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  1. Trilinear

    Commander Keen mini figure

    Apologies if this has already been posted. Check out the vinyl figure on the bottom-right of the image on this page: http://store.bethsoft.com/collectibles/figures/mystery-minis-blind-box-best-of-bethesda-vinyl-figure It's our old friend, in a very Goodbye Galaxy-esque pose ;) I'm not typically one for the look of these kinds of figures. But the cartoonish style of Adrian's Keen fits this style beautifully. Note that Keen's face in this pic is mirrored from the actual production figure. Giving him more of the familiar quizzical look as opposed to "frightened schoolboy" (very unbecoming of a child genius!) https://twitter.com/lazygamereviews/status/755232886173888513 Purchased a blind box today in the hopes of getting one, but alas it was not to be. To Ebay!
  2. Trilinear


    Just awesome. Thanks for posting :)
  3. Trilinear

    VHS of the original Spider Mastermind latex model

    The latex part (brain/head) was recast by Greg at id's request, and resides at the id offices, joined onto the original mechanical chassis: Here's a shot of how it looks today: https://www.flickr.com/photos/47857688@N08/5946779094/sizes/o/in/photostream/ Greg still has the original latex cast at his home, see my original post for a photo of how it's held up over the years. Pretty unlikely we'll see the originals up for sale in their complete form, but the molds might still be intact somewhere (this would be a question for Greg).
  4. Whilst perusing Gregor Punchatz's Twitter feed, I noticed this wonderful gem of history posted mid 2014 that - to the best of my knowledge - has gone largely unnoticed. Additionally, the Mancubus is also featured. The original tweet: https://twitter.com/gpunchatz/status/491053603650420737 "#QuakeCon #doom #retrodoom doom reveal VHS style ;) http://youtu.be/p8eJDA6sXQI spider mastermind about to be shown to ID for the 1st time." Caption from video (for posterity): "I just uncovered this rare jem- two boss models from DOOM and Doom 2 made by me and my talented team of Anna Meyer and Alan Elson." Close-up photo of the original latex (courtesy of Soundblock): https://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1430246 Interesting facts about the video: * Notice Greg mentions "about to be shown to ID[sic] for the 1st time". This is probably the earliest footage available of the model(s). * The models were not made exclusively by Greg himself, but involved two others in the process (see his caption). * I'm quite sure this is the first time we've seen the rear and side profiles of the model in reasonable detail. I'm not too proud to say that I got quite a thrill seeing the back of the model for the first time, and getting that immediate sense of recognition from the game sprite (something I never quite got from the recast latex version Greg did for id later on). * Notice the grey paint used on the Spider Mastermind's face and non-brain area. To me, this is the key difference from the newer latex version, and makes the monster seem more frightening. Enjoy, and a huge thanks to Greg for posting this video!
  5. Trilinear

    BOSS FIGHT! Ode to Id.

    That's some beautiful artwork, I think the Quake one is my favourite. I particularly like the attention paid to getting the 'feel' of each level right, along with all the little details.
  6. Trilinear

    Doom Assemblage Sculpture

    Caught this on Twitter this morning. WOW. Can't get over how incredible the Icon looks. The whole diorama idea of the status bar and the centred weapon is just really cool. For what it's worth, I love the rocket launcher ;) The motherboards and RAM chips are a bit obvious, but this is really just nitpicking.
  7. Trilinear

    Need help ID'ing this Doom 2 retail box (pics)

    I'm definitely familiar with the "stamp" id logo, but the presentation of it here strikes me as being suspect (e.g. unusual white margin and it's proximity to the edges of the logo suggests photoshopping without regard to alpha transparency, "Software Inc" underneath I've never seen before in conjunction with the stamp, and would expect a "TM" rather than an "R" as the trade mark symbol).
  8. Trilinear

    Need help ID'ing this Doom 2 retail box (pics)

    I'd say it's probably a bootleg, judging by the non-legit looking id logo.
  9. Trilinear

    High resolution sprites

    Very nice. Would love to see him in one of the classic attack frames.
  10. Trilinear

    It said "Fan Fic" section...

    Nice :)
  11. Trilinear

    Doom miniatures are back.

    Cool, good to know the issue was resolved :) Did you end up attempting a re-glue of the original?
  12. Trilinear

    Doom miniatures are back.

    Very disappointing, especially given the price tag. Grounds for a complaint possibly, so that they hopefully get the message for future runs. It does kind of look like he's walking though ;)
  13. Trilinear

    Doom miniatures are back.

    My miniatures were delivered this morning (I'm in New Zealand): http://www.flickr.com/photos/101471961@N02/ Overall I'm pretty happy with them. The so-called collectors box was a disappointment however. The plastic casing is decent enough, relatively sturdy and gives a satisfying *snap* when clasped shut. The graphic on the front is a poorly-positioned sticker that looks inkjet quality at best. The logo is low resolution with visible pixellation, and the bottom portion of the logo has been cropped off(!) When I opened the case for the first time, half of the figures were all strewn about haphazardly. The foam packaging is just a generic foam grid with no painstakingly customised imprints for the indivudual characters like I was expecting. The way the id Anthology was presented was far superior. The crudeness of the whole package is, in my mind, demonstrated by the very last-minute cutting/ripping of certain sections of the grid so as to accommodate the larger characters such as the Cyberdemon, Arachnatron, and Arch Vile. The other section of foam packaging is a duplicate of the front, just flipped around. The edges of the foam have been cut with scissors to fit in the box, with some parts looking practically torn. Storing the characters in the box after presentation is a little nerve wracking, as there really is no good place for some of the miniatures to fit well. The miniatures themselves look good. I was most impressed by the Demon, and the level of detail on the smaller figures is much better than I was expecting. The head of the Arachnotron however looks a bit squashed to me, in comparison to better examples I've seen on the net. The Cyberdemon's gun is also a bit skewed. There does seem to be some natural variation in the manufacture of the pewters though - I already own a few different figures outside the set where I've noticed some inconsistencies in the settings.
  14. Trilinear

    Doom miniatures are back.

    These are now available at the store, priced at $200 USD and come with a collectors case: http://store.bethsoft.com/catalog/product/view/id/5539/s/doom-pewter-miniatures-set/category/122/ According to the blog article posted, these are re-cast from the original molds: http://www.bethblog.com/2013/08/28/doom-miniatures-re-cast/ Just picked up a set myself. Might pay to be quick if you're interested...
  15. Trilinear

    some puffy thing

    Nice work.