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  1. TwinBeast

    DW Facial Hair Census 2022

    Had a goatee before my transition. There's still some facial hair, can tolerate about 3 days of not shaving, then it starts to feel weird. Though sometimes the 3 day stubble looks ok and I kinda like it.
  2. TwinBeast

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I've cut myself pretty much everywhere while shaving. Also have cut my leg once with my sword, but it wasn't a deep wound, just a long shallow one that I was able to treat at home.
  3. TwinBeast

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Been having trouble sleeping for the previous two months, and getting nothing done during the day, except the very basic stuff and some exercise. I had a very traumatic experience earlier, which I'll open up maybe later. Maybe feeling a little better since my previous post, at least I've been thinking of wanting to continue my game. Also thank you for the positive encouragement and kind words @Daytime Waitress @Murdoch @Biodegradable @OniriA @Ghostly_Pops
  4. TwinBeast

    Do you guys even lift?

    Today's exercise was with 2x20kg dumbbells at home. Did 4x10 dumbbell floor press (I don't have a bench), 8, 6, 6 dumbbell squat and 3x10 dumbbell deadlift. Previous exercise was also some lifts with the 2x20kg, dumbbell clean & press with 4 one rep series. Some few hammer curls, maybe I got 2 reps. Then changed them to 2x17.5kg and did more hammer curls, kickback and overhead press and some lateral raise with 2x10kg, forgot how many series and repeats I did. Swinging my swords between the weight lifting days. I'll alternate light and heavy swords and the amount of single handed swings. Should have a higher ceiling for this. Now I have to sit on my knees. Soon it's summer and can take the bokken outside.
  5. TwinBeast

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Had a birthday. Not really a happy one, cried a bit and then some more. And it's an umbrella.
  6. TwinBeast

    So, how old are you ?

    37 since yesterday.
  7. TwinBeast


    Doomguy lost his 50 bullets. Now he's bored and wants to really blast his brains out! Can you help him find some bullets and whack his head for a bit while searching? DOWNLOAD ROOM V2 Tested with Chocolate-Doom. I used this commandline: -iwad doom2.wad -merge room.wad -deh room.deh
  8. I prefer electronic music, techno, trance, edm.
  9. TwinBeast

    What is your favorite Descent level?

    I've not played the first Descent that much. Also don't remember which level was my favourite from Descent II, I just remember the water episode was fun. Fire episode least favourite, could have had something more to the colors than just grey & red.
  10. Finland / Uusimaa. Don't know what to say, uhh, it's ok here.
  11. TwinBeast

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Something in my finger reminding me of my girlfriend whom I love very much.
  12. TwinBeast

    What is your favorite font?

    I like Fixedsys.
  13. TwinBeast

    Hell Denizen (new video)

    Started working on this game some two months ago. Project name is currently Whatever. Borrowed some content from older projects to speed up development. Level design is sure slow to do for Quake engine. Sometimes feels like I could do the same thing in 15 minutes for Doom that takes 1 hour for Quake. Like the title says, it's a Doom clone, so not very original. I've had more severe depression this year than ever before and it feels like it has damaged my creativity, so I'll just do whatever I can do. Cyborg Zombies (all character textures are rather unfinished): Server Room (HUD gfx most up to date in this): Cyber Noodles (might flatten the middle structure a bit, so you don't need to make 3 jumps to get the stuff on the top platforms): Video, playing through 2 small levels: The cyborg zombies have lots of lines they say, but they get killed so fast, you don't get to hear much from them. The guns have ammo counters, which were initially used, but later noticed it's more fun without needing to reload the weapons. The ammo counters are going to get removed/replaced with something else. Also missing muzzle flashes. Maybe the assault rifle sound got too loud, initially was a bit too pea shooter like.
  14. TwinBeast

    Do you guys even lift?

    Just started lifting again, hopefully this time I don't get sick again after getting into the rhythm, like couple previous times. Doesn't seem to matter much if I start squats with very light weights after a break, legs are going to be sore couple days after. Have been wondering about replacing my home weight plates with rubber coated ones. The metal ones that have paint leave marks on the floor. Thought I could also get a longer bar, but only a 10kg bar, so the same weight plates would fit in both the dumbbell bars and the long bar, also it would be shorter than the 20kg bars.
  15. TwinBeast

    Hell Denizen (new video)

