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  1. RamboBones

    Doom 2 UV speed TAS movie wip: episodes 1-2

    This is simply amazing! Please don't give up on this run like I did on mine, I really want to see what sort of final time you can achieve :)
  2. RamboBones

    Map 02 glide and Map 08 linedef jump

    I certainly won't ever be completing this run, simply due to the massive amount of time making a good built run takes and the number of other ways I could be spending all that time. If any person(s) wishes to continue the run then they are welcome to, however those involved would probably need to have some amount of experience at building demos (or have to spend a bit of time practicing). If you really want an optimal demo a strategy where multiple people all work on the *same* level and then compare timings throughout the level could be interesting. I know when I was building these I would have 'segments' that would allow me to compare times of my run, my previous run and andreys run to ensure I was being optimal. Segments would typically be things that you paused at (such as starting a door to open, triggering an event, etc) to avoid scenarios where taking a tic longer in one segment made the next segment 5 tics faster. The idea being that ever segment should be faster (or at the very least equal) to the segment in the previous run. Having multiple people run the same levels/segments could lead to some pretty optimal times (with the usual problems of ammo, health and route planning). Although this would probably take longer than a single person running it, you could possibly get a better result with every individual having to spend less time on it. Also whilst I do like Map 01 in that demo, please remember that it isn't mine (not to mention map 08 is way cooler and saves more time :) )
  3. RamboBones

    Map 02 glide and Map 08 linedef jump

    So was I. However doing built demos of this quality is simply a massive time sink that I can no longer afford
  4. RamboBones

    Map 02 glide and Map 08 linedef jump

    The run was continued slightly up to using the map 12 rocket jump. This however will never be continued by me so I encourage everyone to take it and do with it as they wish.
  5. RamboBones

    Glide details...

    I've only done one such glide so far which you can find in this thread. Position is all important, just a matter of getting that absolutely perfect and then you go on through.
  6. RamboBones

    Doom2 MAP12 RJ

    Don't hold your breath waiting for me Edit: Actually I believe I've come up with a way to make my editor work once again (reason I originally stopped is because it broke for me under vista). Currently implementing this, if/when it works the running will begin anew :)
  7. RamboBones

    Doom2 MAP12 RJ

    For a shortcut like that? I find a way to get more health.
  8. RamboBones

    Map 02 glide and Map 08 linedef jump

    And try as I might I just could not shave that one tic off. Just would not happen.
  9. RamboBones

    Map 02 glide and Map 08 linedef jump

    Indeed there is
  10. RamboBones

    Map 02 glide and Map 08 linedef jump

    This run will get done one of these days, of that I promise :). However the tool I use to build demos is having a major fight with vista and uni is busy as hell at the moment anyway. But don't worry, I haven't forgotten about this run.
  11. RamboBones

    Map 02 glide and Map 08 linedef jump

    Well I was unable to get it done by christmas (obviously) and I haven't since been able to get motivated to work on it again. So timeframe is as yet unkown
  12. RamboBones

    Map 02 glide and Map 08 linedef jump

    Not sure how many times I've had to talk about the whole going to map32 thing but here we go again. My original replay was intended to improve on andrey's run, and as he went to every single level, I decided to do the same. For this run that uses these two tricks shown I will not be going to map32, the health is not required there as it can be gotten on map17 and map16 requires no health. Whilst I probably won't post up any more replays till it's done I currently am doing map15 and am 23 seconds faster than my 14:02 replay. Hopefully it will be done for christmas, but no guarentees.
  13. RamboBones

    Hell Revealed TAS Movie in 16:31

    Have not yet watched the run but am extremely excited. I thought the 28minute run was excellent so this should be insane.
  14. RamboBones

    Recording demos on Windows Vista

    So does start->programs->accessories->command prompt
  15. RamboBones

    Recording demos on Windows Vista

    Right click start menu -> properties On Start Menu tab click the Customize button Scroll down almost to the bottom and check 'Run Command'