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  1. TwinBeast

    Whatever (needs a better name)

    Found out how to customize the (Quake style) particle effects in FTE (I'll focus on just one engine, too much trouble trying to have it work in 2). The first things I did were make them have a square texture (random rotation is kinda cool) and then made them bigger so that the gib effects look like gib effects (like the ones in software engines), maybe could add that blood cloud into the middle, sometimes monsters just gib in a way that the gibs just smash immediately into the ground, and then no blood trails flying around. Also made the explosions a bit more interesting. Maybe some more texturing in the particles would be ok? Yea, and ignore the rocket launcher model and some Quake gfx in the hud. I think the hud is going to have this sort of dark background with red (bloody?) numbers. I'll have to think how the hud layout should be. If it's similar to this, the hud icons should be on the right side of the numbers. Now with them being on the left, it kinda looks like having 0 head, 100 rockets and 40+ unknown things. Maybe I make the armor, face/health and ammo icon for this hud, replacing other hud stuff would be a bit pointless (not making a Quake hud replacment). Now that I know how to do the particle effects, not going to be using shirt/pants coloring for player, and no need for this to work with Quake levels, the palette doesn't need to have the Quake palette layout with 14 color ranges with 16 shades + the fullbrights. The palette isn't going to have any fullbrights, I'll just do them with _glow textures that have the glowing parts, then they can use any color from the palette.
  2. Started working on this game some two months ago. Project name is currently Whatever. Borrowed some content from older projects to speed up development. Level design is sure slow to do for Quake engine. Sometimes feels like I could do the same thing in 15 minutes for Doom that takes 1 hour for Quake. Like the title says, it's a Doom clone, so not very original. I've had more severe depression this year than ever before and it feels like it has damaged my creativity, so I'll just do whatever I can do. Cyborg Zombies (all character textures are rather unfinished): Server Room (HUD gfx most up to date in this): Cyber Noodles (might flatten the middle structure a bit, so you don't need to make 3 jumps to get the stuff on the top platforms): Video, playing through 2 small levels: The cyborg zombies have lots of lines they say, but they get killed so fast, you don't get to hear much from them. The guns have ammo counters, which were initially used, but later noticed it's more fun without needing to reload the weapons. The ammo counters are going to get removed/replaced with something else. Also missing muzzle flashes. Maybe the assault rifle sound got too loud, initially was a bit too pea shooter like.
  3. TwinBeast

    Whatever (needs a better name)

    Made some changes in the style, so it's not so scifi, and it's more retro. Also noticed that most of my previous textures for any project have been just scifi tech stuff, very minimally anything else. In another thread mentioned something about going to apply for school & making some pre assignments for it, but decided not to apply. Found something more interesting to study, but maybe next year. Also it seems I may need to sell the game when it's finished instead of it being free. Two worries about that: 1) Not get game complete, can't sell. 2) Get it complete, but only like 100 people buy it and then everyone forgets about it. And feeling like this needs a better name than Whatever, that's just too whatever. Player can make a kick when jumping and pressing jump key again. No need to change to melee weapon to do this. Another square room with some sky visible. The curved corridor, tried what happens if it's also sloped up/down: invalid brush shape. Clipped it in two halves: leak. Built a little box around the corridor to prevent the leak: some type of hom effect ingame. Maybe not worth the effort to do such stuff with just q1bsp. So here's it just flat. Yellow brick outside area with a red sky. Cool, FTE could render two different skies in the same level, although don't know if I'd actually use that feature. I didn't want to make another level just to try a different sky, now I was just testing how J.A.C.K. works for making levels. Earlier I've used NetRadiant. Don't know which one I like better, both have good stuff and both have some annoying stuff. And my face drawing skills were so awful that I decided to hide player character's face behind a helmet, with cat ears. Halved the polycount too. Here's her doing some kicking and clawing.
  4. TwinBeast

