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  1. Status Update: I just took a massive step in mapping, i'm not joking. I made a working door without a tutorial. Making doors was a difficult task for me in all my sandbox maps. Thanks to this project I actually think i can make decent maps now. I'm really confident in my map now. My door broke and now it's bringing ceilings down with it. I was wondering if any of you could fix this because i couldn't figure it out. You are going to need to use the noclip cheat. When you think you are done, Try opening the first (cyberwar) door from the back, it only works on the cyberwar side. Also, try opening SPCDOOR from the back, because it only currently works from the side you enter the staircase. Next, try opening both doors quickly. phoboshomecoming.zip
  2. He said in the rules they had to be from two different wads.
  3. DoomGuy999

    If you could be any Doom level, which Doom level would you be?

    Map 30 last call because I like puzzles and challenges
  4. @Cutman if not e1m1 then e1m8, a new level called phobos homecoming
  5. DoomGuy999

    dashiefrickindraws and wants to share it

    The six youtuber one was 10/10 IMO.
  6. Cutman, is it okay if I put one little corruption cards reference/ easter egg?
  7. @DoomGuy999 Selection 1: E6M9 - Shattered Homecoming Selection 2: E1M1 - Hangar Map 32: Hangar Homecoming Side Notes
  8. DoomGuy999

    You ever feel like life is pointless

    I'm sorry to hear that. If you have a religion, pray more. God gets me out of tough situations and loves us all. I'm not forcing anyone to get a religion. Just a recommendation.
  9. I'm up for this. if i could take alloy and dystopia that would be great. dystopia could be a great secret level.
  10. My braincells are not ready to take on this much pain. I'm scared for your pets, if you have any. You'll probably also name them something insane. edit: Oh, it's just a sunlust reference. That is slightly more acceptable. I'm guessing you are making a slaughter map, right?
  11. Do you have a teaser for this wad yet? Warning don't read, unless... [Dies before finishing sentence]
  12. This is Doom II extended, a wad where it keeps the original level intact and adds a new section to the level. Does Entryway feel too short? Could the icon of sin have a better arena? Now it will! (16 people minimum unless after deadline, 32 people max) Current Minimum / Maximum People Count 13 People Minimum / 25 People Maximum Rules: - For Doom II v1.9, since other versions had slightly different level design. - Claim 1 or 2 maps - Certain maps have special twists that you must include. - You can add 1 new thing not included in the original map, and one more texture. It must fit with the level - Don't spike up the difficulty too much. - If your map is not done by june 1st the first one to post a map for that slot keeps it. That's the only condition you make more than 2 maps. I will allow you to get started on unused maps so you can claim more. - You are allowed to give up your slot if you change your mind. - GZDoom Doom II UDMF, but no crazy features like 3d structures and conveyors. Meant to feel like classic doom. I will allow scripting. - Add to the original map, like duplicate doom2.wad and edit a level (please tell me if it is wrong to do that) - If your map doesn't fit the special twist, I can re-open your slot. - You must keep the whole original doom map intact with no changes to the original level. - An exception is you can change key locations. If this project is successful there will be an official community midi pack project. Deadline: June 1st. Map Slots: Entryways - DoomGuy999 Underhalls + Overhauls - Open The Gantlets - Open Still Focused - Open Waste Caves - Open The Other Crusher - Open Dead Complicated - TuxWare Tricked And Trapped - TuxWare The Deeper Pit - Open Refueling Station After Refueling Station - Rafael Farofa Circles Of Death- Open The Factories - Open Uptown And Downtown - Rafael Farofa The Inmost And Outmost Dens - Open Some Industrial Zones - Open Suburban And Rural - Open Ten Tenements - Open A Few Courtyards - Open Bigger Better Citadel - Open Gotcha Again! - Open Nirvanas - Open Another Day Another Catacomb - DarkCrafter07 More Barrels, More Fun - Open Hello The Chasm, I'm The Chasm - Open The Blood Already Fell - Open That Abandoned Mine Is Mine - Open Monster Condo(s) - Open The Spirit Universe - Open The Living Ends - Open The Icons Of Sin - Open Wolfenstein But It's Almost The Whole Castle - Open Extra Gross - DoomGuy999 SPECIAL DESIGN Map01 includes pipes and tunnels and longer snaking hallways and some more courtyards. Also, add some design described in the doom II manual. Map02 there is going to be a section to a higher elevation set of hallways, but a puzzle room where you repair computers and machinery to get to the exit. Note, you can still keep the original exit but you must make it required to beat the new half of the level. For the computer part I want an area where wires connect and light up, and some crushers you can't access go up and down like moving machinery. By inaccessible I mean like a little block up sector you can't climb up. Now, while typing this I changed my mind. Keep the fence, but make a really hard secret where you go inside and manually fix a wire to get a decent item. Map03 just keeps the vibe of big rooms where you climb from one area to the next with grand courtyards in between. Also, i will allow you to do only one edit on the original level: make the hole with the good stuff and teleported bigger. I am a skill issue and can't jump in. Map04 has mechanical bridges and lights. Just keep the flow going, and add some cool secrets. Map05 has nukage and mud water caves, and maybe a reference to the doom wad "down the drain" Map06 has another crusher. And a new half of a level. Map07 has an actual level to it. Keep it focusing on mancubi and arachnotrons. Map08 has an area that teleports you to a room with 16 doors, the room being in the shape of a 16 sided shape. Map09 has another deeper pit, you take a teleporter to get you to the original pit. Should look live a cave techbase. Map10 features stuff getting refueled, so think about a small green lift showing radiation power and some switches allowing elevators to work. You have a radiation room with a power supply. Also add multiple stations. Map11 contains multiple circles and some more tech, since the idea is you are releasing a forcefield. Map12 has multiple factories and mechanical stuff. Get creative. Maybe have a gate that opens allowing you to continue. Map13 adds some really cool city features. Add some puzzles and fun! Map14 has some brick construction over a few rivers. Map15 gets a new secret exit too, but it must feature a room the original secret exit teleporter takes you to which contains a switch to open a secret room in the new half of the map. from that secret room you build your own puzzle to the exit. Map16 has some rural areas too. Try to make a basic town. Map17 has 9 more new tenements, much smaller so it doesn't require keys. Map18 is packed with courtyards. Map19 has some castle vibes, but with a little more tech. Map20 should feel grander, as it features the portal to hell. Map21 gets people lost in mazes and confused. Map22 has underground passages. Map23 Should be loaded with secret caches and long tunnels. The compass mechanic was real cool, so I'd suggest a puzzle where you find a part telling you a combination, example NWNES. Then have a linedef mechanic where you must cross a few linedefs in order. Map24 has an even bigger chasm. Map25 has deep but escapable pits of blood. Map26 should have a deep pit you descend into. Also some elevators with a cage view to the side so you see the large cave of brown slime. A cool elevator should be long, and have a lowering and raising ceiling that follows the same speed as the elevator instead of some big roof to the shaft. Map27 has more complex buildings with more demons. I'd prefer a maze library with lots of secrets. Map28 has a secret location with four archviles and nothing else in that room. Other than that, play it over a few times and get the feel for that map, and copy those volcanos and magma pits. for the exit, it should be a massive volcano you climb and jump into the lava as it lowers to a door that takes you to a secret base. That base leads to an area that has the feel of the starting room of map29. Map29 I want to feel like a massive underworld. I want an even bigger island, with a harder challenge at the end. In one of the parts I want there to be a hall of souls filled with specters and some gore textures. I want a slaughter section that's not too intense in an area with blood rivers. Map30 is for a very skilled doomer which can figure out how to make multiple icon of sin fights. Also it should have a level part where there is actual gameplay instead of just a boss fight. If the multiple bosses are impossible let me know. Map31 will have every wolfenstein episode 1 level but the bossfight, with some original areas too, some secrets showing how cool doom is by adding elevation and other features wolfenstein 3d didn't have. Note that the secret exit to grosse will just open a teleporter or hallway to the secret level of wolfenstein episode 1. The doom real secret exit you decide for yourself. Map32 is just like grosse, but with a little more to the end, like a brand new second fight, or seeing the exterior of hell. Playtesters: Potential: @Biodegradable Definite: @DoomGuy999 Original Post
  13. DoomGuy999

