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  1. SirBardCat

    Small stuff

    this is the best map i have played in like, i dunno, 8+ years? sooooo sick of maps with 100's of enemies, no "vibe" just ugh. i've seen it literally a thousand times. this is such a breath of fresh air. the music, textures, everything was on POINT. I literally jumped when i went to walk out of the red clearance room after discovering i couldn't open that door, and found that surrounding had changed entirely. wasn't expecting it at all! more of this PLEASE!! I may regret saying this, but also, something that really bugs me is all of the unwarranted, outright malicious criticisms that seem to be the norm here. i dig constructive criticism, but i dunno, maybe phrase your critique in such a way that doesn't sound like you're angry at the person for creating something? but anyway, again, the map is excellent!
  2. SirBardCat

    Romero Goes Ham, Reveals New-Old Artwork

    this is so cool! these "new" resources will be so fun to play around with.
  3. SirBardCat


    yeah, thats the one i tried. still took me to an exe "installer". maybe its different for everyone? i dunno. really any file sharing site would be better than whatever it's hosted on now. really wanna play this! ...after i spend the next 2+ hours removing this adware from my computer. :(
  4. SirBardCat


    wow, i can't download this at all. can someone please upload to this to /idgames? i, like an IDIOT, downloaded the installer because i could find no direct link to the wad. now i'm getting video adware for a dvd boxset of "good times" every time i click a link. im so stupid.
  5. SirBardCat

    Changing music, sky texture and level name.

    this forum needs a FAQ/sticky. for real.
  6. There seems to be a lack of wads that really defy conventional mapping standards, and with all of the tools available now, you really are (kinda) limited to your own imagination. Some that stick out in my mind are Foreverhood, and more recently, of course, AD2. Even Pagans Run put a really unique twist on gameplay, and it was relatively simple in terms of design. Surely there are more than these...?
  7. SirBardCat

    Rain in GZDoom

    yeah, no lag either. looks great, too.
  8. SirBardCat

    chocolate doom

    after figuring out acs, i'm trying to see what i can do visually within the limits of doom2.exe. i didn't get very far before i received this error message when trying to run it in chocolate doom. W_CacheLumpNum: 16032933 > = numlumps" double checked my resource wad and map and nothing seems wrong.
  9. SirBardCat

    Flashlight in GZDOOM

    i'd like to know how to do this too, heh.
  10. SirBardCat


    i recall shtbag667 posting a link to a wad he created showcasing a rain effect, but it's no longer available. if i remember correctly (and i probably dont) it had a lot of vegetation and green stuff in it. so if he sees this, then great, heh. also, it appears i have two accounts. weird.
  11. SirBardCat

    The /newstuff Chronicles #293

    No Phocas Island 2 review?
  12. SirBardCat

    mix texture and flat resources?

    Eh, it's been awhile since I last fired up Doom Builder. I seem to have forgotten some things. I downloaded 1.68, and I can't seem to find the option that allows you to mix the texture and flat resources... Was this a feature supported only by 1.67 or what?
  13. SirBardCat

    2.80GHz to 1.59GHz?

    Bios offers to run at half or let it determine what speed to run it at. which is fucking stupid.
  14. SirBardCat

    2.80GHz to 1.59GHz?

    Worked perfectly. Tried that before, but didn't see anything about CPU performance, so I disregarded it as a solution to the problem. Anyways, problem solved. Thanks. :) Now to see if it works on the other notebook.
  15. SirBardCat

    2.80GHz to 1.59GHz?

    I hate laptops.