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  1. SYS

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    They could make one about Doom guy ending up on the Sentinel homeworld and becoming the Slayer. Or expand on their lore and put it somewhere else in the Doomaverse.
  2. SYS

    my disappearing-corpses headcanon

    They've been disappearing since Doom 3, hell has shitty frame rates.
  3. SYS

    The Griddler

    Mandela comes a knocking or McDonald's is engaging in pysops to sell us more McDonald's once lockdown is lifted. 5G happy meals
  4. SYS

    a brief thought about reality

    "And all the things exist except for the things that didn't." - John 4:20
  5. Doom's not going anywhere. The ADHD lynch mob will lose interest and proceed to the next big thing to dunk on. Breaking news about omg did the thing, and another influencer drama video taking 20 minutes to explain something that could be explained in 10 seconds.
  6. SYS

    Are you supposed to kill every demon?

    Pacifist runners and speed runners don't. If that 100% makes you feel good, do it.
  7. SYS

    Mr noodles

  8. Say whatever you want. This comes with accepting the consequences of such. Private entities can freely censor you off their platforms. You are bound by the ever changing terms and conditions you agreed to upon sign-up.
  9. SYS

    I want to collect rocks

    Igneous Metamorphic and Sedimentary
  10. Not as terrible as slowing down the tracks by 50%, detuning them, running them through a band pass and calling it "Lo-fi chill hip hop beats to slay to". But still very bad. Get a Mick cut and give me the mid-life crisis vinyl boxset.
  12. Stay safe out there peeps. Social distancing is not a meme. Well it is but for your own health and that of your loved ones, take it seriously. On one hand I should be thankful I still have a job in this time of uncertainty. On the other hand I'm scared of what's to come. I fear how bad the metrics are going to get. The anxious introvert in me actually wouldn't mind cowering in a corner in quarantine. It's easier sharing this here then with people that actually know me. I'm still emotionally capable at feigning confidence in the situation for now.
  13. John and John should form a band. Carmack could program some insane midi neural network interface triggering hundreds of stored VST patches in real time. While Romero sings backwards and does filter sweeps on the euro rack.
  14. Icon of Sin. Friend him and you friend all the demons in unlimited supply. John Romero is your friend.
  15. That will entirely depend if they've read this old article or not: https://www.doomworld.com/10years/doomcomic/
  16. SYS

    Your first impressions?

    Some of the levels / pacing feel like they revolved around the Metroid Prime exploration and then tacked arenas onto them. Some of the design language feels like a classic '94 map, and not in a good way. Those moments of metallic rectangles, squares, 90 degree angles, symmetrical rooms, little height variation - it hurts :D Stuff you would shit on people today for having in their Wads. And they're such a jarring contrast to the detailed exploration areas. I know you can't always have areas that are logical enough to the environment, brilliantly detailed, and have perfect flow. The room after grabbing super shotgun and hitting button after button to reveal monster closets is a great example of it. It does feel at home for something that would be in Doom 2, but not the design elements we look at fondly. I did have one of those primal adrenal moments of celebration after beating a Slayer arena. Realizing you just left a fluid hyper focus zen combat loop victorious is exhilarating.
  17. SYS

    Your first impressions?

    My impression so far - It's the tits! I thought there were some survivor AI but nope - zombie man and imp turf war. Why isn't that a multiplayer mode? Monster Mashes - The Mashening "Hell can't keep its shit together" lol Mick Gordon grooves. Everything in the world has gone to shit but Mick Gordon's Pro Tools sessions. They will outlive us all. His effects chains make the Human Centipede blush. It has been odd being starved of ammo. I think it was to balance out being able to grenade everything with a shotgun mod from the start. And to encourage chainsaws as opposed to glories for collecting ammo. It was nice they took my ridiculous suggestion to heart of having Titans walking amongst skyscrapers. Even if the metrics bigwigs masturbate to demonstrate no one cares; they should have included traditional deathmatch mode. Who cares if you start with a pea shooter and can hold 20 weapons you can grab from the map? So what if it plays like Quake? Doom coined it along with its namesake.... C'mon dude :) That 486 beige plastic has weathered into the color piss but Deathmatch lives on forever
  18. SYS

    Doom Vodka

    Never even knew bone vodka was a thing: https://www.doom.vodka/ Needs a tag line advertisement: "Fight like hell" "Rip and tear your life with Alcoholism" "To win the game you must defeat me - John Romero's liver." "now I'm cooking with gas" "Big Fucking Drunk" "The Underhalls" Doom Comic quips work best with this one me thinks. If there's already a thread on this then I will take one Scolding and a Feel Bad.
  19. SYS

    What are you listening to?

    Love me some Drab