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I used to hate/dislike my voice too. Now I like my voice mostly. I sound better when speaking english. Finnish is a bit monotonous and might occassionally go too deep. Other people have described my voice as cute, bright, gentle, calm and soothing. Yet I might think I sound nervous. I've had 8 voice therapy sessions to feminize my voice and also to make it louder. I had a few times voice therapy earlier too, just for making my voice louder. I think it's still a bit quiet voice. A phoniatrist put a camera in my mouth before I had those 8 voice therapy sessions, and the camera revealed my left vocal cord is/was atrophied, which explains the quietness, can't talk loud for long. It starts to hurt and then I don't want to talk at all. Maybe that also explains why I'm good at shortening sentences into just the key point of what I want to say. Writing can get longer.
  5. TwinBeast

    What does your desk space look like?

    Like this with cables hanging mid-air in the middle of the room. Using the laptop, the desktop is a bit useless at the moment with having a 15 year old gfx card (everything else in it are brand new), due to insufficient amounts of new gfx cards, so it's a couple month (or more) wait to get a new one.
  6. When using programs and something unexpected happens, then I might shout "Vittu!" which means the same as yelling "Fuck!" which I might use when I'm playing games. Don't really use any other swear words.
  7. TwinBeast

    Project Cardboard

    Thought to apply for some 3d modeling/animating school. It's got some pre assignment to do 2 fantasy characters from various packaging materials. Take a picture of them posing. Then make a 4 picture serie with one of them building the other. Also can make some items they can use in the fantasy packaging material world, and maybe some background. I have 5 weeks time to do this. Character one, the one that gets built by character two, is made out of cardboard tubes and some boxes, foam and plastic. There's also a heart inside the torso box and some styrox blob inside the head. Haven't rigged the face or the flaps on the torso box yet. She's got a double barreled tubegun and a roll of packaging tape for survival. Using the kick animation from the player character from my game. Should tweak the shoulders to stay more connected with the torso. And have something better for the hip/lower segment. Character two is going to be a spider who can make webs from packaging tape and they live in a cardboard castle. They were lonely and thought to build a friend. They're going to be made out of this fabric material that was used around my new laptop, new screen and new power supply for my new desktop computer. Then they'll have some thin long slices of cardboard for legs. Some plastic things for eyes. And some bubble wrap on top of their rear segment. They have a laboratory in their castle where they have studied how to make inanimate/dead objects have life. I guess their name could be Dr. Spinnenstein? Week 1 plan is to get the characters modelled, rigged, uv mapped and textured (or texturing is currently marked for week 2). I still have all the packaging materials that came with all the new computer equipment, so I'll take photos from them for textures.
  8. So, my day was like... I ordered a new laptop and went to pick it up today also. The pickup point is at some industrial zone, thought it was ok, I could get there faster than to the shop where I ordered it from. Bus tickets are loaded with a phone app, my phone is at some 80% when I leave home. After picking up my laptop, I notice my phone is at 1%. Oops. Have no idea if my physical travel card has any money in it, so I walk 3km to the nearest shopping centre. Tired, I go to the info there and ask the info person to call me a taxi.


    The taxi driver was pretty nice, and we chatted for a bit. About to exit the taxi I tell her that now I can go do stuff with my new computer. Then she says: "Yea, that's a very enjoyable thing to do for men". Uhh, then I say: "And also for women." Yea, ok, I was dressed very masculine and tired my voice might be deeper than usual. Then she looked like: "Uh, oh, did I say something wrong?"


    I eat some porridge, then realise, I have to get out again to pick up this hdmi - dvi adapter. Some 2km more walking. Back home, I drink some protein shake and a beer. Then unpack the laptop, plug in the power cable to charge it. Just about to turn it on, I notice the left shift key is detached. I press it a bit, it seems to attach, then I press it couple times more, slide my finger over it and it pops out detached again. I inspect it and 1 out of 4 little connecting pins is missing from the laptop (the detached key itself seems fine), so there's only 3 of them. It's not going to stay attached.


    Yea, I'm returning it tomorrow, hopefully I can get another one with a non broken keyboard immediately.

