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  1. I don't recall the exact year, but I remember playing some maps/mapsets like ASDoom2, 2DieFor and some others fun wads (eg, one that changed the RL into a pie thrower). All from the late 90s, from CD-ROMs or BBSs.
  2. ARMCoder

    DBP23: Evil Egypt

    I'm Playing v2.1 in HMP, at first I planned to play the whole set before writing about, but I'm stuck in MAP07 so I decided to tell my opinions now. MAP01: Rather long for a first map and a little difficult for HMP. I also found its design a little less refined than the following maps. But it's doable and interesting overall. MAP02 to MAP06: I found them surprisignly easy (not that they are easy, some parts are still quite hard). Maybe MAP01 made me expect a higher difficulty level in the next maps. Well designed and refined, and challenging too, they were quite a fun experience. MAP07: Here's where I found that the difficulty skyrocketed. Whenever there's an arena filled with abundant weaponry and ammo, you can expect that hordes of monsters will soon swarm on you, but this can be adjusted. Maybe it's just me, but I found this map too punishing for HMP, to the point I'm stuck at a save state that's limiting my escape routes. Overall it's a very well crafted project with a great theme, but which balance could be improved, not every player is a pro. EDIT (spoilers): Cheers!
  3. ARMCoder

    What megawads do you replay the most?

    Doom 1 and 2 IWADs, I've played them countless times. They are always classic, and always relaxing. I seldom play add-on megawads because I prefer standalone maps.
  4. Finally the map v2.0 made it to IDGAMES... Just bumping the topic. Download here and have fun! Cheers!
  5. ARMCoder

    Do you know all the "special" maps in Doom 2?

    IIRC, MAP15 - Industrial Zone - has a malformed secret area that is triggered only when the player is bumped by a PE when next to it. So normally no one can achieve 100% secrets, at least in the original engine. Modern source ports apparently make up for this particular design error.
  6. Hi folks! I'm updating the project, NEW VERSION RELEASED! This version is an extension of the previous, with new areas, so I decided to rebadge it to 2.0 instead of keep increasing the map's ID to 1.whatever. For those who played the 1.x, there are several small surprises lying around in 2.0. ===== Release Description ===== This release is based on v1.2 (unreleased), so I grouped all topics here: Small textures/sectors/deco/lighting rework. One brand new and large secret area dedicated to the Wolfenstein lovers (tip: a visit to the in-map restroom may be more rewarding than it seems at first). Even a few more bogeys and traps added. Download v2.0 on IDGAMES here! You can find some more screenshots and info in the OP. Here I'm adding some new screenshots - the last arena was redesigned, so its screenshot in the OP is now outdated. Cheers and have fun!
  7. ARMCoder

    Status Critical (DOOM 2 Single Map WAD)

    I made the map work on GZDoom, but it didn't work properly on DSDA-Doom (some doors didn't work) and Chocolate Doom just crashed on the map. So it's essential, before anything else, to verify and disclose whether the map is vanilla-compatible, or to which source ports it was targeted and tested on. (A good way to check whether the map is vanilla-compatible is to test-run it on Chocolate Doom). Given the overall map's simplicity, I'd suggest to ensure it's vanilla compatible, unless you really have a specific need. This will guarantee, or at least guide the widest audience to your map. Design-wise, the map has some nice ideas, it's fun for a beginner's mini-map. Keep going. Cheers!
  8. ARMCoder

    Truth (My first map)

    A different kind of map (I played it in HMP). Quite cryptic at first as the player is very underarmed, but it's something that one can become used to before long. The very most kills I amassed were by inducing infightings (those Revs in the first room are quite useful as they can be subverted into stationary missile launchers, especially against the Barons). Most Pinkies and Knights I killed by punching, the Imps and Zombies were better finished using the pistol. An interesting one-time experience!
  9. ARMCoder

    Dis 2.0 (Limit Removing)

    I played in GZDoom with auto-aim on. From the cover/vantage point I was shooting, somehow the barons didn't deflect my rounds, maybe without knowing better I found a sweet spot for shooting. I actually re-tested the aim from a slightly different point and indeed the barons vacuumed the shots towards them.
  10. ARMCoder

    Dis 2.0 (Limit Removing)

    Just tested it in HMP. The level is as simple as it gets, just fire at Mama Spider until she dies without being caught - what's not an easy proposition, especially when you are pistol-starting. Grabbing the so precious rockets under her almost continuous fire is the biggest challenge, and delivering those rockets without getting a harsh punishment is the next good challenge. I died a lot trying the level at first, to the point I cheated just to see whether I was missing some critical step. Then I got the picture and replayed without cheats, just saving A LOT haha. It takes a great skill to beat this one on a single run with no reloads. The barons are there just for the looks, they have zero importance in the combat. I imagine that playing this level within the full episode should be quite easier, since you'll most likely have a heftier weaponry and ammo at hand. Nice level!
  11. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the map! But I must say you played the 1.0 release. 1.1 was released last Wednesday and it brings a few gameplay and aesthetic improvements. A few more enemies were added, but most changes were made in the last arena in order to better match the overall map theme and to spice up the combat. So the map became a little harder than before, not really much. Cheers!
  12. Nice little map! Tested on GZDoom, UV level. Mildly chellenging with lots of little traps that keep the player on his toes. The secret areas are not shown in the map even after finding the automap, but I managed to find them all anyway (the whole map is not big, all in all). The colorful crates gave the map a little Mario's flavor, what I disliked at first but quickly got used to, to the point of finding them lighthearted and fun. The overall design makes great use of small space, the sensation is of an "efficient" map that can be traversed quickly without feeling cramped. Great job!
  13. ARMCoder

    test map for doom 2

    Runs on GZDoom... What's the point anyway? Cheers!
  14. In your gameplay those monsters teleported to the main concourse (they didn't in my gameplay)... and even so they weren't really a great threat. In the blue door room, I just let the big foes kill themselves until only two Imps remained, I finished the Imps with the pistol, all without ever entering the room. I entered the room just to flip the switch. I didn't notice the secret in there.
  15. Just played it on GZDoom in UV, and at first I've got impressed by the sheer lack of action: lots of weaponry / ammo and ample spaces for quite a scarce roster of monsters. By seeing the stats upon completion and doing some further analysis, I saw that most monsters placed in the map didn't teleport in, they stayed dormant in the waiting rooms. So it seems there's some level of incompatibility between this map and GZDoom, for the record. I have DSDA and will try the map again later. Cheers!