruments mimicking the SC-55 as close as possible.
  9. Oh man, if only someone could do something like that that'd be great
  10. Version 1.2 is now out fixing all the loose ends. Here is what I used to test instruments not in doom's midis... Christmas music :s http://vocaroo.com/i/s1YXHSelQIeX I'll clean up some synths in v1.3 as well, some don't sound well in the high ranges as I had hoped.
  11. Version 1.1 is out, thanks to Jimmy and Essel for feedback.
  12. Life sure is weird.
    I never knew how much pushback and red tape I would go through until I found out who I truly am. It's like I'm swapping one stressor for another.

    On the other hand, I never knew how much support I would get.
    So that's nice.


    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      My grandmother used to say something like this:


      When I was barely grown up, life was difficult, because oftentimes I didn't know what I wanted for myself. Once I knew what I wanted, life was difficult because getting there wasn't easy either.

  13. Mapper didn't put enough ammo in the map Mapper didn't test this one Mapper didn't test this one either Mapper only played on this one Impossible (also, mapper didn't put enough ammo in the map)
  14. Given that I almost blew a subwoofer once due to a map like he mentions, I beg anyone wanting to implement this to please reconsider unless you want to add an extra no-warranty clause beyond the GPL about speaker damage.
  15. Why would I want to use more flags when I can just make a dummy sector and be done with it? Everyone knows how to use it, Everyone knows how it works, It works in every port ever, It takes like 5 seconds to make, And I can see which sectors are affected by the dummy by selecting them instead of having to hunt through sectors and hope I find the one I put flags on.