    @hybridial Well, I've got these two, 8BitDo SN30 pro+. They work somewhat ok. Have tried splitscreen coop earlier with my girlfriend. Back then the thumbsticks worked like buttons, so aiming was like aiming with keyboard, we had sv_aim at less than 1, so we had vertical autoaim. Now I got the thumbsticks to work in joystick mode. The aiming is still not smooth like with mouse and need autoaim and should implement my own autoaim that has both vertical and horizontal. Probably should add an option to allow player to respawn in singleplayer too. Should also think how player changes weapons with the controller if there's a lot of them. Is it enough that player has Next and Previous Weapon and a Quick Switch to previously selected weapon (doesn't scroll through the entire arsenal). Weapon change doesn't need to go all the way down&up to be able to continue changing to another weapon. The weapons are also divided into groups, currently each with 1 or 2 weapons. The Dpad and some of the ABXY buttons could be used for selecting the groups/weapons in them? The shoulder and trigger buttons not visible in the photo can be attack and jump. Select shows the level stats and Start opens the menu. Edit: just added some initial new autoaim with both horizontal/vertical aim. In open areas it's pretty good, makes playing the game with the controller feel much better. Then in areas with more obstacles, it may see the enemies a bit too much through the walls/etc. Don't know, maybe the hitbox is visible to the code, while the model isn't visible to the player?
  16. TwinBeast

    Hell Denizen (new video)

    The player character is based on me, and well, not going to ask someone else to voice me. I'll probably redo some of the newest voices when my throat isn't so hoarse. Disabling the voice lines feels a bit like asking someone to not talk because you don't like their voice. But ok, there's a "voicevolume" cvar now. Note that if there's going to be some neutral NPC or an enemy (possibly a boss monster) that talks, these talking voices would be silenced too if voicevolume is set to 0. Player pain, death, etc and monster moans and screams are unaffected by the voicevolume. Though zombies are still allowed to say "Kill" and "Brains". I wonder if the current fuel canister model would fit as that hydrogen. It looks kinda nice, although a blue colored ammo pickup would be nice too. Might also increase the bullet and fuel/cells/hydrogen max counts, double both or alternative would be to halve the shells and rockets/explosives max counts if player should have a more limited carrying capacity (or max counts depend on skill level?). Anyway, I don't mind adding more ammo types, although if it's just 4, it's easier to keep track of them. The level stats display (currently also used in intermission too) can be made bigger to fit more ammo/stuff, though if there's more than 4, then maybe should replace the text with little ammo icons (would still like to keep the max counts visible).
  17. TwinBeast

    Hell Denizen (new video)

    Put a new video (full playthrough in the spoiler), has Finnish messages and subtitles. Language choices are English and Finnish, player may speak both. And yea, my new voice recordings sound so different than the older ones. Should maybe do some more voice practice. The new "dodge/eat" this voices could have some minimum delay between, so they don't trigger so often (now it's just a random chance on a close enough "final" hit on the enemy)? Due to some uhh... "font problems", the ÄÖ are displayed as AO. If using TTF fonts, the ÄÖ would work, but the only font that works with the hq/scale4x glsl shader is the FTE engine default font if conchars isn't present and TTF cvar gl_font is "". Well, the default font seems to fit well with the other HUD graphics. Tested locked doors that need some amount of keys, then player can choose which order to go through the areas. There's some indecisiveness with the ammo types, do I just have 4 ammo types, and if yes, is the 4th ammo type Fuel or Cells? It would be used with both Plasmagun and Flamethrower. Some rotating thing in the water... Rocket Launcher:
  18. Funny thing happened, Windows installed an update, was supposed to shut down after, but instead it fucked up my computer, stuck for a while in attempting to repair something and failing. Later it goes into that advanced startup stuff and I try system restore, but both 2 available restore points did nothing. Safe mode fails to start too, uninstalling updates fails. The only options left are Reset PC or install something else than windows.


    At least I backed up some of my data to an usb stick just before the update, had the feeling that something about the update would be off. Though I only did a backup of my game data. There might be some other stuff I want to backup too, also possible that I didn't back some of the newer sound effects.


    I have some linux usb stick I could maybe use without installing it, so I could maybe backup everything before Reset PC or installing linux? No idea what update it was installing now or did it try to install windows 11, couple days ago it asked if I wanted to windows 11, but selected no. If it was installing something else, then this same thing might happen again?

    1. Azuris


      Had the same with the Upgrade last Year (i don't want to call it a simple Update).
      It got stucked in a loading Limbo while Starting, i am very sure they destroyed a couple of Drivers and something in the Boot Sector (i have Problems to boot until today and i haven't found a working Solution).
      After i had to reinstall Windows 10 and reset all like i want it at the Group Policy (i don't want friggin windows hello as an Example) i just used some Methods there and in the Registry to disable Updates and Upgrades.
      I am upset and done with Windows, every Update/Upgrade something a Problem or something new they go on your Nerves on.
      My PC is really not bad and from 2018, i never had such Problems with Vista and Windows 8.1 on my prior PC from 2009.

