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  1. DoomGuy999

    DW Wad Making Club

    This is a topic for people to share their work in progress wads and review others. It's simple! Got a wad you are working on, post an unfinished version here and give support to other community members making wads. After being reviewed you should be motivated to finish your wad and make something great! More info coming later, feel free to post your WIP wads!
  2. DoomGuy999

    Cursed Doom Images

    Guys, it's just a secret area in the Mandelbrot zoom. Of course doom can be found on a coordinate plane.
  3. DoomGuy999

    Cursed Doom Images

    Quite the movie
  4. DoomGuy999

    Doom Slayer in Fortnite

    That's beautiful. Especially that 2nd line. Now I think it's good that 7 year olds are getting cultured. The only negative effect is "Hey, It's that guy from fortnite!"
  5. DoomGuy999

    Cacodemon Sprite Origin

    Don't tell me you had to do it at 3AM.
  6. DoomGuy999

    Cacodemon Sprite Origin

    The definition of mission impossible. If a TAS does it I will be impressed. Sounds like something to fit in a decino video about doom challenges deemed impossible.
  7. DoomGuy999

    Cacodemon Sprite Origin

    Damn... Hi Peter. Your music is great btw. Hidden Easter egg for beating episode 2 huh? Like I believe it. Now what is it found in? a special room?
  8. DoomGuy999

    Cacodemon Sprite Origin

    I didn't even notice the teeth. the roblox port of doom, Called ROOM, features it as an enemy
  9. DoomGuy999

    (Sad) possibly canon - bunny named daisy died

    It's ok, I find it funny tbh. If you remove the head you could just think doom guy had hairy arms.
  10. DoomGuy999

    Hello I'm new!

    There is multiple ways your doom experience could go: Playing wads and just having fun Making your own maps for people to enjoy (including yourself) Just chatting here with doom players Making music Creating things
  11. DoomGuy999

    Cacodemon Sprite Origin

    So there is this image of the cacodemon from doom doing the Pogger face, as seen here I was wondering where this originated from, whether this was a joke or an unused sprite. Just something on my mind.
  12. DoomGuy999

    Any modders that wanna work together?

    I'd be willing to help
  13. DoomGuy999

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Doom guy is actually staring right at the camera, you can see his face through the visor. Anyway I'm staring at some magical peacock woman and I am confused.
  14. DoomGuy999

    What do you call Doomguy?

    I'm surprised. I figured more people would call him Doom Slayer.