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  1. Jordan

    My Gallary

    nice work, the manubitch needs to wear a bra...
  2. Jordan

    /me make comic

    good work, they are funny and well animated
  3. Jordan

    New non-doom art

    They both look good to me, but i liked the first one.. i didnt understand why the second one said what he did...
  4. Jordan

    11 year old rapes 76 year old woman

    Wait you mean he actualy wanted to do an old lady? are they sure they dont have it backwards and he was raped
  5. Jordan

    WTF? Unusual short film

    That had to be the weirdest movie ive ever seen, but it was very well animated
  6. Jordan

    Coopersville's Demon Drawing Coloured

    Looks good, nice job on the details
  7. Jordan


    Good job, i always like seeing new skins..
  8. Jordan

    Doom3 dark, LOL...

    Looks good to me
  9. Jordan

    A Different Sort of Genie

    I really like it man, i actualy like the colouring out of the lines thing, it gives it an inprefrection look, but i can see you worked hard on it, now take it from me, not everyone can draw but that is some good looking dragon
  10. Jordan

    Non-Doom Monster Sketches/Magic Sketches

    Nice.. how much time did they take you?
  11. Jordan

    Animated sprites. (modified megaman sprites)

    Pretty cool sprites..
  12. Jordan

    Baron of Hell

    Great job on the cyber demon, but i agree it doesnt look to doomish... it actualy looks better.. kinda looks like an anime type thing, its cool
  13. Jordan

    A new Sniper Wolf pic.

    its good, well better than anything i could ever do...
  14. Jordan

    My holiday in Spain...

    holy crap pink hair! thats crazy...to the max!
  15. Jordan

    Check out my MGS comic!

    good drawings, plus i like the second one cause they know they are in a comic and i like little jokes like that...