      They seemingly try to change everything more into Smartphone Interface or Mac and going all into the Cloud.
      Also restricting Folder for "Apps" absolutly.
      I'll never install Windows 11 and when the Time comes, i will install some Linux Version.
      Yes, the Anger lies deep in me haha :P

  19. TwinBeast

    Hell Denizen (new video)

    Noticed the simple textures have all these jagged saw tooth color bands when using the palette shader, while without the palette shader, it's a little less interesting to look at. If the textures have some noise / material, then the jagged color bands are not noticeable. Have also added a scale4x shader, so hexagons etc look smooth without needing to increase the texture resolution (currently not used with the hud gfx, had some problems with the transparent areas in them). Models textures could still be done quickly with the simple uv maps and solid color blocks, just add a material in them. Colors don't blend together, no shading in some areas, if the model needs some changes, there's no need to redo the texture. The smaller demon is done like this. Player and the bigger demon have regular uv maps, ambient occlusion, color, material/patterns added in, this is still pretty quick, although if the model needs some changes, the uv map and texture probably needs updates too. Some tudor style textures, normal maps are a little wrong with the middle parts "bumping up", fixing it later maybe. Where have I seen this before... Maybe when mixed with other textures and not replicating a certain area, they wouldn't look so much like from Doom. Suppose the shotgun also looks very much like the shotgun Half-Life. I'll do something to the weapons later gradually, but now focus on level textures and levels. Grate textures are a bit wonky, so it would seem grates are better done with in 3d with brushes or not have any see through parts.
  20. TwinBeast

    What Kind of Car/Motor Vehicle Do You Drive?

    Well, finally got that car, also got the kind of blue I like. Immediately got into trouble with it, there's no parking slots available, and it might take a month to free up a slot. Where do I keep it a month, when this place it's now only allows parking from 8 to 16. Yea and it's Kia Rio 1.4 2012 model.
  21. TwinBeast

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Got a driver's license today :D now just need to get a car.
  22. TwinBeast

    Hell Denizen (new video)

    Some more screenshots. I had realtime lighting off, so the models are a little flat shaded, and the fake shadows seems to go through level geometry. Realtime lighting kinda lacks blood stains (which apparently are a lightmap hack). Also realtime dynamic lights "don't" cast a light to a surface they're too near, which makes explosion lights not appear enough on the impacted surface and timed grenades that have stopped moving don't illuminate the ground around them. At the bottom of this bridge area. The hexagon texture has double resolution to make it smooth, but don't know if I want to double the texture resolution (hud gfx would be doubled then too)? At the top. Seems kinda fun to make all these bridges. Dimensional Shamblers. Just dodged the charge attack. Their missile attack might need some adjustment. Rescued the character from some older project. This shot had the hexagons and the diamond shapes in the same resolution as the rectangle textures. The ever-growing army of the undead. The dimensional shamblers can also spawn zombies. This was the result of the monsters infighting, everyone else is dead except the zombies.
  23. TwinBeast

    Hell Denizen (new video)

    Changed the style simpler in anticipation to getting a full time job, and thinking I wouldn't have the energy to continue in the earlier style, but could possibly continue in a simpler style. Though didn't get the job. Then thinking that unemployment office is still pressuring me to get a job, and eventually I might get a job and not have time/energy to continue in "a more complex" style. Also thought that the weapons needed some changes, due to all but one having orange flashes and effects. Thought it would be better to have some blue, green, violet effects too. So far there's a new plasma gun with blue effects. Maybe also doing every weapon have its own ammo type, now it's quicker to make models. Well, here's a video: And a picture from the level in an earlier state firing the minigun:
  24. TwinBeast

    Common phrases that are nonsensical

    Nostaa kissa pöydälle / Lift or put the cat on the table. When you need to talk about something difficult, that is also possibly obvious to everyone, but no one's dared to say anything about it. Guess it's kinda similar to Talking about the elephant in the room. But with putting the cat on the table, well, cats probably jump on the table on their own and then you may need to put the cat on the floor off the table. Doesn't seem to make much sense then.
  25. TwinBeast

    Common phrases that are nonsensical

    Moomin cups? Yea, they're very popular here. (this is not my collection, I only have 4 of them)