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  1. Sure. Did the changes, moved it to E3M2, and made it so the computer room in the middle of the maze flashes less. SHAWNMAP.zip
  2. I think that's exactly what they meant. Nonlinear progression is literally a requirement, along with optional areas and the like.
  3. It be done. SHAWNMAP / Hell's Den (E2M9, secret level) Difficulties, co-op spawns, deathmatch weapons and spawns, etc are all implemented, and no VPOs. MIDI: On the Hunt (E1M6, E3M6 of Doom) Screenies: SHAWNMAP.zip
  4. I'll probably swap mapslots - I managed to cut it down to 42000HP, the total health requirement of MAP20. Cutting it down to 16k would remove a lot of enemies, so I'll let someone else do MAP09 as it's not exactly feasible to redo the entire map to make it smaller. I also moved it to MAP20 and fixed some stuff like the height of the giant Revenant-Caco cage and the HOM from the fake floor-ceiling in the sewer area, as well as every texture bug I could find. (Don't mind the filename - I don't feel like renaming it right now, because of the associated DBS files.) MAP09.zip
  5. I just mapped until I got to 16k HP. I imagine that WADSPY is truncating the last digit, since removing some stuff now makes it say the total is 9059, and adding a single Zombieman makes that 9061.
  6. I have no clue how I'm going to do a futuristic city with this texture set and in doom limitations but whatever
  7. Fully aware of that - the idea is a starship was sucked into Hell and taken over. It could still work at the tail end of E1, or somewhere at the start of E3.
  8. I'm making my map for Episode 2, if it's not clear. Episode 3 is already full, anyway.
  9. I have it in a playable state - should be completable, but I have yet to test it. Right now, yellow key has no purpose and I need to fill out some rooms and add more to the layout of the map (secrets, an actual way to get the Soulsphere/Berserk, etc), and I might also redo the throne room since it's out of place. Goes over E2M2 for now. SHAWNMAP.zip
  10. Working on my map - should I include a secret exit?
  11. It could probably go in Episode 2. A corrupted military base with demons everywhere could work well - some of it being Hellish and the rest being a rotten techbase. I might also end up claiming UnusedMap2 and integrating it into SHAWNMAP - but, if anyone else wants to claim it then they can have it. For now, I'll just do SHAWNMAP.
  12. realjohnmadden

    Good texture sets for use in maps?

    Thanks. I'll look into them and see if any of them fit - GothicTX seems really nice in particular.
  13. Is SHAWNMAP taken? If not, I'll probably take it. Seems like it'd be a pretty funny map to do.
  14. realjohnmadden

    Good texture sets for use in maps?

    Are there any free-to-use texture sets for use in custom maps? I've been working on my own Doom 2 mapset, and I've been getting pretty tired of using the stock textures (that, and the texture pack being used in How Much Health? is making me salivate at the sheer amount of good stuff). I know about Realm667, but I'm not 100% sure how licensing works there.
  15. I don't think anyone has taken MAP09 yet - so, can I have it?