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  1. Upon reading the title I thought this thread would be about talking to (yelling at) the monsters in Doom when they don't do what you want them to.
  2. I really enjoyed watching them play, as they had very honest reactions to the game and seemed genuinely intrigued and scared at parts. Though, that one girl that kept mentioning about how she used to "play this all the time and knows all the secrets and everything" only to not get any secrets, and play just as all the others did, was kind of irritating. Reminded me of me, ahahahah.
  3. Ask and ye shall kinda receive.
  4. I'm really tempted to try it out, but I figured that I'd wait a bit first; I'm worried about the issues that can come along with the initial release of a new OS. I feel like an outcast in saying that I like Windows 8.
  5. I tend to forget names with frightening consistency. Even upon the initial introduction I tend to ask them to reiterate a few times because my hearing is so bad. While I have no beef with people asking me to refresh them on my name whatsoever, I realize the social stigma behind forgetting a person's name, regardless of actual history between the two. As a result, I tend to avoid referring to individuals by name when I forget them. I mean, eventually somebody has got to say it, right? That or I ask them for their last name and/or how to spell it. Usually goes off without a hitch. I think.
  6. It was so sick, I played it to death.
  7. Wah! This is amazing! I recall seeing some Sonic Xtreme footage several years back, though I'm not sure if it was genuine or not. That editor caption looks great!
  8. I'm now going to use "Ah, Gears of War" as an ice-breaker. I'm not sure if I'm understanding this correctly, but I think Gears of War is seen as too modern to be thrown into the "Ah" sandwich. Sounds like something you'd say when recollecting something old(er).
  9. I'm gonna post at least once a month. Maybe even once a week! I'm excited! Yeah that's all I got.
  10. Happy New Year! Twenty-twelve sounds cool so it's bound to be a rocking 366 days. It's just another day, but that means anything can happen, for better or worse.
  11. Bah. Good bye.
  12. Yeah man, that thumb is a questionable one.
  13. :D I played the older version of this the other week, though I didn't know it was still being developed. Awesome work.
  14. Happy birthday, Doomy. :D I played today. :D For exactly 15 minutes.
  15. This is so great that I just feel like singing.