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  1. ARMCoder

    NEW WORLD RECORDS in Doom (2016)

    Is there any world record for the LONGEST gameplay ever? I'm playing the game since 2018 and haven't finished it yet. At least I'm backtracking all the previous maps looking for all the secrets and goodies.
  2. ARMCoder

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    Most likely it's just a coincidence, but I always see a classic Cacodemon spreading its mouth wide open when I meet a gore nest!
  3. ARMCoder

    Is there a way to play Doom 2016 in Linux without Steam?

    I finally got the guts to install Doom 2016 on Ubuntu 22.04 using the Proton add-on, and I was positively surprised... especially because the computer is a notebook with an Intel Iris GPU, not a super-tower water-cooled gaming PC with the meanest/biggest NVidia/AMD video board. Old games are good in that they don't demand much of a hardware. The only add-ons I have on the notebook are external monitor, mouse and keyboard. Apart from a few rare lockups (yes, they happen on Linux), the game runs, overall, very well. I found no significant drops in framerate or delays in the controls. About the game itself, it's very enticing, almost addictive, but I find that the difficulty is quite irregular... some checkpoints are much harder to reach than others... and most rune trials are HARD. I hope that it's possible to finish the game without having those runes installed... I feel that the players' demands and skills evolved A LOT over the years since Classic Doom, and Doom 2016 does a good job catering to them. Eternal does even a better job, but is off-limits to me. I will consider myself accomplished if I manage to finish 2016!
  4. ARMCoder

    Is there a way to play Doom 2016 in Linux without Steam?

    There's only a catch... you have to know that Proton exists in the first place, and then enable it for all titles in the settings menu. Very easy indeed but not obvious in any way. The Steam app for Linux could at least popup a hint dialogue to address those uninformed like me. Thanks for you help! Edit: I will try at first the Pharaoh (city building) game, as it's quite a smaller download. If I feel confident I may try Doom4 later!
  5. ARMCoder

    Is there a way to play Doom 2016 in Linux without Steam?

    The only non-Linux game I managed to play on Ubuntu was X-wing using DOSBox, because GOG made it usable with no need to look around for additional steps. I think I was more patient with game setup in the past. Geez, I'm really getting old.
  6. ARMCoder

    Is there a way to play Doom 2016 in Linux without Steam?

    AFAIK, Doom 2016 is Windows only and Steam on Linux doesn't offer the option to install it. I'm a full-time Linux (Ubuntu) user... I've lost interest in Doom 2016 because it's too hard to me, but the need to dual-boot to Windows just in order to play it is, maybe, a contributing factor.
  7. ARMCoder

    My experience finishing the game for the first time

    I started playing Doom 2016 in 2018 and haven't finished it yet... and most likely I never will. I've made some restarts over the years, and always ended midgame with the same conclusion. This is a too long, too hard and too complex game for my skills, taste and stamina. Not a criticism on the game, it's just me.
  8. ARMCoder

    Place to publish unfinished, test and/or junk maps

    I will keep the unfinished map sitting for now, maybe I will get my stamina back and finish it. After all, the already done map bits are just fun stuff, not the next Shakespeare's ou Mozart 's masterpiece hehe. Thanks!
  9. As the title says, is there any space in Doomworld to publish such junk maps, as others can reuse the material for study or even new maps? I've started a map that has some interesting stuff but it's not really playable and I'm not feeling like I will finish it. In such a case, I'd gladly publish the unfinished map under Creative Commons. I think most agree that the WADs and MODs subforum is not the proper place to publish nonworking maps. Thanks!
  10. ARMCoder

    Doom 2 in a continuous map

    Nice curious job! Since it's already a limit-removing map, you could theoretically go one step further and use ACS scripting to automatically switch the songs as you navigate through the corresponding maps!
  11. Just finished your map on GZDoom, UV. Man, you designed it in 1996??? No kidding, I felt really moved by what I've seen. Great fun map! The choice of replacing MAP05 instead of MAP01 also made the music score very fitting. THIS is a map I'd like to have designed myself! Congrats!
  12. FINAL VERSION! At last the Simple Vanilla Map #2 made it to /idgames. It's the same v1.2 RC, that was tested and seems to work properly, so it was changed to v1.2 Final. Final download link: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/s-u/simple2 Have fun! Until the next map (whenever I feel inspired again hehe)!
  13. Tough map in UV. You have to run around a lot in the nukage area to evade the enemy fire, pick up the keys and get out alive. The radsuits are scarce and somewhat hidden, and this is a thing that makes the room even more difficult (the original Nirvana was generous on Radsuits). I found out that killing the lesser monsters (hitscanners, imps, spectres and knights) make the area semi-safe to navigate, the barons and revs are just ammunition sinks that aren't worth killing unless you're aiming for 100% kills. The lost souls are fine but don't seem to make a large difference in gameplay. The platform that holds the Megasphere and is lowered by the remote switch barely gives the player time to pick up the sphere. I know this is intentional to push the limit of the player's reflexes, but IMO this feels old by now. In general I think this map is a fair homage to the OG's Nirvana, it's fun and is well designed. A thing that I missed but that's probably not a map's fault is the chance to use rockets liberally (Nirvana is the 21st map of the campaign and at that point I usually have amassed a ton of rockets. IIRC I never tried to pistol-start the original Nirvana).
  14. ARMCoder

    I feel too old

    17? You have many, many, many years lying ahead, kiddo. About doing megawads, I can say I started one that would be called "Embers of Hell", but this proved to be MUCH harder than I expected, and I finished it much shorter, with about 10~12 maps). The quality of those maps were somewhat inconsistent so I aborted the megawad idea. Do one map at a time, and try to make it a great map.
  15. ARMCoder

    Are Cybers immune to each other?

    This was quite a technical explanation, thanks! BTW, I'm almost sure I've seen Lost Souls infighting, looks like their mechanics is a special case!