    What is the worst season?

    Come on, we all know it is summer.
  14. Sorry for not being on doomworld for a few months, i'll sort this out soon.
  15. DoomGuy999

    What is the worst season?

    Ok I get your point and all but
  16. DoomGuy999

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    How do i zoom out less than 5 percent in UDB?
  17. DoomGuy999

    I made this map on a school computer

    I'm going to check this out soon. I'll take some screenshots for you all. Only problem is they'll be shot in UDB, cuz idk how to take screenshots in zdoom. I've only done it before by pressing two keys at once hoping snipping tool opens.
  18. DoomGuy999

    Doom VS. FreeDoom Enemies

    the poor mancubus melted like grilled cheese. what the heck are those guns???
  19. DoomGuy999

    Post your Doom textures!

    how much of this is free to use (with/without credit?) these textures look amazing - i'm just wondering whether we can use them
  20. DoomGuy999

    Cursed Forever

    if you want someone to play it put an @ in front of the username.
  21. im back from the ban...


    "Wanna break from the ban?"

    "Wanna break from the ban?"

    "Wanna break from the ban?"

    "Wanna break from the ban?"


    thank goodness this place doesn't have ads everywhere.

  22. DoomGuy999

    Opinions on Devil May Cry?

    So, as seen in plenty of memes doomguy and Dante are best friends. I decided to look at the game series Devil May Cry, and it looks good. I was wondering if any of you play it or what you think of it.
  23. DoomGuy999

    Doom Poetry

    I have seen some pretty interesting poems about doom. Just to name a few from yt comments Roses are red Violets are blue When I listen to doom music My neighbors do too. Blood is red Demons are nocturnal Halo may be infinite But doom is eternal. So why not create a topic where you can write your own poems or share some you found (give the best credit you can, the ones I put up are YouTube comment copypastas.) It will be cool to see what you came up with. (I might make a wad and feature some of your poems!)
  24. DoomGuy999

    What is the worst season?

    At least you didn't vote winter.
  25. I'm definitely going to watch this one. See ya later, i'm about ready to provide my honest reaction. Thanks for making this thread exist, dicebyte. I would have never known