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  1. Okay? That has what to do with what I said, exactly?
  2. Nope. GCN steamrolled the PS2 and XBox graphicswise. It was just that blasted disc format! It wasn't just any CD or DVD, it was laid out in a way to reduce loading times significantly compared to its rivals. This unfortunately increased costs to manufacture, and the number of discs required to make a game. PSX did 180K texture mapped and light sourced polygons per second. N64 did 500K+ per second. The real issue was a microcode limitation that only 1st and 2nd-party games could be licensed to work around. Nintendo gotta Nintendo somehow. This limitation was later dropped, but was much too late. This is true, but the Genesis games had to do a lot more work "in software" to recreate effects the SNES could do without breaking a sweat. Sports games later on really showed this: the legendary "Mode 7" effect was perfect for sports games that could benefit from 3D perspectives on a flat plane. In baseball games, for example, the motion of the camera when the pitcher tries to out a runner on first would be a pain to do on the Genesis. Nintendo being "on par" these days means releasing yet another boring, locked-down, underpowered PC in a box. We already have two/four of those already. Why do we need five?
  3. Toys R Us once had a huge electronics section, which shrunk considerably after the Home Computer market started to wind down. Probably not the best move they could have made. what once was 1/4th of the store is now shoved into a small, understaffed, understocked corner somewhere. Over the years, instead of catering to all ages, I've seen the demographic they cater to shrink as their "Babies R Us" market grew - which was also hit by the Great Recession, for obvious reasons. They've also "shrunk" in size, from once large displays and the like to cramped, cluttered aisles. It went from exciting to embarrassing to go in there.
  4. I really want to like this WAD I'm reviewing, but I just can't. There are too many problems in terms of movement, ammo balance, and even motion sickness. I got motion sickness!!!

    1. Alter


      Sounds like a monti wad :D

  5. The Creation Club as a concept is pure hot garbage, so perhaps that is for the better.
  6. Given how awful performance SnapMap had and still has, it's likely they couldn't unfuck it enough to place it on the console.
  7. I think the wayback machine has all of the common ones.
  8. I hope this is not limited to a X86/AMD64 release.
  9. I'm creating a new thread based off of this one: A lot of recent "missing" files were hosted on file sharing sites that were not reliable, such as drdteam files, Rapidshare, etc. I admit a lot of forums are likely lost. I hope to renew some interest in finding missing files, however. If you know of any content you cannot find now, please list them here. Surely someone has an old dusty HDD somewhere with the files. Here is my list: Yoghurt's Cajunbot source code, DoomWars source code BZDoom source and binaries (RR said they had them, I didn't see them uploaded anywhere) Compuserve Doom archive (Lost?) All Doom Legacy source code releases (v1.28 is missing) WAD files mentioned in the Doom FAQ (FunDuke helped out with this, but I am not sure on the progress of this) Chungy created an archive on github ( https://github.com/Doom-Utils ) made to preserve the old Doom Utilities. As far as I know, there is no such repository for other Doom-related files. I presume copyright issues are why. I am of the opinion of preserving these creations intact, and Hopefully Disney and Viacom won't give a toss about some crappy 8-bit 11025Hz samples someone recorded on a microphone connected to their Sound Blaster in the 90s.
  10. I've always wondered if Betruger's lines and body language could be redone with a different tone to set something more frantic and determined, instead of an evil guy. Like an obsessed scientist that is used as a pawn. It would have made for a much better twist, than "here is bad guy lol" right at the beginning. But I have to wonder if they were wary of being accused of "ripping off half-life" if they did that.
  11. It's a bug in DMX that isn't compensated for by the editor I'm using. I'm looking into it. EDIT: Also, I'm not using GM.DLS at all for comparisons. I'm using a Roland Sound Canvas.
  12. Holy crap, this will be surreal. I've been there.
  13. DMX's OPL support is broken. WAY broken. Certain note values for percussion exhibit incorrect harmonics in ways I can't quite figure out. Not sure if it's velocity, or some of the note values being "88"... I'm shadowboxing this "bug" that doesn't show up in the DMXOPL patch proper, but shows up when used in Vanilla or even source ports. If source port authors, when they implement OPL emulation, could fix this, I would love said persons forever.
  14. @There is nothing worse than typing on a C64 for hours= then going back to an IBM=@ lamented CSG.

    1. Megalyth


      @Have some bread, I brought extra=@ offered Megalyth.

  15. As many have said, frames per second isn't the issue, but latency , low input lag, and stability is. I'd rather have a constant 30 than a jittery, screen-tearing "60". On a CRT with good contrast and phosphor retention, this was never an issue. For both examples.