  9. TwinBeast

    Weirdest Roleplay Experiences?

    Playing a post nuclear war rpg, my brother is the GM. My character dies and goes to heaven. Then my brother decides that in heaven they force feed everyone so that everyone is so fat they can no longer move. I tried to not eat and to do a lot of exercise, but somehow that had no effect. Eventually the forces of hell invade heaven and no one in heaven is able to defend. Ok, that's it, I'm not playing this game anymore.
  10. TwinBeast

    Doomworld shower thoughts thread

    Finally in the shower. Uuu, purple nail polish. Coconut or cocoa and macademia? Coconut. Shampoo. Where am I, what is this? I want to sleep. Was something like that last night. A bit too tired to solve the mysteries of life that I forget when I step out of the shower.
  11. TwinBeast

    Get It Off Your Chest

    I have herpes in my lip. Apparently it's worse than I thought, that it can spread even when having no visible symptoms. Probably explains why it's also more common than I thought, 70-80% of people have it and most of them don't even know they have it as they don't have noticeable symptoms. Haven't bothered to read more about it earlier, as it was just a minor nuisance about once a year. Now found a girlfriend and we kiss a lot, so I started wondering when I need to tell her and looked stuff from the internet and the internet tells me maybe I should have told her like two weeks ago. Although two weeks ago she did see all the medicines I have in my medicine shelf, which includes a package of acyclovir and the package has a short description on it telling what it is used for. But can't assume she read the description and then didn't say anything about it. Yesterday I was freaking out a lot because of this, and walked around the room very restless. There's a deep imaginary groove on my floor. Do I worry too much? I tell her tomorrow.
  12. TwinBeast

    Languages thread!

    Finnish and english fluently. A little bit of swedish, even less german and a very tiny bit of japanese (would be interesting to learn more).
  13. TwinBeast

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    self.colormod = '1 0.2 0.2';
  14. TwinBeast

    Favorite Half-Life Alien?

    The tentacles. Could have as a pet, who would eat my stomping upstair neighbours. Of course then they would grow bigger and eat the next upstair neighbours, until eventually reaching all the way to the roof. What would I feed them then? Of course by then the government might interfere and tell me to get rid of my pet. Oh, but that's just my slightly overgrown houseplant... that I growed from some uhh... beans.
  15. TwinBeast

    Whatever (needs a better name)

    @Redneckerz The texture set from the "chibi" version of Tigercake is being used in this project now as I was unsure when and if I continue that. Then there was a "picmip max" styled version, but kinda lost interest to that after making the player, weapons and couple enemies. Later tried combining the chibi and picmip styles, but that only resulted in an unanimated player character with a few weapons (then started school and had to put every project on hold until graduating). Suppose I like the chibi styled Tigercake the best, at least when I have showed it to people now, I've been thinking: "Why didn't I finish this, this was so cool?" Most recent version of Blaze was some flight game in a WinQuake based engine. Tried to make it have 6DOF movement as the regular FPS aiming/movement felt so wrong in the Quake engine (didn't feel so bad when I tried CyberShade as a flight game). There was something in the Quake code that didn't agree with 6DOF and player's aiming was like player was very drunk. Couldn't figure out what I needed to fix. I think Blaze was better when it was just a human character shooting at some aliens or robots. Though suppose this Whatever could have the name Blaze if I can't think of a better name? And some thought about level design for Quake engines. Would it be a good idea to sketch levels / areas with Doom Builder, and later recreate them with Radiant? It's easy to improvise a level with Doom Builder without any pre made plan for the level. With Radiant it's not so easy and would be better to have some sketch/plan/visualization for what I should do with it. The sketch levels wouldn't need proper texturing, lighting or things placed in them. I guess I could also just draw level layouts on paper, but as Doom levels they could have heights in the rooms too.
  16. TwinBeast

    Whatever (needs a better name)

