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  1. --Kintaro--

    Doomers by Location

    Ouééééé suis pas tout seul en fin de compte muhahahah >:). Moi je suis sur Atlanta pour le moment mais l'annee prochaine je bouge sur Metz. On pourrait ptete s'organiser un ptit Lan "si" doom3 se decide a sortir. Je joue beaucoup plus a America's Army pour le moment (americasarmy.com) et UT2k4, enfin me tarde de poser les papattes sur d3 B). -Earth --North America ---USA ----Georgia -----Atlanta But next scholar year (that is when doom 3 is out, right ? right ??) I'll be in: -Europe --France ---Metz
  2. --Kintaro--

    If id is Doom III's designer...

    Since they ship the game, maybe the 15th of April they announced is correct then...*cross fingers: I wanna believe*
  3. --Kintaro--

    April fools doom!

    Yep they really do look like the famouse Space Hulk aliens. Except the genes had 3 claws I think, didnt they Oo ?
  4. --Kintaro--

    Another Cacodemon -- Colored --

    I'm glad I didn't name the drawing a PE then...;p
  5. --Kintaro--

    April fools doom!

    Oh yeah ok I see now ^_^ . Pretty scary...:-)
  6. --Kintaro--

    UnrealEngine3 GDC Impressions

    Wait to see how it "moves" first :-). Plus some textures seem to be missing on the pics u gave Zoorado..(hopefully..)
  7. --Kintaro--

    Has anyone else noticed...

    Yes I've seen that but they don't stop pushing over the date...I just think this is to justify the pre-orders ;-)
  8. --Kintaro--

    Any last words?

    How much do you bet I can jump over that car with my bike ?
  9. --Kintaro--

    Have fun with the skeletons (HL2)

    Hehe, well the good news is, I was said that Doom3 also uses the Havok engine ! Hooah ! Now if any1 can confirm that would be great. I'll have a look into the official website see if I can dig the answer. Sorry about the wrong section in the forum [post moved over here]
  10. --Kintaro--

    April fools doom!

    Cool :) The drawing is nice but what's the flying thing on the left ?
  11. --Kintaro--

    Another Cacodemon -- Colored --

    cute lol...Ah well, good to know it is still there ;>
  12. http://oldsite.havok.com/xtra/demos/demo-ragdoll2.html Based on Havok physics used in....Half-life 2... Will doom3 beat this ;-) ?
  13. --Kintaro--

    HL2 "Radiosity Normal Mapping" = Cool

    Yep, it does look like a cool effect. Getting more and more realistic now :-)
  14. --Kintaro--

    McDonald's Hacked Doomworld!

    Nice :-) You think they get money for this April f00l ? :p
  15. --Kintaro--

    Another Cacodemon -- Colored --

    Drawing and painting with the mouse using Photoshop. I often wondered why Cacodemons smiled since they were pretty easy to kill... Well, so here is the evolution of the drawing in 6 steps (the pic is about 80kb): http://www.avatar-forum.com/images/6cacosbymelvinpressouyre.gif And here is a close-up of the final version: http://www.avatar-forum.com/images/CacodemonbyMelvinPressouyre.jpg I can't wait to see the new version of the cacodemon in Doom3, dunnow if there will be any though :). Feel free to comment ;).