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  1. Oh gooood, it'll work with my patch set rather well then. I gotta play this over the holidays!
  2. This. If you've prepared DnD campaigns as I and many others have, this translates to Doom maps almost 1:1. In fact, I've been working on a project for a while with a map directly from a DnD campaign. even monster setups and traps can be transferred over.
  3. Wooww this map was intense~ I love the idea of using a cybie to clear out some enemies. I ended up bottlenecking one of the doors :P
  4. aaaaaaaa thank you! I'm playing this right now! 💜
  5. Well, A new release. The "problem" patches have been "fixed", until I figure out a better way to do those. Sorry! But check it out anyway! Works in ADLMidi at least...
  6. I cannot stand any body hair, to the point of shaving multiple times a day. I'm looking into treatment to remove it for good. Gah.
  7. When one side is Nazis, it's not very hard.
  8. Nah I think I get it. EDIT: I watched the trailer, and all trailers since the reveal. I saw zero of what you were talking about. I did, however, find this: Boo hoo.
  9. You seem to care a lot about politics. More specifically, alt-right politics. Who do you think you're fooling, here? You're legitimately upset with advertising, about a game where the protagonist kills Nazis. That says more about you than any post you can attempt to defend yourself.
  10. Sure! Basically there are some precision issues with how the GENMIDI format is read in and sent to the OPL3 chip, vs the Yamaha specs. I assume it's because Yamaha left a lot of room for more precision later, for later OPL series cards. OPL-4 was the last one, and didn't take advantage of this. As a result, some volumes are louder than they should be, some combinations of sounds that should work won't. My Slap Bass patches once suffered from this. Unfortunately none of this stuff is documented; and if it is, I haven't found it. ZDoom 2.8.1 is basically what I recommend using for the best sound overall for now, GZDoom is still broken on some music files, and I cannot figure out why. ZDoom doesn't have the volume problems that Chocolate Doom emulates. Eternity Engine should have ADLMIDI support soon, which will bring to that port the sound exactly as I intended. That's why my aim was for the SC-55 at first, but with the input of some in the demoscene, a lot of things have deviated from that goal. Hence the Guitars - they are inspired by ThunderForce IV rather than the SC-55.
  11. I'll be compiling the SDL2 versions of NET and MIXER as soon as I can.
  12. While I like the idea of Pi 2 support, and I used the Pi 1 and 2 to test zdoom's ARM support back in those days, if it means more features for the RPi3 in future (you know, like hardware acceleration) then I'm more than willing to part with it. Just know that I use GZDoom without X11 (it's not required on Pi thank god) so whatever changes in the rendering pipeline shouldn't require X11 to work.
  13. It's just chicken strips. There's not much to "industrially process" here. "Someone's trying to cross the border with dozens of bags of chicken strips, I've seen it all now!" From someone who remembers the Wendy's of the 80s, of course you're right. Rest In Peace, Salad Bar.
  14. While ADSR and other tweaks are easy to do, "turning back" to Paul Radek's patches goes against the spirit of my project. I wasn't simply trying to tweak Paul Radek's patches as much as replace them entirely to be legal to use in other projects, and to be used in other applications besides Doom. I may try my hand at a "Tweaked" Paul Radek GENMIDI later, but currently, this project has become too ambitious to dial back now. As for some of your criticisms, most are due to limitations of DMX, and I've been working to fix this. What sounds good in one program doesn't in another - See the contrabass patch in the latest release for an example of this (Much too loud for starters). A v2.8 prerelease is out on GitHub, which has quite a few changes in the instruments you mentioned, and more. Go check it out when you can.
  15. This. THIS. I’ve heard this said by people without even changing up the word order. Makes me angry just thinking about it.