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  1. Hooray, v1.9.1 is now on idgames, so that's good! For those holding back until a "final release", this is stable enough for use in projects without worrying about having to update it. However, If anyone has ideas for improvements, don't hesitate to let me know!
  2. Yeah. Welcome to Windows :P Windows is usually better about compatibility than other OSes. and the software "runs".
  3. Rundll32 handles dynamic linked libraries for programs. My best guess is that there may be miscommunication between the way the game EXE expects rundll32 to work, and how it actually works. That you mention "late 90s" leads me to believe this may be the case.
  4. New DMXOPL Release: 


    1. Voros


      I will not download until a final release is announced >:D

    2. Csonicgo


      It's pretty much done. Any other release will be for BTSX.

  5. I decided to release v1.9 today, found a stupid DMX bug with double voices, and had to fix that, so we're at v1.9.1 now. Why do I never test this thoroughly before release? Links updated and all that. Changes in this version: Slap Basses sound better, probably as best as they can be without ripping Voyetra's banks Percussion overhaul, AGAIN, now Side Stick sounds correct, added Guiro, cleaned up cymbals a bit, VIbraSlap is louder Piano improved, it now doesn't sound scratchy (Pulse Sine problems) Solo String instruments are much better now. Mixing issues fixed. Some still show up, I'll address them next BTSX release.
  6. Now I know why people randomly text message me when they're high.

    1. Doomkid


      Because you sell that chron, that dank??

    2. Fonze


      You know you're high when random things start to make sense ;p

    3. TheUltimateDoomer666
    4. Csonicgo


      @Doomkid: mhmhmm, I could've touched the moon

  7. It sounds good on legit hardware with some of the higher frequencies rolled off a bit, but since most listen with emulation, it's very bell like indeed. I may release v1.9 with two "editions" - one for real SB16 cards and one for emulators.
  8. I'm planning to do an overhaul of them in future. I am not satisfied with some of the cymbal-based instruments, but there's only so much I can do to address these with 2-op FM synth. If I had legitimate 4-op, there would be no issue. I'm waiting until I can say v1.9, then never touch the thing again! *knocks on wood*
  9. Hello again! Just wanted to let you know that DMXOPL is now in MIDI Player on the Android Play Store! Now you take the sound with you - if you ever had the urge to do so, at least 😜
  10. I know I'm stirring a hornet's nest, but llvm/clang was the only compiler with full Obj-C support until very recently. GCC "supports" it, but doesn't understand some new "conventions" added to the language. Apple shares some of the blame. DoomEd code was written way before the new Swift-like features were added, so, your point still stands.
  11. Yep this is exactly what happened. I have to proof of this but i sincerely think Kilgore knew about it and didn't do a thing about it. When someone complained about it on the forums, many "serves you right" replies were posted. Never mind that this was in the days where 2GB was a sizeable chunk of a hard disk (or even larger than the disk itself).
  12. If you were saying to yourself "I wonder if I can play FFVII with DMXOPL", the answer is yes. 

    1. Megalyth


      Truly the Lord has smiled upon us

    2. Csonicgo


      This sounds so good omg

    3. NuMetalManiak


      welp time for a revisit

  13. The definition of "overplayed" is when a group of WADs created to antagonize the player and nothing more can be split into distinct epochs
  14. One of those "Terry wads" I downloaded without knowing to review for /newstuff crashed my then-new computer due to a PK3 containing two 2GB Zip Bomb files. I lost my schoolwork for that week. If you want to defend that, go right ahead! Terry's SkullTag mods are notorious for modifying files on the user's HDD, which was used to spam say commands on servers, as well as filling up the config file with garbage. Some Terry mods just wiped the thing entirely or booted everyone from a server. So funny, right? There is no humor in these maps, or Terry's behavior. I've yet to play a "Terry wad" that was legitimate and didn't try to be obnoxious or contain subject matter that I stopped finding funny as soon as I turned twelve. And given the reaction from the Terry clique when Ty started to clean up the archive, they knew they were in the wrong. Terry did a lot more than "funny" - they loved abusing any sort of trust the Doom community members had for each other. After Terry, we can't be sure any WAD or PK3 is legit. And before anyone brings it up. ZDaemon's IWAD Zip Bomb "punishments" were just as terrible.
  15. I like the idea of rep points, but only for posts that deserve it. Stuff like Reviews, Questions answered, etc... That way the rep wouldn't just be from someone farming likes from a status update.