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  1. Dr.Doom

    Moving trains.....

    I need to re-install Jdoom :(
  3. A mall should be kinda hard, with all of those complex angles and stuff >_>
  4. Dr.Doom

    Moving trains.....

    Tagged path nodes! But is it possible to make a skybox viewpoint move like that? Oh well, We'll find out.
  5. Dr.Doom

    Moving trains.....

    LOL. Ehem, the skybox technique is the best one there is, but what happens when In a coop game, one player goes in the train and the other one stands outside of it? If you ask me, one player will be inside a "moving illusion" and the other one wont see the train move at all, but he will see the skybox moving. That's kinda supid. But if it were just a single player WAD, then the skybox is reccomended.
  6. You could make forest (using custom tree sprites). Although there has already been a wad that is like this, Real.wad does just about everything for a forest wad.
  7. Dr.Doom

    A big project

    Hey thanks for the reply and advice. But I'd like to mention that the grenade launcher is supposed to be flashing through the wall (so the player gets supicious. Also, there is another thing (you may not have noticed). There is no shadowing except for on the grenade launcher, I can explain this. After I made the wonderful moving clouds (Plutonia required) I was thinking about day and night transition, as you would know after it returned to day again all the sectors would have to return to their normal light level. So I made it easy and changed them all to 255 (max). My original tecnique was to just delay 2000 tics then in 300 tics change the brightness level. I wanted a more realistic approach, 2000 tics from the start of when the player spawns until it goes dark. But this is fairly impossible because to have a light take 2000 tics to darken then brighten up again, Doom itself would have to be chopped into little glitchy bits of gameplay (which I would rather not have in my wad). So I had been left with all sectors on maximum light level. O yea, there is one ultimate secret. The first switch is in the kitchen hidden behind a wall, you must shoot it, (I hope you can figure it out from there.)
  8. Dr.Doom

    Moving trains.....

    The skybox tecnique is likely one of the easiest ways of doing it. Its pretty simple really. You'd just make a skybox similar to what I made in Base43. Player hops in train, door closes and shuts, skybox ceiling starts moving (using scripts of course) and textures on sides start scrolling. Thats the easiest way in my point of view.
  9. Dr.Doom

    A big project

    A few BIG notes **************** -You absolutely MUST have Plutonia.wad to play Base 43 -For mappers, the configuration is Skulltag (Doom in Hexen), additional flats and textures from WAD (Plutonia.wad) -If you take this WAD and turn it into something of your own, I will be VERY mad at you! :P
  10. Dr.Doom

    A big project

    Base 43 has been undergoing completion for over a year now and its finally complete. Base43 is a DM wad using scripts for complex commands such as sparks, realistic elevators, and even moving clouds (yea, they REALLY move :P). You can get it at this website, http://www.freewebs.com/mydoom/thebase43project.htm You can read the stuff at the top or just skip down to the bottom and get the wad, either way you're gonna have fun with this one. I hope you enjoy! :)
  11. Dr.Doom

    New SP/Coop WAD

    TRF, is probaly one of my best wads. It basically recreates the Doom series with 5 maps (shame on me). Also, ignore the late pistol sound, :P. Get it here, freewebs.com/mydoom/
  12. Dr.Doom

    "...and I built his cage"

    "Huh? No, no! You must let me get this communication out, they have to be warned while there is still time, i can't let-I can't let...The devil is real, i know...i built his cage." -Thats excactly what he says
  13. Dr.Doom

    Doom Poem

    "As all the corrupted gathered around the corpse And so, as they all wept, and remembered who they were, they realized The evil was always there And they were like the hero without it Dead" -Oh so you mean they killed the Doom guy? That's not nice... LOL
  14. Dr.Doom

    Doom3 in Doom2?

    Deathbringer? Deathbringer from NwO?!
  15. I have recently finished a new wad that I had started two days ago. As you can tell by the title of this thread the name is Base43beta. This is a DM wad which is set inside a small military base in the middle of the desert. It features new music for map01 by Metallica and a warm enviorment (get it?) Keep in mind that it IS beta so it's not perfect YET. But still it is definitely worthwhile playing this as it delivers an excellent enviorment for DM. If you would like to check out the wad or share it with some friends then E-mail me at WarDestroyerX@aol.com and I will send it to you as an attachment.