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  1. etimmerAZ

    Found some good Doom fan art on the net!

    Damn, That was pretty cool. It's almost cartoony.
  2. etimmerAZ

    Baron of Hell

    Nice. The Furry legs remind me of the P.A.G.A.N. rally from the Movie Dragnet.
  3. I gonna see it too, I saw the first one last night on SciFi. It was totally setup for the sequel. I was amazed at how much nastiness they showed on SciFi.
  4. etimmerAZ

    internet dating

    You are joking. Right? I really hope that is a joke. PLEASE tell us that you are JOKING! Don't do it.
  5. etimmerAZ

    internet dating

    It might be "Black Armband Day" soon.
  6. etimmerAZ

    My holiday in Spain...

    I like the dragon. No it's not a sin to post while wasted. If you eat a bit of bread you can even have comunion. :D Dominus Pissus
  7. etimmerAZ

    Doom 3 Mancubus

    Nice tits. It's a good likness.
  8. etimmerAZ

    Check out my MGS comic!

    Killer dolls, gotta love it.
  9. etimmerAZ

    The jawbone of an ass

    Kinda gives new meaning to "Bite me!".
  10. etimmerAZ

    Hostage drama Russia (resolved: 200-250 dead)

    We could cut that sarcasm with a knife.
  11. etimmerAZ

    Winged Demon V2 (Pencil Art)

    Cool. I like the cyber bits. Just a thought Ol' Boy, how about a bigger brain? EDIT: It's now my windows background. Cheeers!
  12. etimmerAZ

    :D I designed my own tattoo

    I once wanted a tatoo. I am now glad I wasn't drunk enough to get it. Your body your choise.
  13. etimmerAZ

    Hostage drama Russia (resolved: 200-250 dead)

    How will independence stop anything? I think Chechnya should be independent. But what will they do with all the fanatics who all of a sudden have nothing to do? I guess they will just pack up and live nice peacful lives. Could it be?
  14. etimmerAZ

    Drunken Mistake (With Potential)

    Hmmm . . . drunk good! scam bad! fire good! bath baaaaaad! --The Bruce
  15. etimmerAZ

    The jawbone of an ass

    It's amazing as to what people can do. Just think about what we will be seeing in 30 years. --OR-- I can see it know, a new spam message: Subject: INCREASE JAW SIZE, 100% NATURAL SDFGGSSRTRTW