    Making some HUD layout design, so I don't use the Quake HUD layout. Borrowed some ideas from CyberShade, little ammo counters were hideous as numbers, the vertical bars look so much better. Still some things to adjust, powerup counters at the top (also how many powerups) are bigger than the hazmat suit and oxygen at the bottom, and player is probably using these two more than the powerups. Does player have extra lives or was the respawn in the video just testing how respawning works in coop without having to be in coop mode. Cat counter is an easter egg, displayed only if found. Space invaders just appeared when I was wondering about what to do with some of the things. Level timer is probably unnecessary if you can see it from the level stats display.
  17. TwinBeast

    The New Doomworld Pet Thread

    Here's Kleo again, on / around my arm. And she had made lots of poop, and had to clean the tiles. Waiting for the tiles to dry. If her usual hiding place is away, then she sleeps here.
  18. TwinBeast

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year! I hope things go better this year. Started pretty well :D
  19. TwinBeast

    Whatever (needs a better name)

    @Silhou3tte Sounds are also work in progress, some of them are there just so there's a sound. Although forgot some few sounds from Quake. Earlier the AR fired even faster, guess it'll fire slower, as I thought to make (almost?) every weapon have an "upgrade" weapon, and was just modeling a minigun (which looked like a brick with a bunch barrels attached to it). @ShortedOutFuse I'll update the particle and other effects later. Right now they're DarkPlaces engine (or FTE if playing with it) defaults. And about the duckdemon, initially wondered if it got too ridiculous, well, but now it seems there's more positive feedback (outside this thread too) about keeping it. Guess I'll keep it then. Idea for the characters (and weapons) was to not care too much if they're good or bad now, just make as many as possible, then finalize the good ones later. @Skeletonpatch Player character's voice is my voice. I'll just add more lines for her when I think of something funny, stupid or find something from a movie, tv serie, song or other game to quote.
  20. TwinBeast

    What did you guys get for christmas?

    Maybe my wish from the Christmas wish list thread starting to become true. Also 2kg of chocolate, 3 kinds of cookies, 4 kinds of coffee, a bed sheet, kitchen thingies, bathing thingies, money and a flowery Moomin night pyjama dress in XXL size (I could fit at least twice in this).
  21. TwinBeast

    Anyone into astronomy? (Saturn/Jupiter)

    Missed it here, was cloudy rainy all day. I'll occassionally check from some astronomy map what some bright spot in the sky was. Also like space documents on tv, which I've usually watched together with my mom when I've visited my parents.
  22. TwinBeast

    The story behind your custom avatar

    This one has me wearing a gasmask and the only dress that fits me nicely, which is kinda too open from the back to be used outside. Then some photomanipulation to have cool colors in it.
  23. TwinBeast

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Wardrobe cosplay: Lady Vader (xmas edition): In action:
  24. I just did invisibility powerup recently. Right now it makes the monsters have smaller chance of waking up, but if you stand near the monsters long enough, they'll notice you. Their attack chance is halved, so they attack less frequently, but otherwise they'll fire exactly where you are, so if you don't move, you get hit. Might change/improve it later. In earlier project I had code that made the enemies throw/move an invisible goal object around the level that that move toward to. This goal object is moved to the location the enemy thinks player (or other target) is at. If they don't see player, there's more randomness to the location of the goal object. So they'll try to guess where player might be. I think it might have included code that allowed them to guess better if player made sounds. Sure the current invisibility effect on monsters is useful too, since there's less projectiles to worry about dodging.
  25. TwinBeast

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I only have one gas mask, the one I'm wearing in my avatar, doesn't actually have red glow. Maybe I might get another with separate lenses/goggles for eyes. Used this one twice in the spring when I went to the shop and pharmacy. Kinda difficult to talk with it on. Me: "I want B-vitamin, where is it?" Pharmacy worker: "D-vitamin?" Me: "No, B-vitamin." Pharmacy worker: "D-vitamin? Me yelling: "B-vitamin!" Pharmacy worker: "Oh, B-vitamin, here it is."